“Batshit crazy” meme becoming a standard for attack on WMR editor



November 20-21, 2013 —

“Batshit crazy” meme becoming a standard for attack on WMR editor

One thing that certainly exemplifies the critics of WMR’s editor is a total lack of originality. In June, after being quoted by the UK Observer about NSA Third Party partners — all of which was confirmed by later disclosures from Edward Snowden — the U.S. Naval War College’s “constant Twitterer John Schindler called this editor “batshit crazy” in an interview published by Business Insider, a website started by DoubleClick baron Kevin Ryan, a noted libertarian of the Koch Brothers’ mindset.

Salon, the online pay-for-view news site parroted another “batshit crazy” meme published by the Daily Banter, a lavishly pro-Barack Obama site run by Bob Cesca. Apparently, some Obama groupies were offended that comedienne and television star Roseanne Barr sent an open letter to Congress in which she complained about the blackmail of senior government officials. Barr attached as footnotes to her letter a number of WMR articles dealing with blackmail. Barr, who continues to enjoy top ratings on cable networks for her television shows, was called “erratic” and a “truther.”

Salon is owned by John Warnock, the deep-pocketed Mormon co-founder of Adobe Systems, and Bill Hambrecht, a wealthy investment banker. As mainly a subscription site, Salon would never have anything good to say about WMR, just like Macy’s would never laud Gimbel’s and McDonald’s normally doesn’t praise Burger King. The author of the Salon piece, Mary Elizabeth Williams, merely parroted the original “batshit crazy” story from the Daily Banter. Mary Beth, I’m sure, is a nice Jersey City girl who just didn’t bother seeking a comment from this editor. That would normally be considered sloppy journalism but Mary Beth has been battling stage IV melanoma, so we wish her every success in her treatment and recovery and that is sincere.

But Chez Pazienza, the Banter author who penned the “batshit crazy internet conspiracy theorist” screed is another story entirely. While this editor couldn’t put my pen down in the days and weeks after 9/11, Pazienza couldn’t put the crack pipe down. He left MSNBC as a producer ending up eventually at CNN. He was fired from CNN in 2008 over his editorializing on the Huffington Post, which apparently violated CNN policies. This editor will not be lectured on proper journalism techniques by a addle-brained drug addict and a loser who couldn’t hold down a job at two major TV broadcast networks. Nor will I get into a battle of wits with a pathetic unarmed man like Pazienza.

As for Cesca, who can’t get on his knees fast enough for Mr. Obama, his record as a journalist doesn’t exactly inspire trust. Cesca was an intern for the “Don and Mike Show,” a Washington, DC “shock jock” program that tried to be the afternoon complement of the morning Howard Stern show. But, alas, with their constant fart jokes, undoubtedly written by the adolescent-minded Cesca, and a bizarre “death trifecta” feature that predicted the next three celebrity deaths amid guffawing and chortling by the hosts, “Don and Mike” failed to make it and Cesca went on to direct the animated “Kung Fu Jimmy Chow” series for Cesca big time media outlet now is the “Bob and Chez Show,” which he does on a podcast with his former drug addict friend.

Perhaps “Bob and Chez” should compare their sorry resumés that indicate two all-time losers, to my own — which includes citations from Project Censored and the Fund for Constitutional Government — and that of Emmy, Golden Globe, and American Comedy Award winner Roseanne Barr before attacking the professionalism of others. In other words, “Bob and Chez” should get a frigging life.


  1. Roseanne,

    Just an FYI, the Justice Department’s Hatch Act unit has already received my complaint alleging Naval War College professor John Schindler campaigned against NSA critic U.S. Rep. Justin Amash in violation of the Hatch Act on taxpayer time and from his NWC offices. Schindler, his boss department chair Tom Nichols, and others of course insist that war college professors, unlike employees at the IRS or even other Department of Defense employees, can basically do whatever they want without violating Hatch Act so long as they don’t actually run for office themselves. It is a very self-serving definition that if adopted by other federal agencies would result in a non-stop flood of taxpayer-funded propaganda, irrespective of where you stand on many issues, trolling genuine progressives, libertarians, and conservatives critical of Washington.

    Again, Schindler is free to express his support for the NSA and even to bad mouth the Agency’s critics or legislation restricting NSA in general terms. He isn’t free to libel journalists, engage in full-blown media campaigns, and target Congressmen and Senators on NSA’s behalf while drawing a DoD paycheck using his taxpayer-funded offices for these purposes.

    The text of my complaint filed with DOJ’s Hatch Act unit in Washington D.C. is here: