Robert Scheer says that if you Object to Obamacare, u r Racist…

So if I don’t like IRS controlled Obamacare, I am racist and cruel….? Really?

If I don’t like the FACT that insurance companies stocks have shot up since this monstrosity passed, I am a Bigot?
If I don’t like the fact that this bill was drafted, in the White House, by Elizabeth Fowler who came from the largest insurance company (and left for a large pharmaceutical company, I don’t like black people?

If I know this is FASCISM, government cooperation with Business to enrich them, and that this is as far from Dennis Kucinich’s thirty page insurance bill as possible, (at 2500 pages), then I am a KKK member?

This is knee jerk herd mentality thinking, and should be rejected. This is meant to foster debate along party lines, rather than to look at what this IRS administered plan will do to Healthcare…already, thousands of businesses have downsized their employees from full time to part time status to avoid paying for their healthcare. Doctors in droves are saying that they will be quitting medicine…and there are worse effects. This country which just spent six TRILLION dollars on illegal wars is the only country to force it’s citizens to pay for healthcare drafted by insurance companies. This, during the coming manufactured Greater Depression.

Firstly, here is a link to Jon Stewart interviewing Kathleen Sebelius, head of HHS, and asking her why Obamacare cannot be delayed a year…is HE cruel and a racist?

Robert Scheer article..