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From 2010 – ahead of the curve, as usual…

This is the opening of a show from 2010 called “The Tipping Point” on Free Speech TV.

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  1. larry Giglio says:

    hello. I wonder about after an implosion of all the bullshit, and if it will be better to not open my mouth and take a gulp, and if there is a plan other than globalism in the here after.

  2. besillysometimes says:

    Excellent Roseanne, that is brilliant and you are absolutely right-on! Glad that you reposted this, and early enough before elections, can you link this onto Twitter, am not good at posting, et al. How about a commentary on ‘White House Security’ love your banter, you always make me think in a different direction and THANK YOU for that, you rock!

  3. Yup!

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