my platform for president usa:

Greetings Earthlings! Greetings my fellow and sister Taxpayers of America, as well as any members of the Animal Kingdom who might be listening to me now. I speak for you today. I speak Truth to power today in honor of the mothers and grandmothers of this country (and all countries) who are the backbone of this and all countries, and without whose sacrifice, there would be no soldiers to fight in rich men’s war for turf in order to sell weapons, drugs, pornography, and the fried corpses of headless chickens that Colonel Sanders and other Colonels, Generals and contractors within the military industrial complex, genetically modified for mass consumption, which will soon lead to the ultimate death of the Entire Cosmic Web of Life, including Human Doom.

I’m here today to announce that after a lifetime in TV and show business, and even tougher, raising five children and five grandsons, I have, thanks to much prayer and meditation decided to pursue a less stressful future. I, Roseanne Barr am simply going to fix everything…
Sadly the current leaders of the world–99% of them male, are selfish idiots, moral cowards, greedy incompetents and sexual degenerates who cannot keep their penises in their pants at all, ever, for any reason. In order to save future generations of males, as well as females and animal and plant life forms, I today declare Patriarchal Politics obsolete, and I call forth Divine Matriarchy, the only thing that can save this sad planet at this late and dying date. 
Patriarchy is impotent, and qualitatively unable to solve even the simplest problems in the Cosmos, such as picking up its own socks, or placing a carton of milk back in the refrigerator after drinking directly out of it.

To begin curing this world, I am officially running for President of these United States of America, on the “Green Party” ticket.
As all political candidates in America must do, I will refer constantly to my particular religion, which happens to be The Church of Common Sense. Its laws and gospels are nothing more than practical, simple solutions to the problems that currently plague humanity, and i will incorporate all these religious values into my campaign platform.

My Platform is Three fold, and will result in world peace within one year:
allow women to grow it and to make food clothing shelter and fuel from it for pennies. And legalize marijuana too, and let women integrate their divided consciousness with a natural herb instead of doctor’s pills which destroy the liver. End the War on drugs. this will take the potheads and non-violent drug users out of prisons, where you can get drugs anyway, thereby making room for the violent offenders and the real criminals–the actual threats to world peace.

Since women make up 53% of the population, as well as the work force, a MINIMUM of Green Tea Party leadership will be female, and given that one in six Americans lives in poverty, at least one sixth of the party’s officials will officially be poor (since generations of rich guys running things has only gotten us here). As Congress people and senators, they will be able to become rich enough to eradicate their own poverty for generations, as well as that of those they represent simply by having access to public policy that decides where public money goes. They will simply direct public money TO THE PUBLIC, a novel idea and something which is not being done at all, ever. A small grant of 1500 dollars can enable a poor woman to start a business that can create wealth and jobs for as many as ten other people within two years.
Poor women know how to get things done well, and on the cheap. They know how to stretch that dollar.

In American, for speaking truth, women are called Bitches. I seek for next Mother’s Day, a march of One Million American Bitches who can get the job done–the job of getting the food to the hungry kids in this country and thereby creating real wealth, as well as saving our rich American friends and neighbors from going straight to hell and burning there for all of eternity. This is just one of my righteous spiritual goals and solutions to the real problems in America!

After the passage of this one law, the Patriarchy will inevitably begin to crumble, as will the concept of War itsel [Read more...]




campaign promises:

1-war is obsolete and inefficient, has no place in a world economy-as it doesn’t pay for itself-warmongerers need to be put out of business.  New stock markets need to be developed based on resources, not fiat money.


cathy’s prayer to defeat joseph kony:

