Domestic Goddess Cooking Show 2003 Flashback

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Roseanne & Johnny had just hooked up (about 11 years ago) and he found himself in the reality show she was doing at the time, “The Real Roseanne.” It was an hilarious premise: a network (ABC) show about Roseanne trying to get a cable cooking show. It was brilliant and ahead of its time (It was Roseanne, after all!). Producers mentioned a theme song for the cooking show & Johnny asked if he could submit one for consideration. Here’s “Somethin’s Cookin’ – he wrote the words and music, played everything in a jazzy, Bluesy organ format, dashed into an LA studio and came out in less than an hour with this demo. Johnny and Roseanne loved the idea of the late, wonderful Phoebe Snow singing it when it got past the demo stage, but that wasn’t to be. But, we thought Roseannearchists and Roseanthropologists might enjoy this little 2-minute slice of history. It’s kind of a fun blast from the past that never really saw the light of day – but Roseanne liked it and that’s all that mattered to Johnny.



  1. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    I saw James Moore, Johnny Argent, Roseanne Barr, and the gang. it was a blast from the past. Love the song By Johnny.

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