Open Letter to NATO: Manipulation of NATO by Saudi Arabia

Date: January 18th, 2014


To: North Atlantic Treaty Organization; NATO

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@General Clark




From: Roseanne Barr; Activist; Writer; Peace and Freedom Party


Subject: The Manipulation of NATO by Saudi Arabia


To NATO Forces:

The time has come for a strategic review of the current mission and polices of NATO and the mass manipulation of Saudi Arabia against NATO interests. In light of the recent IMF Report on the collapse of the Western Financial System, it’s time for NATO to move beyond mere “war avoidance” and have a larger voice in “economic integration”.

I will begin this letter with these questions:

1.       Is Saudi Arabia led by Prince Bandar Sultan, responsible for terrorist attacks on the United States on 9/11/2001?

2.       Is Saudi Arabia responsible for the terrorist attack on the Boston Marathon?

3.       Is Saudi Arabia responsible for the terrorist attacks against Volvograd Russia?

4.       Is Saudi Arabia operating under the geo political terrorist policy of Al-Yamamah oil for                arms deal?

5.  How dumb does Saudi Arabia think The Citizens of The United States are?

Based on these following 4 facts the Military and Strategic Leadership of NATO must take the following steps to stop World War 3 instigated by the Queen of England, Saudi Arabia, and the Jabotinsky dominated faction of the Likud government in Israel.  NATO was a creation of Winston Churchill. Churchill’s aim was to turn Russia (The United States ally during WW2) into a permanent cold war enemy based on religious fanaticism  and geo political chaos. Therefore, NATO and its allies is not a sovereign entity rather it is a puppet enforcer of the City of London, The House of Windsor and the Saudi Royal Family. Based on this fact it’s incumbent on the military leadership to stop listening and obeying the prostituted classes of civilian leadership, who only whore for money with no foresight on the consequences of their policies. (A perfect example of this is Hollande in France: more interested in sexual escapades than good governance).

NATO security in the Macro sense is threatened by none other than Saudi Arabia and its financial support for the radical Whabbism Terrorist funded by dirty oil money. It only makes logical sense that NATO monitor and target all activities of Saudi Prince Bandar and prevent him from causing anymore terrorism. NATO is being played by Saudi Arabia, a consistent game of “I pretend to chase you and you pretend to chase me”.

We are at a point in history where this game can no longer be played without the use of nuclear weapons and planetary destruction. The Western Anglo Dutch Financial System is in a state of collapse. This is an Empirical Fact. Therefore, the leadership of NATO must change its strategic objectives and redefine its enemies. The enemies of NATO are NOT Russia, Iran, China and Lebanon. The enemies of NATO based on its own charter are absolutely defined as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the Royal Class of the Anglo Dutch Empire. The prostitutes in the political class will attempt to sabotage the Iranian Negotiations and the Geneva 2 talks.

Is it indeed time for the Military and Strategic Leadership to step forward and force a change in policy over the civilian leadership?




Roseanne Barr


Producer, Comic, Activist, Writer

Deprogrammer, Codebreaker

Presidential Candidate






 As He Saw It; General Eliot Roosevelt; http://www.shafr.org/classroom_documents/Roosevelt%2CAsHeSawIt%2C1946.pdf



  1. Dear Roseanne,

    You assume, most nobly if not naively, that NATO is somehow not involved or even not more responsible for increasingly overt Saudi investment in geo-political terrorism. Particularly in destabilizing legitimate Arab and Muslim aspirations in forming secular democratic governments as well as advancing bigoted Islamic agendas in all western and america countries.

  2. Larry Giglio says:

    hello. Bravo. NATO had no right to kill Quaddafi (Libya), and Barack had no right to go there. They are a force of note. Saudi Arabia HAS had dirty oil money treating westerners alike dirt, as if their way of life is beautiful. We have profound cultural contrasts, and without willing our way of life on them, they have no right to will their royalty on us- nor any other government. The nuclear option is not on the table. War as an extension of politics is invalid. They can not buy us, they must not attack us, let’s find the way to live together, but separate, on this beautiful world of ours. NATO wielding a bigger stick would not be my approach, but it helps having their ducks aligned in our background.

  3. Terri Leyman says:

    Well done Roseanne!