Why I am running for President:

because i know how to fix everything. thank you


ballot access

is key to free elections-


Press Release 15/04/2012
Avnery: Netanyahu compares Israel to Syria and Iran, thereby 
himself contributing to the delegitimation of Israel. The aggressive conduct at the airport exhibits to the entire world the image of Israel as a police state 

 In the height of demagoguery, Binyamin Netanyahu calls upon peace and human rights activists to go Syria and Iran, and this pack of absurdities go    echoing though the official and unofficial government mouthpieces. The Prime Minister did not notice that exactly by making this comparison he is putting the State of Israel on one level with these oppressive regimes and himself significantly contributes to the delegitimation of Israel” said former Knesset Member Uri Avnery, Gush Shalom activist.

“Today is a black and shameful page in the history of the State of Israel. The massive aggressive play staged today at Ben Gurion Airport, the hundreds of police flooding the terminal, the systematic hunt for every traveler who dared to openly admit being headed to Bethlehem, as if this was the most horrible of crimes, the hysterical assault on a handful of Israeli peace activists who dared to express a dissident opinion, the worldwide campaign of pressures and threats to make airlines cancel the flights of hundreds of passengers. Had the government set out to exhibit to the world the image of an ugly Israel – oppressive, aggressive, nationalistic, tolerating no criticism – then today was a huge success. But if they had wanted to corroborate the assertion that Israel is “the only democracy in the Middle East”, the government’s conduct conveyed   the very opposite message. The government’s “victory” over the the international activists was the very epitome of a pyrrhic victory.

The Assad regime in Syria is already for a year facing worldwide condemnation for its atrocities, and now the international community is finally beginning to intervene there, even if too little and too late. Courageous human rights activists in Syria are risking their lives to transmit messages and images, and deserve all respect and honor. All this does not clear or exonerate the State of Israel of its responsibility for the last 44 years – more than two thirds of its entire history – in which Israel maintains an oppressive rule over four million people and systematically steals their land. There is indeed no doubt that in the count of sheer bloodshed Syria is at this moment ahead Israel – but it would be better for Israel not to boast too much about this. Human rights activists around the world could and should deal with human rights violations, wherever they occur – in Syria, in Iran and also in the Palestinian territories under Israeli occupation. The Israeli peace activists, who came to the airport to protest the government’s aggressive conduct and welcome the international activists, helped restore a bit of Israel’s good name”. 



Prayer for a fair trial

May calm heads prevail

May the righteous do the righteous thing
May love extinguish hatred
May no more mothers lose their children
May the mentally ill find treatment for PTSD
May armies decrease in size
May bullies learn self respect
May Just Law be created in the world
May G-d help America! 


Re-posted from Ballot Access News: http://www.ballot-access.org/2012/04/07/tennessee-asks-sixth-circuit-to-remove-g reen-and-constitution-parties-from-2012-ballot/comment-page-1/#comment-919598 I am running for president so I can try to help elect one of six women, Hon Queen Roseanne Barr [Green Tea] is one of them, as the presidential candidate of the Libertarian Party with my name James Ogle [Free Parliamentary], a registered Libertarian as vice president. I am running for president as a Libertarian to promote the unity “Green Tea/Free Parliamentary” ticket. I spoke for about 10 minutes about this project at the 2007 state Libertarian Party convention in San Ramon, CA when I ran for state chair against current chair Hon Kevin Takenaga who is not for this, and I also spoke for about five minutes at the state Libertarian Party in a six-way presidential straw poll at the state Libertarian Party convention last month in Ventura, CA when I vied against five other Ls who are not for this. We’re actually only 582 nominees and we’re trying to reach 1000 this year and so we’re trying to expand at the national Libertarian Party convention next month before our election ends on August 5th, 2012. If anyone likes this, we can elect your name to the Cabinet at the #1 spot and most likely in the Ministry that interests you. We use the ranked choice consensus voting system that I’ve innovated within each Ministry: http://usparliament.org/cab-1.php We also use the ranked choice consensus voting system when we elect our platform. To elect the multiple plank items to be considered, we use the direct democracy (DD) voting system. Thank you very much for your consideration, hope you like it. Hon MP Richard Winger [Libertarian] is on our team, and he’s one of our best team players. Again, thank you very very much for the free speech opportunity, and your time and consideration. Very Truly Yours, -James Ogle [Free Parliamentary] Volunteer Vote Counter (415) 686-1996 Join the Frees, Opposite gender #1! “Why do you THINK they called it 


Meditation for removing time and space:



sometimes there is no need to debate at all

in an election year. Consensus has already been reached-we are EFFED!

Debating is really just a way to bully your opponent. #bullystate 
LEFT and RIGHT are bullies to America’s children.

twitter nightmare is over-

I accidentally RT an address (it was incorrect thank God) on twitter-I hit RT instead of reply and immediately (within ten seconds) deleted it and apologized-I was attacked by racist filth for days until I defiantly said maybe I would show up in Sanford to peacefully witness and protest the arrest of George Zimmerman-tonight the guy who sent the original tweet to me admitted that he rt my ten second mistake, so I RT that, not understanding that his tweet was connected to the original tweet that gave the address. I have not really slept at all since I made that initial mistake, and now it appears that i have unwittingly done the exact same thing again-I deleted my account, and admit that tweeting is beyond my intellectual capabilities-I’m too old for it and it’s too scary a place for me. I will not be returning there. Again, I apologize for the mistakes I have made. 

  For anyone who seeks to contact me or send me links-this website is where I will be writing-I can operate it pretty well and I have interns here to help me do that-