Dear President Barack Obama

Roseanne Barr

Producer, Writer, Activist, Actor, Comic

Peace & Freedom Party Presidential Candidate 2012;




President Barack Obama

President of the United States

United States of America



Dear President Barack Obama,


I ran against you in 2012-I said that you are the First Corporatist President of the USA. I ran against you because you took more money from Nuclear Industries than any other candidate, and that alone made me think that you were/are a dangerous person. Doctor Cornell West said that you are the “black mascot of Wall Street oligarchs and a puppet of corporate plutocrats.” It is true that you have been a good servant to the Queen of England and her Malthusian ideology. The countries you have chosen to bomb via drone attacks are the same places that have the highest birth rates! This fact is not an accident. Your attempt to get us into the Syrian war via your Donmeh Saudi Masters, was luckily stopped by the American People and General Martin Dempsey.


Lets look at your accomplishments since becoming President:


  1. Scaring Hillary Clinton into submission by having her accept your Fascist Post Westphalian R2P Foreign Policy.
  2. Turning Libya into a haven for Jihadi Al Qaeda Terrorist.
  3. Openly arming and supporting Al Qaeda Terrorist in Syria, which is an impeachable offense.
  4. Creating the IPAP or IPAB which is similar to Adolf Hitler’s T-4 Health Care Program in Germany. The elderly, impaired, or sick don’t have a reason to live according to your health care policy. I wonder what you said to Dennis Kucinich to get him to sign on to your fascist health care policy?
  5. In 2008 you signed onto the 700 Billion Dollar TARP Program and stopped any attempt to reinstate Glass-Steagall. Stopping Glass Steagall in 2010, 2011, 2012 and currently.
  6. On the vote to repeal NSA spying you sent your cabinet secretaries to lobby Congress which is a violation of the Hatch Act.
  7. On the recent Supreme Court Case on Affirmative Action you didn’t bother to file an Amicus Brief showing that you don’t give a damn about black people or anyone else.
  8. Did you know the C.I.A. did a psychological profile on you along with Dr. Vaknin? They came to the conclusion that you are a crazy ass Narcissist.
  9. With your economic policies you have managed to increase the wealth disparity in America to the highest level since 1928 with the middle class becoming extinct.


You do these horrible things because your handler, Valerie Jarret is a servant to the The House of Windsor, and she directs your every move. So, in effect, you work for a foreign power and on that basis alone you should be impeached. Let us look forward to what you will try to do, next, if the American people are too stupid doped and duped to stop you:


First you will strong arm the Liberal Democrats to capitulate and put Social Security and Medicare on the chopping block.

  1. You will accelerate the “bail in” program with Wall St. and start stealing people’s money in a manner similar to Cyprus.
  2. You will continue to crush public education, turning every public school into a charter school, institute merit pay, and tie teacher salaries to Bill Gates and Eli Broad test scores.
  3. You will continue the ‘neo liberal’ policies of George W. Bush and start to force cities to sell their assets, and begin the fascist privatization schemes we see in Detroit.
  4. I don’t need to mention the birth certificate because your mother and grandfather worked for the CIA. Enough said.


Now the good news: People are waking up to your fascism. It was a good strategic move for the Queen of England, The Rothschild’s and the CIA to put you in power because you would be able to do one thing: Put black people to sleep. African American’s who should be calling for your imprisonment are put off guard because they are in disbelief that a person of your hue could be so evil. You have made cowards of liberal stalwarts Rangel, Waters, and Conyers, James Clyburn, Sheila Jackson-Lee, and Barbara Lee. The time will come soon when the American People will realize that you work for EMPIRE, and not America, and that you want to ‘reduce specific populations’ like your idol Malthus. When and if the Americans do snap out of their drugged duped religio-showbiz mind bindings, and demand your ouster, oh, what a day that shall be!

Some may even call it the Day of The Lord!  On that day, the Congress will become more afraid of the American People than they are of your FBI, NSA, and CIA. You and Wall St. will no longer be able to blackmail the Congress into submission. You will not be allowed to give away any more pensions to Wall Street Vampires. You will not come for Social Security, at least not silently, at least not while I am still relatively alive.

