The Impeachment of Benjamin Netanyahu

Roseanne Barr

2012 Presidential Candidate

Peace and Freedom Party

United States of America


December 27, 2013


33rd Cabinet of Israel


Head of State-Shimon Peres

Minister of Foreign Affairs-Avigdor Lieberman

Minister of Agricultural and Rural Development-Yair Shamir

Minister of Communications-Gilad Erdan

Minister of Culture and Sport-Limor Livnat

Minister of Defense-Moshe Ya’alon

Minister for the Development of the Negev and Galilee-Silvan Shalom

Minister of Education-Shai Piron

Minister of Environmental Protection-Amir Peretz

Minister of Finance-Yair Lapid

Minister of Health-Yael German

Minister of Housing and Construction-Uri Ariel

Minister of Immigration Absorption-Sofa Landver

Minister of Industry, Trade and Labor-Naftali Bennett

Minister of Internal Affairs-Gideon Sa’ar

Minister of Intelligence-Yuval Steinitz

Minister of Justice-Tzipi Livni

Minister of Pensioner Affairs-Uri Orbakh

Minister of Public Security- Yitzhak Aharonovich

Minister of Science and Technology-Yaakov Peri

Head of Mossad-Tamir Pardo

IDF Chief of Staff-General Gantz

cc: Prime Minister-Benjamin Netanyahu


Subject: The Impeachment of Benjamin Netanyahu

Dear 33rd Cabinet of Israel:

I write this Open Letter to prevent an existential crisis from playing out in Israel. Historically speaking we are on the edge of WW3 punctuated by situations similar to that of WW1. Benjamin Netanyahu, as directed by his ideological masters who serve Empire’s Middle Eastern oil policy and banking system has recklessly put Israel in the cross hair of thermal nuclear destruction, trade boycotts and increased isolation.

Geopolitically speaking: Where are Israel’s allies? How are Israel’s current polices conducive to economic and cultural prosperity for the next 50 years? The plan for a “Greater Israel” (‘living space’) was never in the interest of the Jewish State, or the Jewish people. However, endless war between Tribal and Ethnic peoples is money in the bank for the war profiteers who, coincidentally, sit atop of everything PNAC.

Israel needs to re discover the principles of  Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and dump the destructive dictates of Netanyahu. Israel has been on an increasingly rightwing path since the death of the former prime minister. Members of the Israeli Cabinet and Knesset MUST make steps to remove Benjamin Netanyahu from office before Israel is destroyed from the inside. Netanyahu has violated the Human Dignity and Liberty Clause of Israeli Basic Law. Moving ever toward apartheid like treatment of its workforce, the Palestinians, and its minority citizens has cheapened and eroded Israel’s moral authority, and placed every living Jew on earth in potential peril.

Failed Israeli government (as well as failed US government) was always the plan of AIPAC, as I have written for over two decades. The alleged complicity of the usual gang of suspects, Royal Empire of UK, Royal House of Saud, Jesuit banks, Bush & Bibi in the 9-11 attack on the USA is a broken dam that is just beginning to spill over, and which is unstoppable.

Peace is Israel’s only real hope-and the building of a two state economy. Impeach the neo con banking system of endless war for profit of Empire. Impeach B. Netanyahu, the puppet of Feudalistic world policy (PNAC).

My thoughts are conventional as they relate to Israeli domestic and foreign policy.

Some of my thoughts have been echoed by Colonel Wilkerson and other U.S. members of the political establishment.

Netanyahu is obviously a follower of Jabotinsky who was puppet of the Young Turks. Israel needs to reject Jabotinsky and re embrace the visionary pursuit of peace as per Yitzhak Rabin, who also had an IDF military background-let this not be forgotten. The IDF must be the voice of sanity for Israel in these perilous geo political times. If Israel is to survive peacefully the ideology of Jabotinsky must abandoned. It isn’t in Israel’s interest to annex the Jordan River Valley. The true patriots of Israel must abandon their servitude to the Modern Anglo-Dutch Empire.

My conscience, as a Jewish American, moves me to speak as loudly as I can in service to the interests of intelligence and peace.

