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so far, sales are not what we had hoped for…

but I appreciate all of you that have bought the book and hope that it continues to reach more people!  I wrote the book because I really wanted people to gain strength from my story--so I have decided to excerpt some of the book here for people to read--CHAPTER 2Chosen and Humbled I knew at a young age that I loved being the center of attention, singing and dancing and making my family laugh and lifting their spirits--that way I could avoid having to talk to them almost completely. They were hairy and smelled like herring, garlic, and onions, and shrieked at each other in loud shrill tones.But they were a great audience, and to me, that pretty much made up for the fact that I had to be around them all the time. I never really bonded with them, or with anyone on Earth really, until I had children of my own, who now wish I would just shut up and leave them alone. But I can't, not now, not after all I have been through.            Almost everyone in my family was musical and played an instrument and sang and loved to show off, so I was no stranger to it. During my brilliant and audacious performances, my family constantly remarked that they thought I sang like Shirley Temple, only way better and a lot more adorably, and that my dancing made hers look contrived and boring. I humbly accepted their assessments and believed them to be true.After all, my own grandmother, Mary Bitnam, had left her town of … [Read more...]


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Debating Ted Nugent on CNN Anderson Cooper 360

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Talk to Psychic Michael Bodine on KCAA Radio – tomorrow – Sunday, JUNE 20

Psychic and Author Michael Bodine will be a guest on my show tomorrow. He will talk about his new book, "Growing Up Psychic - From Skeptic to Believer", and answer questions about psychic abilities. CALL tomorrow - 11:30AM (PST) - JUNE 20 - with your QUESTIONS - 888-909-1050 Watch the Live Video Here … [Read more...]


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