11:00am Sunday 11-24-13 Dr. Binoy Kampmark – The Illusions of Technology

Barr Kampmark Wells


KCAA Radio Presents Co-Hosts 

Roseanne Barr and Kathleen Wells Sunday November 24, 2013

 2:00pm Eastern   11:00am Pacific  9:00am Hawaii

with Guests

Roseanne Barr and Dr. Binoy Kampmark

Roseanne will be Disucssing Current Issues in Hawaii

Dr. Kampmark – The Illusions of Technology

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  1. Kim Greenhouse says:

    Dear Roseanne,

    I would like to invite you to be my guest on my show, It’s Rainmaking Time! on either January 2nd or 3rd, 2014 via skype or phone. We have a wonderfully receptive audience of about 20,000 people that tune in from all over the world.

    It’s Rainmaking Time!

    Kind Regards,
    Kim Greenhouse

  2. Roseanne!!!
    I LOVE you and I want your nuts!!! Hahaha… please tell me how I can get some…. I’d also love to relocate to Hawaii and work for you…. you are such an inspiration to me.. growing up I lived with my dad and in a weird way, you were like my mom!! I know it was just a SHOW… Well not just a SHOW, literally the best show EVER!!! In a sick and twisted way you have inspired me to be the YOUNG ( lol 35 ) year old woman I have become!
    So PLEASE, email me, call me.. Facebook me @ thatperrygirl something.. but reach out to me so we can be reunited!! Hahahahahaha
    You are absolutely amazing!!!
    Your long lost wild child,