This is the energy work I am sharing with others.

Light Circle tonight 6pm Hawaii time focusing on Hawaii’s weather and neutralizing the 3 man generated hurricanes coming toward the islands…

CRYSTAL WEDGES!!!!! PUT UP BIG CRYSTAL WEDGES THAT ARE 750 MILE WIDE AND 2,000 MILES HIGH at the south end of the Big Island as all the hurricanes come toward the islands (WHICH WE ARE DOWN GRADING BY RAISING THE BAROMETRIC PRESSURE OF THE STORMS) the storms hit the wedges and either break up or go around all the islands …all of them. See the islands in a protective bubble of light creating sacred space. In all 3 see the barometric pressure rising so they all disperse seeing the sun shine.(and we will be focusing on this prayer all day till it happens).

How to calm tornados, hurricanes and cyclones. by Cathy Bilsky

February 1, 2011 at 5:10pm

Let there be light ! I call to Michael the archangel and command you take your sword of blue flame and cut free the tornado/hurricane/cyclone energy that is man made or created with any Tesla (HAARP) information. As these elementals are cut free from their masters i send the violet flame through the wind/rain, cloud energy to clean them up commanding them to let their out of balance energy burn out thru the flame turning into a harmless gentle rain.. the angelite energy to heal them , i now reconnect them to the Divine and now COMMAND them to be neutral.

I ask Michael to take his sword and chop up these storm fronts and see them dissipating in love allowing a very gentle rain to come on land.

We see the barometric pressure raising until the storm gently disperses. We see the sun shining gently through the clouds.

Blocking and breaking down the HAARP by Cathy Bilsky

I call to Michael the Archangel, Ganesha the remover of obstacles, all the cosmic beings and the Creator to cut al ties to all artificial plasma in the atmosphere that was HAARP/reptilian created, that creates a mirror.

As we cut the ties to their masters, we cal the violet flame thru all the cells, atoms, molecules, DNA of this plasma to clean it up, now we reconnect it all to the Creator filling it all up with Divine Love. We command it to be neutral and no longer function.  See the plasma breaking up and neutralizing itself. Let it not be able to form any square or ring frequency patterns.

We place a mirror in front of this mirror to return all signals and frequencies back to the HAARP stations. As this is done we see all the HAARP equipment imploding on itself.

All computers connected with the HAARP overloading with this energy that was sent back causing many overloads. We are now placing many strong magnets on the computers causing more breakdowns.

We ask the higher selves of anyone working in these facilities to let them become dyslexic as soon as they enter the compounds, buildings, sit in front of any computers and only on site.

We also cut the ties to military buoys connected to the HAARP stations and their dark masters.

We command that all these buoys be contained in a circle of cement with a lead overlay to jam all frequencies, placing all these buoys in a position of harmlessness.

We command the goddess of truth to bring all knowledge up to the people that can put these HAARP facilities in a position of harmlessness.

As these HAARP facilities break down we see everyone reconnect to the creator becoming awakened spiritual Divine happy beings.

Never the less not our will but thy will be done.



  1. Please do not give TA the dignity of mentioning him at all in future.
    HIs name does not deserve to be uttered, though I’m sure Instant Karma
    took care of things. So Calgary and Vegas? That’s IT? I guess you’re not
    tame enough for anywhere else? Especially the south? New York City?
    More Roseanne’s Nuts shows? They were Grrreat! So many good
    episodes. The Phyllis Diller one where you cook dinner together–
    classic for all time (also showed your true colors oxo and hers–
    BEAUTIFUL. Love the Guru even if dear Johnny doesn’t. Love your
    kids. LOVE YOU!

  2. YOU, Roseanne, are the ultimate in cool.
    What a treat to discover you on Last Comic Standing
    this season. I have searched for past seasons on DVD
    to no avail. Is this your first season judging? You are
    always so giving, so professional, so insightful.

    And you look STUNNING! Really, really BEAUTIFUL–
    A younger Liz Taylor beautiful. Amazing.

    And, you inspired me with all kinds of my own
    challenges to do the step thing. If I’m too busy
    to walk, then I do the rep another way with arms.
    I feel better and already look better in just
    four days. I’ll try to get back to you later and
    tell you all the ways you’ve inspired me through
    the years since the first day I saw you do standup
    on Johnny Carson. You’ve got it. You’ve got the magic.
    And the reason is the goodness in your spirit.
    “You see your true colors are shining through.”
    Keep believing. Keenan and Russell are two
    of the finest out there, them and Wanda–Amazing
    and there you are right in the middle because
    YOU ARE THE GREATEST! I really do believe in the
    adage “It Takes a Village”–and YOU, my queen,
    are a FORCE in the village. Love you all the time–Elle

  3. Vickie Lynn says:

    Ms. Roseanne, The Funny Bright and Beautiful,

    Despite my personal, non-voting policy, I would not only *vote* for you, I would *work* for you, tirelessly, devoting my whole heart to making a straight path for a real leader; praying without ceasing, that you would not be hurt by the Evil SOB’s currently running the country … well, actually, I mean, running the *whole freaking world*! (What the heck, in for a penny, in for a pound, right?) Anyway, your heart is good and your motivations might be true but, just as they did with your tv show, they will do their best to *destroy* you. You know this, don’t you? Hire bodyguards! *Big* ones. With guns and special training. Ever hear the statement: “They [the powers that be] will let you run the race … but they’ll break your legs if they think you might win” ?

    Also, your show was beautiful; the most real family on tv back when I was domestic goddess too. My ex in-laws compared me to you — I was flattered (they didn’t mean it that way, but screw them, right?). My daughter faced many medical problems growing up. To her, you were strong and smart and funny and you didn’t give a #$@# what people thought (I’m sure you did — your heart is big, I think). Anyway, you really helped her be okay with herself. Thank you! I mean that, mother-to-mother: thank you.

    If you truly are running for Prez — you deserve to win, btw — maybe you should buy the pope’s PopeMobile first? Nothing says “love and trust” (and — most especially ‘faith in God,’) ” like a bullet proof dome. :-)

    Best and Warmest Wishes,


    PS thanks for being on the “right” side of the Medical Marijuana/Hemp issue. Excellent job.

  4. Hi Roseanne,
    Wow I can’t believe it!
    I and my 32 yr old daughter have been fans since your show.
    I’m sure you hear this over and over, but I really appreciate what you and your show did.
    I m bluecollar probly always will be.
    At least at this rate :)
    Economy and all.
    I really hope you have a reunion if that works .
    That would be great!
    Thanks for being brave
    For be yourself!
    And best wishes always

  5. larry Giglio says:

    hello. beautiful crystal prayer. I too noticed these were ugly-man made. children should not be allowed to play with powerful tools.

  6. I have been sending my positive energy to you and the Island Rosanne. Yes, I thought it was HAARP! There are well over a dozen HAARP grid networks across the globe. I wish Mother Nature would swallow them up in sink holes. As much as I try to spread the truth re: Chemtrails & HAARP it falls on deaf ears! has valuable information on this topic as well as you talking about GMO’s on the Home Page with Howard Stern.
    Your multi friend,