On that Holy Day, when the scam in all of its human flesh fueled glory is exposed-The grand theft of public money being redistributed into private pockets… When that Day happens, you will take your Nixon stroll into the twilight of history. In the meantime, sir I continue to pray every day of my life for your very soul. You Sir, are capable of greatness. You could be as David to The Goliath: Royalty and It’s Rothschild-Vatican Banks. Dust off that slingshot, son, and get busy. Americans are dying in their own homeland due to Insurance company scams. Medicaid for all, Sir, and now!  It is far cheaper in cost than endless war and endless war crimes that destroy entire Tribes, villages, that set each upon each other to fill Royalty’s Banks, which are based on war slavery and usury. Unfortunately for the Few at the top of the Pyramid, The Light of Reason will intervene, and not on their behalf. Power consolidated must be dispersed. That is the First Law of the new International Common Law. Otherwise and formerly known as The Constitution of the United States of America. To end Royalty’s Greedy clutches upon the American Tax Payer, a new third party, The ‘Green Tea Party’ of the United States, a unique American party, not owned by Bankers, but by the People themselves, as a Public Corporation, duly named and executed legally, the Corporation of the Citizens of The USA. We are 350 million strong. We have far more numbers, than both main parties put together, but you, THE FAILED EXECUTIVE OF A FAILED SENATE have passed laws which disenfranchise women, and working classes/people of color in key Republican States. Your friends, the money geniuses have disenfranchised your own base voters. You have disenfranchised your own tax base! That is PROOF that you serve a foreign power. It is pure folly that you have betrayed those who do the real work in this country, that of bringing food to the tables of the American family, and those who serve in our Military Forces to preserve the Freedoms of these self same people.

Stand Up for Peace in Israel. Stop trying to increase Haliburton’s stocks.  Instead, make steps to peace between Israel and Palestine now. I advise you to use the powers invested in you to serve the people who elected you to end the Bush Doctrine. Restore a true capitalistic system-one in which surpluses are shared, not horded by the rich. Think about it. May I remind you, sir, that serfdom is Anti American.

You have the power to nationalize the Federal Reserve. I suggest you do that. It’s easy as pie. Just do it, sir!

Allow me to be your Eugene Debs-do as FDR did years ago-WRITE DOWN THE DEBT in order to save our planet, our International Family, and Mother Earth Herself. Regulate capital to serve the needs of the many, and no longer of the few. Save yourself, and your soul before you are indicted by The International Tribunal of Common Law Courts for crimes against humanity.


Roseanne Barr

Peace and Freedom Party

International Court of Common Law

supporting member











































  1. Autumn Hazel Louisianna says:

    HERE HERE!!!!!!! Down with the man, man!! We need truth, we need change, we need to RISE UP!! Roseanne, I really am inspired by your words, and actions. As a writer, a woman, a lover of earth and people, and truth, I thank you for all that you bring to the world.

    peace and love

  2. Awesome hearing the absolute truth from a true Patriot. This letter should be the basis of taking
    our Republic back from these people..

  3. Larry Giglio says:

    hello. Thank you Roseanne. these words were honest, and are better heard from someone of wealth, and not in fear of the list. many, many people feel as you do, but the fearmongering is working, and the voices are silent. you are asking Mr. P-Resident to do work for the American civilian, the American citizen, the American worker masses- and we know he works for the corporatists; and that will never happen. you point out impeachable offenses with a Demoncratically controlled Congress, which is tough. it is truly the public outrage, which will hopefully culminate in flushing the lobbied special interest fourth party out of the Beltway- and flush Him right out with it. you have a voice outside the controlled media- keep up the good work. best wishes.

  4. Rosie, did you send a hard-copy to Obama?
    I suspect that the Banksters are the primary”Corporate plutocrats.” The seven nations Bush/neocons listed for invasion were all determined to NOT fall under the crushing debt burden of FED & the World Bank. Syria was on the list. Turns out most wars are for Banksters.
    You failed to mention the TPP- Trans-Pacific Partnership. This fast-tracked agenda must be stopped. This is definitely “corporate plutocrats” seeking power – and immunity from their crimes.
    You might consider taking the letter itself and mail it to your email list, not as a citation but as text.

  5. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    This Letter is right on target about why we need Roseanne for President, NOT Obama. I am going to start praying that Obama either wake up, or get impeached. I am going to start praying that American voters wake up and see who Obama really work for, THE BANKERS-THE ONE PERCENT.

  6. GOOD ONE Roseanne!
    shared to Angelfire Network…


    • edythe marcellan says:

      i’d like to add the naivete’ of some wealthy hollywoodians for whom
      think a candidate is the one, because Oprah said so. no personal thinking …new deal era
      brats, took the era personally, and thought poor people can exist.
      …POOR have always been prejudice of. their race never mattered.
      …if someone insults the poor, no one cares? ….rich hollywoodians
      who Care about fairness, [living wages afford extras=healthy business=wealthy
      money markets, secure=permanent surplus. spray hose up.], should get a real
      candidate to cure poverty. ….meanwhile in new mexico, navajos, and whilte
      snidely’s, are about to kill our pets,
      horses, so that foreigners can eat our pets. please help if you can!