Roseanne’s Lookin Good

Roseanne Header

From The National Enquirer April 28, 2014 by Alan Smith

Roseanne’s dramatic weight loss was the talk of an April 8 press event in Pasadena, Calif. She helped promote NBC’s new version of “Last Comic Standing,” which returns May 22 and features her as a judge.

Roseanne’s face was chiseled “and even her collarbone was visible beneath the layers of long necklaces as she posed for pictures,” said the source.

Jaws dropped as she proudly paraded her trim figure in a flat­tering outfit. “Her heavy days are behind her,” said the source. “And she wants to come down even more.”


  1. Suzy Berndt says:

    What did you do to lose all the weight. I am obese and would like to know the way you lost it. Thanks I also want to say thank you for helping on the Pine Ridge I live just north other on the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe reservation. Thank you

  2. Angel Ayala says:

    I just one of your shows. You were kinda heavy. Just want to say that now you are fucking good.