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  1. Anthony St. John says:

    Why the Capitalistic System Is Not Worth It Any Longer

    Am I the only one on this planet who thinks that Edward Snowden might have been instructed to do what he did by the same individuals who now call him one who betrays another’s trust or is false to an obligation or duty? We live in drastic times. Why should we not expect to witness impetuous reactions to madcap events?

    The capitalistic system is under siege. It is being held together with bubblegum and rubber bands. I want to guess what the leaders of the world speak about when they collectively summit it. I just can hear them whispering, out of reach of microphones and spy instrumentation: “How are you doing fighting corruption?” Oh, how many sour pusses!

    This fraud, capitalism, that has been grinding on now for four centuries, is on its way out. It has self-inflicted so many wounds upon itself, one guesses its demise must be a fait accompli. Unheard of levels of graft, crookedness and greed have infiltrated its innards so proficiently, the only recourse that remains for it are the prayers of hope that the future will harbor better times—that there will be light at the end of the market economy’s burrow. The poor are furious. Once upon a time they were content with their “Piece of the Pie.” Today, they are rabid with the notion that they cannot steal as so many of the others are doing.

    It is not the economy. It is the human being. It is unquestionably imprudent to think otherwise. Ever since 1601 when the English East India Company dispatched its first outing to the New World in search of ill-gotten gains—thus “inventing” capitalism—there has been a knee-jerk reaction to the accumulation of wealth as if it were some sanctified system, for the good of all, at the expense of workers sweating to accrue it for their persons in charge, and an arrangement, while not perfect, that is the best of all those available. Time and time again this pact has systematically degenerated into chaos, and has caused immeasurable misery for hundreds of millions hoping to receive some “small change” from this frequently vitiated, obviously flawed, unsigned treaty coordinated between employee and employer—but by the employer. Economic dodos even study these cycles of stupidity pontificating, with coloured pie charts and factitious, “horoscopic” mathematical theorems, on how it is just normal that fractures in the technique of administering an economy and financing its stock market are a matter of historically recurring routine. (William H Gross, managing director of Pacific Investment Management [] and Las Vegas blackjack expert, is reputed to use gaming juju when calculating stock buys; and, my uncle Lester Wood, Merrill Lynch executive in the old days, told me flat out: “Gamble the [stock] market to lose.”) Will someone please tell me when this 400-year-old ruse used deceptively to gain another’s confidence, this swindle, this trumped-up hope, will pass into oblivion for the good of all of us?
    My dear reader, I do no want you to think that I think that all proselytes of the capitalistic system are felons. By no means. Some of my best friends are inclined towards capitalism, and these individuals are fine, upright characters whom even you would want to be associated with. I claim that 99.99% of capitalists are malefactors. Let us be honest. “Corruption,” nowadays is the word that is most associated with the laissez-faire way of doing things. Corruption is rampant. The Germans—connoisseurs of dishonesty—have even created an organization,, to check on the knavery of other countries! Personally, when I hear the word “capitalism,” I immediately associate that term with the language unit “corruption.” How many individuals do you know who are bribable? There are corrupt accountants…corrupt art appraisers…corrupt automobile mechanics…corrupt banksters…corrupt broadcast news analysts…corrupt building inspectors…corrupt casino managers…corrupt congressmen…corrupt corporation lawyers…corrupt data processors…corrupt deacons of the church…corrupt detectives…corrupt economists…corrupt educational administrators…corrupt export agents…corrupt farm labor contractors…corrupt fashion models…corrupt fund raisers…corrupt government budget analysts…corrupt government property inspectors…corrupt government service executives…corrupt human resources management advisers…corrupt hospital administrators…corrupt highway contractors…corrupt industrial air pollution analysts…corrupt industrial waste inspectors…corrupt insurance adjusters…corrupt job development specialists…corrupt journalists…corrupt judges…corrupt kings…corrupt loan counsellors…corrupt loan interviewers and clerks…corrupt lawyers…corrupt meat packers…corrupt medical examiners…corrupt mine inspectors…corrupt newspaper editors…corrupt newspaper/magazine writers…corrupt non-retail sales supervisors…corrupt office supervisors…corrupt order fillers…corrupt organic food producers…corrupt parole officers…corrupt priests, bishops, cardinals…corrupt plant managers…corrupt quality control coordinators…corrupt quality control inspectors…corrupt queens…corrupt real estate appraisers…corrupt real estate assessors…corrupt real estate brokers…corrupt sales managers…corrupt sales representatives…corrupt securities brokers…corrupt tax examiners…corrupt tax preparers…corrupt talent scouts…corrupt unemployment inspectors…corrupt urban and regional planners…corrupt utility meter readers…corrupt weighers and measurers…corrupt water pollution control inspectors…corrupt warehouse managers…corrupt yuppies…ad infinitum. What are we going to do with all of these pathetic brainwashed individuals who want more than their fair share of The Pie? Put them in jail? The DisUnited States of America, the template of capitalism for the world, has the highest documented incarceration rate on this planet. This dog-eat-dog economic method is producing more problems for itself than it is efficaciously prospering.
