Best Wishes, Global Americans!

1.) Election went Okay 2.) Then Christmas.... Check. 3.) Superbowl was cool. ....Good Times! Okay, Everybody, back in your cages. Next Stop: Spring, Easter Bunny ......You know the drill. Be in touch. - Johnny … [Read more...]


A Sincere Suggestion/Solution (from Johnny)

I really think we're avoiding what should be recognized as at least one sure, compassionate answer to all our problems, eventually: mandatory vasectomies for all males above the age of nine and all others upon reaching that age. Let's face it: Human Life, while providing good fun at least part of the time for at least some part of the Planet's population, really is proving to be a pretty weak proposition. By gently but firmly pulling the trigger on a humane course of action that would finally eliminate every problem that Humanity has ever faced or caused, we'd really be taking our fate into our own hands while making the world a lot safer for whatever other forms of life that we don't destroy between now and the time the last blithering idiot of a clueless biped goes Nitey-nite for the last time. Before you dismiss this as the ranting of an extremist misanthrope, just think about it... … [Read more...]


The Most Telling Phrase in the Whole Campaign (in my opinion)

BY JOHNNY: Two huge, ideological worlds (Christianity and Capitalism) collided when McCain pounced on the "shocking, un-American" phrase that Obama uttered and that still reverberates. It's the Repubs "Gotcha moment." What phrase do they think should be the BIG nail in "That one's" coffin? Answer: "Spread the Wealth." … [Read more...]


Harry Potter, Treasury Secretary

I really wish he was wearing the pointy wizard hat with the stars-and-planets when he "explained" to us how we need to borrow another gazillion dollars and give it to these big lenders whose ass-ets vanished into thin air. Apparently, we're beyond screwed if we don't HURRY UP and borrow 700 Billion to give them so we can borrow it from them. Quick! This NOT borrowing more money to borrow is getting us deeper and deeper into the hole! See? … [Read more...]


Obama doesn’t understand? – A Question about the debate (from Johnny)

After about the fourth or fifth time that the old man said (crankily) that Obama "didn't understand," I couldn't help but wonder - "So the Harvard graduate doesn't have the depth to wrap his mind around the subtle aspects of these complex issues - but Sarah Palin does?" Speaking of wondering: How huge would Obama's lead be in the polls if he was White and his name was John Wayne Stanton or something? ....Johnny … [Read more...]


Crisis? Yeah? – Some questions for everyone from Johnny:

It's ironic when telling people NOT to panic makes YOU the crazy one! Could this "crisis" mostly be on paper? That's where the Financial wizards kept all their Science Fiction Future "value and equity" that nobody can find, now, but they were so good at selling and spreading real thin. You know, the place where Bush wanted to put everybody's Social security and retirement funds awhile back? Good Old Wall Street. Welcome to the Shock Market! That's where Bush got Henry Paulson. Or - was it the other way around? … [Read more...]


Republican Socialism on the march! Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

The Government just let out the news, this morning! They ARE using our money (taxpayers) to bail out those mammoth lending institutions. We're stuck with the bill. I would say we'll "own" those institutions...but - Oh, NO! That would be something that a "dangerous" Socialist like Hugo Chavez would do; he would NATIONALIZE the lending industry and all the citizens would OWN these huge outfits! Oh, my GOD! Can you imagine, for example: ALL the people of a country owning ALL the oil beneath it? Crazy, right Cornservatives? … [Read more...]


That’s why we call him insane McCain…. a word from Johnny

Finally, everybody will know that "maverick" is from the original Sanskrit: MAD-pa-RICK, meaning, loosely, "old, sketchy NUT-job." Did this bastion of experience and leadership and steadiness in the face of a dangerous challenging world just pick a running mate that he's probably known for a total of two hours? Or, am I having a hardcore acid flashback? … [Read more...]