If this resonates please pass it on to others.
By Cathy Bilsky
I would like to bring to your attention one of the most evil black magicians on the planet Joseph Kony from Africa. I am asking for all your help to neutralize his and his general’s powers. I cannot do this alone for this evil will take group focus. Mr. kony has created a child army that no army will touch. Why? They say they can’t go after kids (these kids would slit your throat in a heart beat) I believe it’s because Satan works thru Kony and all satans followers feed off of all this child energy…all over the world. This is a major energy source of darkness..Feeding off of all those kids they have traumatized and made into child soldiers. Are you getting chills ?
This needs to end NOW! Please send some energy into this…….
I call to Michael the Archangel to cut all ties to all satanic energy that flows thru Joseph Kony and his followers. We cut ties to all oaths, vows, curses, hexes and all black rituals they do to stay in power as well as any rituals they do to invoke satan .
As all these ties are cut we call the violet flame to clean up all that out of balance energy to light, we send the Angelite energy to heal the vibration , now we send in so much love that it touches every cell atom, molecules in their bodies going all the way down into their DNA. We call to the Creator to de-activate their reptilian brain and reconnecting the God brain to the Creator.
We ask that Mr. Kony and general’s step forward in the light of God, releasing all the children and stop creating chaos wherever they go. If they choose to continue the dark path I call to their higher selves and guardian angels asking them to step in and put them all in positions of harmlessness….whatever works best for God. And to do this NOW. I also place them in a bubble of mirror facing them 2 inches from their noses and as long as they do their dark works that this energy is contained in the bubble. We also place the violet flame in this bubble to immediately transmute their out of balanced energy. This bubble of mirror will stay up 24/7 365 days a year until they work for the Creator of Light.
I command Michael to take your band of angels and cut all dark entities that have attached to Joseph Kony and his generals , tie and bind them, sending them back to God and filling that space with a warrior angel that will bring peace to that area NOW! This also includes the Reptilian king, queen, all their seed and satan.
As all these ties are cut I see these men being put into a position of harmlessness NOW! We see all the children being set free to return to their villages and homes being welcomed back with joy or they are simply given good, kind, and loving homes. See these children receiving all the mental care they need to make transition back to a peaceful state. We ask for all these children to have a reconnection to the Creator allowing them to become the spiritual beings they are. We see the children draw to themselves, teachers, healers, skilled crafts people, whatever they need to release all the trauma they experienced which will let them have a productive loving life that will give them meaning and purpose. As these kids heal we ask the Divine to show them their Divine gifts as well as sending the children the teachers that have the material needs to help them develop their gifts. Let the children be open to receiving help and knowledge from their elders.
We cut all ties to chaos, war, rape, pillage and plunder of war to all villages that have experienced the rath of konys army. We call the violet flame through all the villages to transmute all fear to love. We see all the villagers releasing their individual and group trauma with that energy being replaced with all their Divine missions, purposes and filled up with a deep internal joy. They are now overflowing with Divine inspiration that opens up all their creativity to be prosperous sharing that with all.
We see the Creator’s divine calming grace flowing thru the Congo and all parts of Africa that has experienced this trauma of war. We see new functional families being created and felt in all these villages.


brilliant mind:


the crux of my campaign-to rid america of rule by 1%:

The Electoral College is the key to the entire analysis and not just an isolated reform.
The Electoral College began as a device of the one percent.  Only one percent of the people (at the time of the Civil War) owned slaves.  Through the virtual representation of the Electoral College slaves created votes which their white slave masters cast to determine the highest office of the nation.  Control of the Presidency gave the Slave Power control over the Supreme Court as well.  That’s how Dred Scott got written.
The Slaveholder’s Constitution was rigged to put the Slave Power in control.  Slavery got two square miles for every square mile added to free states up to the admission of Texas even though the free states had twice the voters as the slave states.  Texas was admitted as a slave state with five times the expanse of the free states at that time. 
The Electoral College reduces the 99% of the people of the United States to the status of slaves as they lack the power over their government.  Through the Electoral College, 538 people (one half of 1% of 1% of the voters) have the right to elect the President while the votes of all the other people are treated as trash.  The Electoral College provides for equality of votes in only one respect.  The votes of the American people are equal only in the sense that our votes are equal to zero.  If we cannot elect our Chief Magistrate we are but slaves.
The Electoral College is the means by which the aristocracy elected a Monarch in the Holy Roman Empire.  The Electoral College is not democratic; The Electoral College is not republican; The Electoral College is a relic of feudalism. 
The Electoral College is the reason we don’t have universal health care.  The Electoral College is the reason this country is bankrupt.  But the country is not bankrupt.  Only the political system that creates the government that controls it.   
Gary Michael Coutin, Esquire



I am pleased to inform you that Roseanne Barr is officially recognized
by the Green Party of the United States, Presidential Campaign Support
Committee, as a Green Party Presidential Candidate.

