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Roseanne Barr, Keenen Ivory Wayans and Russell Peters make up the new judging panel, with J.B. Smoove hosting the 13-episode revamp premiering May 22. Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images Roseanne Barr NBC's revived comedy competition Last Comic Standing has unveiled its new host and judges. OUR EDITOR RECOMMENDS NBC, Wanda Sykes Revive 'Last Comic Standing' for Summer 2014 J.B. Smoove will take the reins as host of the eighth season 13-episode revamp, with celebrity judges Roseanne Barr, Keenen Ivory Wayansand Russell Peters. The new effort, executive produced by Wanda Sykes,Page Hurwitz and Javier Winnik, will launch with a two-hour premiere on Thursday, May 22 from 9-11 p.m., with Last Comic airing in its regular Thursdays at 10 p.m. starting the following week. “We are ready to bring back the funny with this relaunch of Last Comic Standing, and can’t wait to discover the next great stand-up,” said Paul Telegdy, president alternative and late night programming, NBC Entertainment. “With Keenen, Roseanne and Russell set as our new judges, J.B. as host and Wanda, Page and Javier at the helm, there will be plenty of laughter all summer.” Part of the grand prize on Last Comic includes an NBC talent deal and a half-hour scripted project to be developed by sister studio Universal Television. Last Comic's return to television comes after a three-year absence on NBC's schedule. A regular summer staple, previous hosts for the competition … [Read more...]


Daly Posting from The Wickedary

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  PRELIMINARY WEB ONE The  Wickedary: Its History/Metamystery     The work of the Wickedary is a process of freeing words from the cages and prisons of patriarchal patterns. Under the rule of snools, words are beaten down, banalized, reduced to serving the sentences of father time. They are made into ladies –in-waiting , wasted and worn in the service of thought stopping grammar. Websters unwind the bindings of mummified/numbified words. This process involves Hearing/Speaking through Other Time/Space. It implies unwinding the clocks of fathered time, which is tidy time. The Timing of the Wickedary deliberately counters the death march of patriarchal deadtime. Webster Weave the Wickedary in the Thirteenth Hour. This Time is Moon-measured, Moon-wise, beyond the reach of man-measured doomsday clocks, * the tedious timers and ticking time bombs of clock-ocracy. It is the Time of Crone-logical innovation/creation. The Wickedary is a declaration that words and women have served the fathers’ sentences long enough. Websters ride the rhythms of Tidal Time, freeing words. Like birds uncaged, these Soundings rush and soar, seeking sister-vibrations. Wickedary words, when Heard, sound the signal that Tidal Time has begun.   The Archaic History of the Wickedary   In a Weird sense, these Wicked Weavings originated some immeasurable Time ago.1 Indeed the Wickedary’s own origins are Archaic. They are whenever/wherever women … [Read more...]


From a Fat Cranky Feminist


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“AMERICAN GYNECOLOGY” from Gyn/Ecology by Mary Daly


    AMERICAN GYNECOLOGY GYNOCIDE BY THE HOLY GHOSTS OF MEDICINE AND THERAPY   (Excerpted from” Gyn/Ecology, The Metaethics Of Radical Feminism” by Mary Daly)   “I have shown in the earlier chapters of this passage how women in various cultures—which are merely multi-manifestations of the overall culture of androcracy--- Have often been lulled/lobotomized by the myths and habits of their particular social context. Drugged by the prevailing local dogmas and disabled physically, they have not always seen the intent behind the vicious circle of maiming and murder of mothers and daughters. In twentieth century America, women are lulled by the myths and rituals of gynecology and therapy, believing that “doctor knows best”. We have entered the Ice Age of Gynocidal Gynecology.   A BREIF CRONE-OLOGY Many feminist have noted the significance of the fact that the massacre of the wise women/healers during the witchcraze was followed by the rise of the man-midwives who eventually became dignified by the name “gynecologist” Gynecology was slow to rise. Man midwives of the 16th 17th 18th and 19th centuries were under fire from women mid-wives, such as Elizabeth Nihell, who described their instruments as “weapons of death”2 Nevertheless, the 19th century witnessed the erection of gynecology over women’s dead bodies.  By 1883 ---The year of the death of J.Marion Sims, the “father of gynecology”(known as the “architect of the … [Read more...]


Interview in Esquire Magazine

Comedy Central Roast Of Roseanne Barr - Show

  Roseanne Barr may be 60, but she's got more energy and ambition than most comics half her age. After a failed—but, she says, serious—bid for president last year, she's back to doing comedy full-time, with a residency at the Tropicana in Las Vegas, and a return to NBC's The Office as talent agent Carla Fern, helping Andy Bernard (Ed Helms) chase his show business dreams. I initially called Barr to talk about The Office, but after a perfunctory discussion (the cast and writers are great! The food on set is amazing!) we moved on to other, more pressing topics. Like mind control and weed. ESQUIRE.COM: How long have you been in Vegas? ROSEANNE BARR: I came out twice. First it was from the middle of January to March 1, and then I came back for all of April. I'll be here until early May. ESQ: Does being in that city mess with your internal chemistry? There are no clocks, it's always daytime. It's like being in Alaska during a month when the sun never sets. RB: I love it. It's one of the reasons why I like coming here. It makes me more productive. Maybe it's because it's not a vacation for me. It's all about work when I'm here. I actually get more conservative when I'm in Vegas. ESQ: So you're not the kind of person who likes to take some peyote and go out in the desert to talk to your spirit animal? RB: I've already talked to my spirit animal. He's got nothing else to tell me. I'm 60, I've done it all. I'm totally over it. ESQ: But you still smoke … [Read more...]


Buffalo Boy Foundation


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Goddess Gazette


Get a Clue What is Going on the The Real World from The Real Roseanne From heroic whistle-blowers like Bradley Manning & WikiLeaks to watchdog & activist groups like Anonymous Press and the outstanding journalists reporting for Mother Jones & The Daily Beast, the Goddess Gazette is a fantastic one-stop source for links to real news on the real issues of today. Knowledge is power... EMPOWER YOURSELF! Subscribe to Goddess Gazette   … [Read more...]


New AVI by David Arnott


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