West prepares for war with Russia

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West prepares for war with Russia
President of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems , Doctor of Military Sciences Konstantin Sivkov commented re NATO tactical aviation for the use of nuclear weapons, which , in his opinion , could be a sign of preparation for war with Russia
Crimea voted for annexation to Russia , despite intense diplomatic and informational pressure on the Russian leadership . The reaction of Western elites at the moment has been very low-key , it is not such as could be expected , judging by the size and strength of the previous pressure . While no serious economic sanctions taken. Tightening their adoption reduces the relevance and validity of these measures , particularly in the context of developments in Ukraine, in particular , the inevitable has a relatively near-term economic collapse.
Meanwhile, the Crimea to Russia in the world is perceived as a heavy defeat on the United States. Indeed, virtually all serious analysts and politicians clear that the events in Ukraine have been initiated by the United States. And as a result – the loss of control and radical developments strengthen the position of Russia on the Black Sea . It looks even more contrast in the context of what Egypt reoriented to Russia and this helps him in Saudi Arabia, allocating $ 3 billion for the purchase of Russian weapons. For the U.S., this means one thing – a very serious and further reducing the influence of the Middle East and North Africa , the loss of a chance to regain control over the resources of these key regions.
In these circumstances, it is necessary to wait for the U.S. strategy of behavior change , because the current was ineffective . Just as it happened with the advent of Barack Obama , when instead of “brute force” the Americans tried to move to the use of “soft” .
In this context, very revealing is the sudden decision of the U.S. leadership in Europe to increase the potential of tactical nuclear weapons . Be equipped with F-16 fighters and five Air Force Tornado NATO equipment, allowing to use nuclear bombs B61- 12. What is very significant , it is supposed to equip the Air Force planes of which are now considered non-nuclear : Belgium, the Netherlands , Turkey, Germany and Italy. Conversion of aircraft expected to be completed by 2018. The same equipment to be equipped with all incoming weapons promising fighter F- 35. It is quite obvious that these works are carried out not just. If the aircraft is given the opportunity to use nuclear weapons , then plans to make it there . A political statement about the impossibility of its transfer to non-nuclear powers – just informational masking . When it comes time need all these statements and assurances easily discarded. How many times it was demonstrated by Western elites .
It is interesting that this whole “nuclear boom” comes amid talk of ” nuclear zero .” What can this mean ?
Quite possibly , these events are a sign of a new turn in American politics. Failure of the ” peripheral strategy ” – a movement along an arc spanning Eurasia from the south , may push the Western elite , under time pressure , a more radical action – a direct attack on Russia , as the most dangerous and at the same time a core of non-Western civilizations in the block – BRICS .
In this context, capacity building of tactical nuclear weapons in Europe is quite clear : to achieve excellence in these kinds of weapons over Russia . If this is the United States will be able to do this, then it is quite possible Russian aggression against all the might of NATO. Such an attack weakened the Russian army will not stand . Russia’s transition to the use of tactical nuclear weapons would be very difficult threat of retaliation. In addition, if applied theater nuclear war would be Europe , not the U.S. . Probably American leadership suggests that Russia , fighting against NATO in the European theater of war, would not dare use of strategic nuclear forces against the United States , fearing retaliation. It is possible to have a payment proactive neutralize Russia’s strategic nuclear potential.
In any case , the decision to radically strengthen the capacity of tactical nuclear weapons in Europe – it’s a sign the U.S. began preparing for war with Russia . More in Europe tactical nuclear weapons not fight with anyone. The possibility of such a development is confirmed by the findings of incomplete adequacy of Western elites and their ability to go to a completely barbaric actions if necessary.
Russia must be ready for this . In the military- technical terms , it is first necessary to avoid reducing their own arsenal of tactical nuclear weapons , and to ensure rapid re- strategic nuclear forces , primarily to develop and adopt a new heavy ICBM . It may be worthwhile to develop a rocket for heavy missile cruisers of Project 941 . Permissible weight of a missile – about 90 tons, will place on them particularly powerful missile .


  1. The US (and puppet states) Political/Media Establishment is hard at work. They’re busy creating a Hollywood trailer-style atmosphere of Holy US vs. Evil Russia.

    Germany went through all this leading upto WWII, so they’re not impressed with Germany Political/Media establishment efforts:
    Popular Discontent Grows with German Media Lies in Ukraine Crisis

    .. i think the Politically created Enemy and War Mythologies implanted into the average US citizen take more easily because, so far, the consequences of lying for war (etc) to the average person have been more abstract than real. So, no there’s no real instinctive reaction against war. In fact, most Hollywood/TV acts to make war appealing and heroic and always the thing to do (Because Hollywood war is always the “good guys” point of view).

    By framing this all as US vs Them, we’re being tricked into supporting (where, obviously, you unquestioningly support US if you’re a patriot)…
    More than Failure, the CIA Torture Report
    The few who have seen “the juicy parts,” read of mutilation, death squads, detainees being dragged behind vehicles until their bodies were unrecognizable. Current CIA director, John Brennan, now an “Obama insider,” was very much a part of this process.
    The CIA, through Bush restructuring, “privatization and compartmentalization,” was recreated and “retasked.” The new CIA works for banks, oil companies, rigs American elections in addition to those “overseas” and is capable of acting as, not only a terrorist organization, as told of in the most recent torture report, but trafficking in drugs, human beings and weapons of mass destruction as well.
    The Bush administration’s purge of every governmental organ of power deeply paralleled Stalin’s purges in Russia during the 1930s. Of course, many Bush advisors were lifelong Bolsheviks, particularly those credited with founding “neocon philosophy.” Bush era torture policy has been revealed as nearly identical to that instituted by Stalin.
    Classified parts of the report go much further. They indicate that torture was used on a massive scale, hundreds of times more prevalent that previously imagined, torture often leading to mass killings that in fact, was never intended to produce any real intelligence at all.
    To some extent, the torture was done “for fun,” a way of playing to the baser instincts of America’s Christian Evangelist community, steeped in “Old Testament” stories of slaughter and debauchery, indoctrinated in Zionist extremism and enthralled to cult figures like John Hagee, peddlers of an unrecognizable form of Christianity that has swept through America.

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