Tom Yager
Co-Chair PCSC


may all transmissions

thoughts words and deeds go back to their source quickly today-

Prayer to help Mother Earth regain Dominance over Monsanto   by Cathy Bilsky
Mother earth IS DOMINANT over anything created by Monsanto and companies!
Mother earth IS DOMINANT over anything created by Monsanto and companies!
Mother earth IS DOMINANT over anything created by Monsanto and companies!

I call to Michael the archangel to cut ties to all who created any kind of genetically modified anything on the planet including all black magicians giving GMO life and energy to everyone working at any kind of Monsanto facility including all ETs, Reptilians, Reptilian hybrids, or humans …. From the thought of their GM lab created inventions being dominant over all God created elementals. (Including our food supply)  This also includes who ever first thought of the idea to the money backers, lab scientists, all helpers, techs, and secretaries all the way down to the clean up crew. See all oaths, vows, wishes, dreams, and any overlays connecting all of the above to each other being removed from each other NOW! See this energy between them being dissolved by the violet flame and replaced with the human traits of love, compassion, kindness and a love for the earth. We ask that all who are trying to take GMO forward to step forward in the light of God and choose to stop. Realizing as they reconnect to the creator what they have done and do all they can to reverse the damage to the earth. If they choose to continue to do harm to the planet, which is their free will, I ask the Creator and their guardian angel to put them all in positions of harmlessness. We cut ties to all their money sources and funding redirecting it to all that are trying to save and help the earth heal.
I see everything connected to Monsanto falling apart. EVERYTHING ON ALL LEVELS. Cars, planes, all farm and lab equipment, computers,  GMO seed sand animals ,all communication devices and all world domination plans,  all law suits against any organic farmer ……Crumbling as we speak. Monsanto also being forced out of all govt. positions and blocked from phoning, lobbying or donating money to any elected official.  See Monsanto being removed from the FDA. See Monsanto not only loosing all military govt. contracts with their private army but having to disband it. See all counties removing them from their spaces and making them accountable for what they have done.
I now call to all the Creator, Cosmic Beings, Divas, Angels, all life forms to join as one group to help us recharge all the elementals air, earth, fire and water that creates our mother planet.  I call to all crystals on the planet and ask that they now amplify the DMT of all plants and animal life forms allowing everything to reconnect to the creator. As this happens see all planets, animals, and all life forms remembering their Divine blueprint to perfect health. See Mother Nature remembering that SHE has dominance on the planet. See all planets becoming stronger as they reconnect to the creator so NO GMO alteration can affect it. See Mother Nature regaining her strength as we also release her from all traumas she has taken on. Now see Mother Nature taking back the planet in a gentle kind loving way. See her natural God seed blowing on to all GMO crops and changing the GMO back to its natural state. We see all GMO seed dying out and refusing to grow. We call to the Goddess of truth to bring up to the surface where all the GMO crops are so they may be burned down and replanted with God made seed.

We now see everything GMO loose its resistance to Mother Nature and being over joyed that it now can go back to its natural state.
We also send the planet healing energy to all fault lines that are in stress. We send the violet flame thru those areas transmuting all built up energy in a gentle kind way or we see the earth gently ratcheting her self in many small movements. We ask that all earth quake prophecies are neutralized with stronger positive thought forms of calm and peace.
Mother earth IS DOMINANT over anything created by Monsanto and companies.
Mother earth IS DOMINANT over anything created by Monsanto and companies.
Mother earth IS DOMINANT over anything created by Monsanto and companies.

We give energy to all organic farmers …..May the Creator fill all their hearts desires….Including attorneys who are divinely inspired on how to win against Monsanto. We see organic farmers being protected and winning against Monsanto becoming prosperous.