May both prevail on earth.




Roseanne Barr

Peace and Freedom Party




  1. I agree with this rant completely, we have bitcoin atms already here in Canada. Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert are such an awesome team!

    The meme of 2014.. EVISCERATE the bankers with bitcoin!

    Bitcoin is a network protocol, that can piggy back encrypted legal documents (cutting out the legal system of lawyers et.al. completely) Bitcoin can be programmed to pay into trust funds when the beneficiary reaches a certain age. It can even do co-payments, with-hold funds for a contract until it meets a set of criteria. Bitcoin is deflationary, meaning the value increases as adoption continues to grow. Bitcoin is efficient, cuts out third-party/counterparty risks as well. What more could you want? Finland’s laws now classify bitcoin as a commodity. http://www.maxkeiser.com/2014/01/bitcoin-becomes-commodity-in-finland/

    Clif High from halfpasthuman.com
    some things to come..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INPCadFZz9k

    Bitcoin will EVISCERATE the 13 illuminati families.

    I’m sure Jesus would approve of Bitcoin, it would have saved him from whipping the money changers.

    Keep on Truckin’!


    One love

  2. i notice from Max Keiser that you’ve taken notice of the significance of Bitcoin.

    a tweet you made is quoted:

    hey, all: let’s really understand #bitcoin it might be better than removing the federal reserve, and faster way 2 end satanic ritual rule.

    you’ve hit the nerve of the problem.

    (warning .. long, laborious rant .. not checked for confusing phrasing, etc.)

    It boils down to what is the essense of power. The Pan-National Dictatorship exists because it has control of us all. (Isolating any particular Nation as the essence of the problem is missing the point .. all Nations are either Subjects or targetted to be Subjects of the Pan-National Dictatorship. Tho some Nations are more useful as platforms than others {koff}Israel{koff}Saudi{koff}) If we were all free to do as we will, they wouldn’t have power. Their power is derived from us all.

    Money is an organizational tool. Society organizes itself by the use of money. Money is influence, so the flows of money control where effort is directed. If there was no central authority controlling money, then society would be able to continually shape itself and evolve according to circumstances. But if a group of people could take control of money, then money could be channelled according the the whims of the controlling group for their own purposes. (Eg, force society to freeze and allow the elite to be eternal.) The best form of money for central control is Fiat. Ie. money that is created on a whim out of the fevered imaginations of the Psychopaths in power. Power would never dissipate away from the centre because money is being continually created there (ie. influence and power is continually being transferred there).

    A unit of money is a unit of influence. As a stark illustration: If there are ten dollars in existence and there are ten people and each person has one dollar, they all have equal influence (ie. each person is equally significant). If one of the persons has the exclusive power to create money on a whim, and creates money for himself and his friend, their relative influence increases and everyone else’s relative influence decreaces.

    This is why democracy is irrelevant when a group of people have the power to create money out of their imaginations. This is how the mass of people become powerless while the money creating and manipulating elite become more powerful. Poverty isn’t about lack of stuff, it’s about lack of power/influence/significance.

    Undermining and moving away from Fiat money is the only way to deflate the power of the Pan-National Dictatorship. Bitcoin (and the other crypto-currencies) is an opportunity. Revolutions are irrelevant as long as Fiat money exists.

    There is no central control of Bitcoin, so it can’t be hijacked. It has independent existence in mathematical space (similar to the way Physical-Gold exists in physical space). It is discovered according to mathematical properties (like Physical-Gold is found to be gold by it’s physical properties). Bitcoin, like Physical-Gold, has objective existence (the algorithm in mathematical space, independent of any individual, determines whether something is Bitcoin and fits into the Bitcoin network). Fiat has subjective existence (a particular entitled group of people create Fiat by nothing more than agreement – it exists purely in the imagination.). Bitcoin exists as a validating network = it can’t be counterfeited.

    Bitcoin (and the various other crypto-currencies) might be the only realistic way out of the Fiat/War/Parasite Pan-National Dictatorship.

    /long laborious rant