Open Letter to the Joint Chiefs

Date: March 29,  2014


To: General Martin Dempsey; Chairman of The Joint Chiefs of Staff



@General Clark



From: Roseanne Barr;

Activist; Writer;

Peace and Freedom Party


Subject: Analysis of The Special Relationship with The United States and Royal Family of Great Britain


To General Dempsey:

Given the current geo-political environment it is vital to examine the role of the Royal Family as the main instigator of global conflict for the past 100 years. The Royal Family has advocated openly or indirectly the following conflicts:

  1. World War 1: Instigated by the firing of Chancellor Bismarck. (Germany)
  2. World War 2: Instigated by the Royal Family with the aide of Prescott Bush.
  3. Vietnam War: Instigated by the Royal Families of the U.K. and France, with France wanting their pre war colony back.
  4. Iraq War 1: Instigated by the Saudi and Kuwait Royal Families, satellite puppets of the British Commonwealth.
  5. Iraq War 2: Instigated by George Bush 2, grandson of Hitler financier Prescott Bush.
  6. Afghanistan War: Instigated by Saudi Arabia who were involved in the attacks of September 11, 2001.
  7. Attempted War with the United States and Syria, instigated by the Queen of England to Destroy Russia.
  8. Attempted War with United States and Russia. In February of 2014 The United States, U.K. and The EU financed Neo Nazi’s to take over the government of Ukraine.


The Royal Family has instigated directly or indirectly every geo political conflict for over the last 100 years. With Germany moving to integrate more towards Russia and China, its no longer possible to coexist with the Royal Family and their Malthusian Proclivities. China is playing a constructive roll in its efforts to integrate with Germany and Russia highlighted by their quest to rebuild the Silk Road. Russia has played a constructive role in its anti drug policy and their cooperation with anti terrorism. The question must be asked what constructive role has the House of Windsor played in global events in the last 100 years? Should the military consider the British Royal Family a direct strategic  threat to the United States? We went to war against Britain for a reason. Have we forgotten?



Roseanne Barr

Peace and Freedom Party

United States of America





























  1. Rick Rosio says:

    Dear Rosanne, I admire your advocacy and I would like to ask you to consider our wounded Veterans medical cannabis center we are building to reduce toxic prescription medication levels in our Veterans. We have been forced to purchase the Clare Center for Peace property instead of leasing and I need help to get the message out. Would you please consider reviewing our program and see if you think it is worthy of your support. Thank you
    Rock Rosio
    Veterans for Compassionate Care

  2. Hi again Rosanne,
    This post that I shared to just got 285 views so far in less than 24 hours. This beat all of your records from your posts I have shared there! From my administration control panel , I see this is being shared ALL over Europe right now!
    You are Awesome!

  3. Thanks Rosanne!
    Sharing your letter to Facebook at Angelfire Network. They are gonna love me for this one…lol
    Looking at your footnotes, You & I get a lot of our information from the exact same sources however rumor has it that the BBC sold out since I was interviewed by them for a painting I did right after 9-11 (It was art therapy for me which went viral and hung at the Palm Springs newspaper offices for nearly a year). The BBC seemed to be OK back then. You are one of few people I trust on this planet and thought I would bring that to your attention.
    As usual.. you Rock!

  4. It’s too bad you didn’t win the last election, Roseanne — we could have bombed the living shit out of them by now.

    I live in Colorado and voted for you, although I didn’t decide until I reached the voting booth:

    “Lemme’ see…fascist, fascist, fascist…ROSEANNE!”

    Easy choice.