    Listen to this story—from my perspective, here in Italy, of dog-eat-dogism—about how perverted and extensive is the putridness of this four-hundred-year-old sham: I know the details concerning the ex-president of an Italian bank who once possessed a seven-outlet mini-banking dynasty that he unconscionably subverted to impress and enrich himself, his family members and close friends. Banca d’Italia inspectors were put to the wise—a “little birdie” landed on one of their shoulders—about this megalomaniac’s shenanigans, and after a close examination of the bank’s cooked books, the “prez” was removed from his office. €100,000,000 had been discovered missing following a careful scrutinization of the institution’s accountancy. The bank officials gave the swellhead two weeks to exhume the missing moolah, and on their way out the door, asked him to hand over his passport which he claimed was at his home but which they confiscated after a drive with him to his renovated medieval villa. The money had been “stored” in a trust fund, in a DisUnited States’ bank, for the grandchild of one of his closest friends who had instructed his daughter to give birth to a child in the DUS! (She at first was reluctant to do so, but caved in after her father agreed to send her Italian gynecologist with her so that if the American obstetrician “goofed up,” the Italian one could take over.) The Banca d’Italia got the money back with the help of the “little birdie,” but could not prosecute the ex-bank president because, he being a senator in the Italian Senate, thusly enjoyed immunity from prosecution. Not that the Banca d’Italia officials cared much about that. They could have easily made his life very difficult for him. Rather, they “convinced” him—so that he could avoid “complications”—to spy on his fellows and even his friend who happened to be the prime minister of Italy!
    I know you are going to say that these events, and ones similar to them, have transpired since the beginning of time. You are right. But, I ask, have they happed so frequently as they have done so in the last three or four decades? Very strange things are happening. There are 7,000,000,000 people on the Earth today. The significance of money, the mainstay of dog-eat-dogism, has been altered more by them than by the Federal Reserve Bank. Money is undergoing an identity crisis. Worse, money is under attack!
    Let us take, for example, the design of a dollar bill “created” by Andy Warhol. Twenty-three years ago it sold for $230,000. Recently (2013), it went off the auction block for $43,000,000! (Should art appraisers at Sotheby’s and Christie’s be administered lie-detector examinations?) The replica of a dollar bill! Not a Leonardo da Vinci! A symbol of capitalism, that cannot be spent, possesses an astronomical worth that finds itself difficult to be calculated, and fits no theorem even ever devised by Milton Friedman or Paul Krugman. Jesus changed water into wine. Dog-eat-dogism converted $230,000 into $43,000,000. An economic miracle! Economy has reached a “metaphysical” state. It gives hope. You, too, can buy an Andy Warhol production—and hope. You, too, can buy a lottery ticket—and hope. You, too, can invest in the stock market—and hope. Keep hoping and hoping and hoping and one day, with the pope, you will be admitted beyond the Pearly Gates after your pension has accompanied you to your grave! (Why do the buyers of these phenomenally-priced “art works” always refuse to reveal their identities? Are they up to no good? Are they kind fellows offering their lucre to charities? Can you envision them walking in the African desert and coming upon an African woman carrying a jug on her head after setting out on an eight-mile round-trip jaunt to fetch water, for cooking and washing, for her family: “Hey, sweetheart, can we buy you a Coke?”)
    We may observe here two forms of a cause, principle, or system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith. One is the Religion of Heaven; and, the other is the Religion of Money. The Religion of Heaven offers you a hope that you will find in an after life. You have to die to go to Heaven. If there is no Heaven or if there is, it does not matter because you will no longer be on this Earth. And you will not be able to tell any one that you are in Heaven or not in Heaven. In fact, no one has ever communicated to the Earth, from Heaven, that there is or is not a Heaven. Whereas the Religion of Money can be corroborated by almost any individual. Your investment counsellor can earn for you more money, or he or she cannot. Your pension can reward you, or it cannot. Your lottery ticket can bring you joy, or it cannot. No matter, whether you worship a Religion of Heaven or a Religion of Money, you possess hope. And hope keeps you going—does it not? The really clever people of this world practice one or two or three Religions of Heaven and just one Religion of Money!
    What I am going to suggest to you next must be prefaced with a stern WARNING: If you suffer some heart condition or other malady which might injure you if you are subjected to a sudden shock, please do not continue reading this essay. If you do wish to continue, please contact your doctor to have his official approval. I will not be held responsible for whatever ill effects you might incur if you read still further. (It might be wise for you to take a swig of some fine whisky or vodka before continuing.) Very carefully and very slowly type the following website into your browser: Look up to the top left side and scrutinize the DisUnited States’ National Debt figure as it scurries unrelentingly forward. Then, ask yourself this question: Is it possible that the DUS is manufacturing more paper money than it is printing toilet paper?
    In closing, I wish to return to the subject of Edward Snowden. Let us assume that the capitalist system is under an enormous strain. That corruption is about to shoot it out of the water. Corruption no longer possesses a local, nationalist dimension. It is transnational and it is more likely that a crook in one country will put his or her money in another country or countries. Cross-border financial deviltry is the modus operandi of drug dealers, counterfeiters, banksters, politicians, money launderers, priests, ministers, rabbis, cardinals, rock stars, members of Fortune’s wealthiest wealthy stars, et alia. Who is going to give them the message that stealing is a no-no? The pope? There are not enough jails to house them all. We need a super metaphysical phenomena. Edward Snowden! The president of the DisUnited States, The Supreme Defender of Earthly Morals, disciple of a Religion of Heaven and the Religion of Money, cannot come out and say: “Listen, you thieves, wherever you are on this planet, we are wise to what mischievousness you are up to! So, be careful!” That would be undemocratic. But, Edward Snowden can! Just as the Atomic Bomb scared the s**t out of all of us for half a century, now interceptions of our personal data are going to keep us in our place. And thanks to Edward Snowden! If you are exaggerating, they are going to catch you! Just ask that Italian bankster!
    I am perplexed.
    Should I sign off with “Have a nice day?”
    Should I sign off with “Have a nice nightmare?”
    What should I do?
    Well, I can just go on hoping, no?



    Authored by Anthony St. John
    20 December 2013
    Calenzano, Italy

    * * *