At the Booksigning in Hilo – It’s Lady Jane!

WHAT AN AWESOME VOICE!!   … [Read more...]


Roseanne’s Friend Cathy Bilsky and Her Prayer for Light

What I am doing--breath meditation, and 'ascending the throne'...much here about that, search it. … [Read more...]


A Plug for a Good Guy and a Class Act

Our friend, Tony White, has a big, tight, cooking band that's out on the circuit rocking peoples' events of all kinds. Tony is a terrific sax player, but more than that, he's a for-real leader in the best sense of the word. In a tough business that's gotten even tougher, Tony's brought together a skilled group of world class players and singer/performers and is making things work, artistically AND professionally. … [Read more...]


Some Things Are So Big We Can’t See Them!

The biggest sale of weapons (of mass destruction?) in American History is about to be consummated! We're selling the Saudi Arabians more than 60 Billion dollars worth of high tech jets (85), all kinds of attack helicopters, satellite-guided bombs and technology - it's massive. There's tens of billions more to follow. … [Read more...]


Now THIS is activism with imagination!

If you get a few minutes, and want to see a brilliant, wryly-comical and utterly HUMAN artist/thinker at work - check out our friend, (and yours), Clam Lynch. He's bringing his insanely-canny vision and talents to the political arena that is Anaheim, California. That's home to Disneyland and some class war/politics that needs a close look.  1.) Come for the fun, good-natured presentation (subversively-righteous in the best way)....2.) STAY for the message: the best way to fight the selfish, divisive forces that keep making the rich richer and everybody else more screwed and powerless, is to get people to laugh them to scorn. The links are below.    Great work, CL!!       - Johnnyhttp://www.youtube.com/user/MrMickyMouth?feature=mhumhttp://www.youtube.com/user/MrMickyMouth?feature=mhum#p/u/0/85RwxHj8LLo … [Read more...]


Johnny says: “I don’t respect peoples’ beliefs!”:

            Respecting the beliefs of others is considered the right thing to do, nowadays, especially, and people think they're being so tolerant and fair-minded by saying that and practicing it (or pretending to).  But, I don't respect beliefs that I think are wrong or harmful. People have the right to hold crazy beliefs … [Read more...]


Happy Memorial Day – Glenn Beck & Sarah Palin

Political discourse these days is all like Joe McCarthy slinging the the word "Communist" around, only now it's replaced by the word Liberal (or, Socialist). The Mad Hatter is loving the tea party! Through the use of repetition and diversion they've trained a critical mass of the masses to blame everything on everybody except those who are F-ing things up. … [Read more...]


Johnny’s Easter and Passover Greeting

Hey, Everybody, here comes Peter Cottontail, again, signalling the approach of Crucifixation Season with its yummy chocolate eggs and its joyous, never-ending message of "Believe-It-Or-Else." And, don't forget Passover! No disrespect intended (especially the kind that'll get me shot or beheaded), but why do we still call it the Judeo-Christian Tradition? I mean Jews think that Jesus was NOT the Messiah and Christians think Jews are blowing it, big time, for NOT accepting the Messiah. Oh, well, as long as business is good for everybody, why quibble over details like, say, the biggest mistake you could possibly make? … [Read more...]