Roseanne at The Laugh Factory – Review by The Spit Take’s Josh Bell

“People ask me, ‘What has a has-been of your magnitude been up to lately?’” Roseanne Barr joked about halfway through her set at the Tropicana’s Laugh Factory on January 17, the fourth night of her new Las Vegas residency. That kind of jovial self-deprecation, a pretty far cry from her legendary she-devil reputation, infused the entire performance, which was so refreshingly casual and low-key that it began with Barr strolling onstage as she checked her smartphone, asking the audience to wait a moment. (That did lead to a joke about how she had a new app allowing her to ignore all of humanity, but it may also have involved her catching up on last-minute email.)

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Roseanne on The Late Late Show – Thursday, October 4th

Don’t miss Roseanne on the Late Late show with Craig Ferguson on Thursday, October 4th!

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Samuel L. Jackson – “WAKE THE FUCK UP” Video

Now, as all of you know, Roseanne has made her feelings about President Obama and his administration’s policies abundantly clear. While he may be the lesser of two evils in our two party political system, that’s not enough to deserve your vote by default. However… this video from Samuel L. Jackson couldn’t be a more clear interpretation of the differences between a Mitt Romney governed nation and a Barack Obama governed nation.

So, if you’re among the millions who will cast their vote for either a Republican or a Democrat this November, instead of the Peace and Freedom Presidential Candidate, Roseanne… please, watch this video first and WAKE THE FUCK UP!

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Oaksterdam University – “The Political Future of Medical Marijuana” Image Gallery

All images courtesy of the San Jose Mercury News. Read the entire article, “In Oakland visit, presidential candidate Roseanne Barr says marijuana should be ‘totally legal’“.


You Are Not What They Say You Are – Barr/Sheehan 2012

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The Political Future of Medical Marijuana

Townhall Meeting with 2012 Peace and Freedom Party Presidential Candidate Roseanne Barr, “Ganga Guru” Ed Rosenthall, ’08 Presidential Candidate Cynthia McKinney, and Peace and Freedom Party Vice Presidential Candidate Cindy Sheehan.

Thursday, 27 September – 6:30-8:30pm

Oaksterdam University
1600 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94612

$20 Admission/Donation – Candidates Mary McIIroy in the 9th Senate District and Gene Ruyle in the 15th State House District will also be sharing a few words 

Also featuring live art by Black Diamonds Shining Art Collective and Edibles by Mrs. Parker



Phyllis Diller – Comedic Legend & Wonderful Friend

On August 20, 2012 the world lost comedy icon and legendary performer, Phyllis Diller. For more than five decades Ms. Diller entertained people all over the world with her uniquely smart & witty comic style and won their hearts with her trademark cackle. But Phyllis Diller was much more than an entertainer or comedienne. She was a friend. She was a confidant. She was a mentor. And she will be sorely missed.
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Barr-Sheehan 2012 – You Can’t Fool Us!