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Roseanne Barr wants everyone to listen up.

The outspoken comedian — known for voicing her opinion on topics from George Zimmerman to Kim Kardashian’s latest selfie — will now take on motherhood as host of a new Investigation Discovery series “Momsters: When Moms Go Bad.”

The show spotlights stories of mothers who will do anything in order for their children to succeed — from the soccer mom who stalks, threatens and attacks her son’s coach to the theater mom who takes auditions into her own hands.

Tabloid news stories like the “Texas Cheerleader Mom” Wanda Holloway — who attempted to hire a hitman to kill the mother of her daughter’s junior high school cheerleading rival — will be recounted in the typical ID style through re-enactments, with Barr offering her commentary.

Though still in pre-production, the plan is to premiere the half-hour “Momsters” episodes later this year.

Barr was already a huge fan of the network (favorites shows include the Jerry Springer-hosted “Tabloid,” “Wives With Knives” and “Who the Bleep Did I Marry”) and says the “Momsters” topic is right up her alley because it allows her to take bad moms to task — which she already does without the forum of a TV show.

“I like to correct people when I don’t think they’re doing good mother things in public,” Barr tells The Post, recounting how she chastised a woman in the park on Tuesday who was pushing a kid in a stroller who had bare feet in 40-degree weather.

“It’s weird what people do and how everyone ignores it,” she says. “So this [show] is like let’s not ignore this for a while.”

Before “Momsters,” Barr will next be seen in the PBS series “Pioneers of Television” on April 15, talking about her journey from stand-up to the groundbreaking sitcom “Roseanne,” which she says is even more influential now because a second life in syndication has brought it a new generation of fans.

She’s also been cast as a judge — alongside Keenen Ivory Wayans and Russell Peters — in NBC’s revival of “Last Comic Standing,” premiering May 22 with host JB Smoove. The job’s few weeks of shooting was perfect for balancing her life in Hawaii, while getting Barr back to her comedic roots.

“I’m a stand-up comic — [I] just [wanted] to get back around that and see what new comics are doing so I can steal their material,” she deadpans.

As for what the comedians and viewers can expect from her judging style?

“Losing my temper and swearing at people occasionally because they think they’re smarter than me. That makes me mad,” she says. “That’s the same thing on the ID channel, too. Who do these people think they’re kidding? They should all be listening to me more, in my opinion.”


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Last Comic Standing



The Cast of Last Comic Standing



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Last Comic Standing

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Roseanne Barr, Keenen Ivory Wayans and Russell Peters make up the new judging panel, with J.B. Smoove hosting the 13-episode revamp premiering May 22.

A Reunion with Roseanne

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Roseanne Barr

NBC’s revived comedy competition Last Comic Standing has unveiled its new host and judges.

J.B. Smoove will take the reins as host of the eighth season 13-episode revamp, with celebrity judges Roseanne Barr, Keenen Ivory Wayansand Russell Peters.

The new effort, executive produced by Wanda Sykes,Page Hurwitz and Javier Winnik, will launch with a two-hour premiere on Thursday, May 22 from 9-11 p.m., with Last Comic airing in its regular Thursdays at 10 p.m. starting the following week.

“We are ready to bring back the funny with this relaunch of Last Comic Standing, and can’t wait to discover the next great stand-up,” said Paul Telegdy, president alternative and late night programming, NBC Entertainment. “With Keenen, Roseanne and Russell set as our new judges, J.B. as host and Wanda, Page and Javier at the helm, there will be plenty of laughter all summer.”

Part of the grand prize on Last Comic includes an NBC talent deal and a half-hour scripted project to be developed by sister studio Universal Television.

Last Comic‘s return to television comes after a three-year absence on NBC’s schedule. A regular summer staple, previous hosts for the competition series had included Jay Mohr,Anthony ClarkBill BellamyFearne Cotton and Craig Robinson


Daly Posting from The Wickedary

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The  Wickedary:

Its History/Metamystery



The work of the Wickedary is a process of freeing words from the cages and prisons of patriarchal patterns. Under the rule of snools, words are beaten down, banalized, reduced to serving the sentences of father time. They are made into ladies –in-waiting , wasted and worn in the service of thought stopping grammar.

Websters unwind the bindings of mummified/numbified words. This process involves Hearing/Speaking through Other Time/Space. It implies unwinding the clocks of fathered time, which is tidy time. The Timing of the Wickedary deliberately counters the death march of patriarchal deadtime.

Webster Weave the Wickedary in the Thirteenth Hour. This Time is Moon-measured, Moon-wise, beyond the reach of man-measured doomsday clocks, * the tedious timers and ticking time bombs of clock-ocracy. It is the Time of Crone-logical innovation/creation.

The Wickedary is a declaration that words and women have served the fathers’ sentences long enough. Websters ride the rhythms of Tidal Time, freeing words. Like birds uncaged, these Soundings rush and soar, seeking sister-vibrations. Wickedary words, when Heard, sound the signal that Tidal Time has begun.


The Archaic History of the Wickedary


In a Weird sense, these Wicked Weavings originated some immeasurable Time ago.1 Indeed the Wickedary’s own origins are Archaic. They are whenever/wherever women first began/begin Be-Speaking. The Wickedary’s background is the Background.

Many of the Wickedary’s threads were Originally caught in ordinary patriarchal dictionaries such as the Oxford English Dictionary,  American Heritage Dictionary, and, of course, Webster’s.  This has been possible and continues to be possible because such lexicons themselves contain countless hidden webs. Websters/Wickedarians are familiar with the experience of “chasing through the dictionary” that is, of catching the thread of a word and following it (for example, by checking out synonyms , looking up words contained in the definition, following clues in the eytomolgy, or simply lighting upon another word  on the page, for instance, a Guide Word).  This following and chasing of words is a process of tracing a hidden Web and  then Web of Webs, threading/treading the way/ways through the Labyrinth of words buried in dictionaries.

Websters are aided in the Dis-covering of Webs in dictionaries by the fact that these lexicons still contain “archaic” and “obsolete” words and definitions. Our Web-finding is aided also by the fact that there are deep resonances even in currently used words, which carry in their wake ancestral Memories of hidden Elemental meanings.  Such words—in contrast to mere elementary terms, — can be Deeply Heard by those whose Labyrinthine Sense has been awakened. That is, they can be Heard/ Understood by the Internal Ear of a Wicked Webster— one who actively chooses her own Wildness. They can be seen by a Spinster who choose to Realize her Self and her own kind, that is, to See with Real Eyes .2

Wickedarians believe that one reason we can Dis-cover Webs of Wild Words in the ordinary dictionaries of patriarchy is that these were Archaically woven by Wild Women—by our own kind. Even when denied access to the written word and to the academented fraternities of Bearded Brother No-it-alls, women have always talked, Women have Be-Spoken logically, powerfully, magically, Elementally. The Race of Wild Women has always been a Race of Speakers, Spinners, Weavers, Weird Women have been Great Original Communicators, and with respect to these communications, the role of dictionary editors has essentially been merely to compile. The word compile is in itself an A-mazing clue. Derived from the Latin compilare meaning, “to plunder,” it means” to collect in a volume” and “to compose out of materials from other documents”(Webster’s Collegiate). The dryasdust pedants of patriarchy have plundered and pillaged women’s Word Weavings. They have collected and twisted the Wise Words of Crones in their tedious tomes. They have composed/decomposed documents from materials which are the Documents of Others Lives.3

The Wickedary’s History, then, is interwoven with the History of the Race of Wild Women, and its Webs are comprised of Re-weavings as well as New Weavings of History. Repairing and Dis-covering our own Archaic Webs, Webster’s create Archaic Futures. We Spin into Original Time and, from that perspective, wink at the pomposity of the “sacred” paternal pronouncements that “in the beginning was the word,” Quite simply,” the word” of wasters/erasers of women’s History is a colossal lie.

Webster’s Re-Weaving our own Heritage howl at the” history” of wan twits and windbags. As Gossips we Gossip out (divine and communicate) the secrets of our own History, which have been smoldering among the Embers of the Fires in which Fore-Crones/Fore-Websters were burned alive as Witches. These secrets —hidden by “history”— empower us to Gossip wisdom from the stars.

Wickedarians Dis-covering Webs hidden in dictionaries and Other Sources participate in the creation of Terrible Tapestries and Live in Crone-Time. We Weave in the Presence of Other Gossips, that is, Boon Companions. Crone-logically and Super naturally we Gossip out the true nature of the history of man, encountering and exposing The Mystery of Man.




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