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Roseanne Letter to Joint Chiefs


Date: June 15, 2013


To: General Martin Dempsey-@Martin_Dempey

Admiral James A. Winnefield Jr.-@thejointstaff

General Raymond T. Odierno-@GENRayOdierno

General James F. Amos

Admiral Jonathan W. Greenert-@CNOGreenert

General Mark A. Welsh

General Frank J. Grass-@ChiefNGB


From: Roseanne Barr; Actress; Peace and Freedom Party


Subject: A Constitutional Crisis


Greetings Members of The Joint Chiefs of Staff:

Over the past 2 years you have done admirable work in preventing World War 3, and a probable thermal nuclear World War 3 with Russia and China. Efforts to reach out to the Russian and Chinese military have made it possible to have a policy and joint cooperation. Unfortunately despite your best efforts one unavoidable fact has prevented a new policy. President Obama works for a foreign power, (Britain) and therefore the United States will not be allowed to engage in a policy based on the Monroe Doctrine and The Westphalian Principle of National Sovereignty.

The policy to provoke a war with our WW2 ally goes back to Winston Churchill and his creation of the “Iron Curtain” Policy. It has always been the mission of the British to destroy the Promise of the United States. Unfortunately many Americans have lost their hold of history on these matters.

Engaging in planning a No Fly Zone violates article 104 of the UCMJ, Aiding The Enemy. Any material support for terrorist groups violates section 1021B of the NDAA.Quote:

Section 1021(b)(2) of the NDAA law allows for the indefinite detention of U.S. citizens on “suspicion of providing substantial support” to groups engaged in hostilities against the U.S. such as al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

The indefinite detention provision also applies to Americans who have given “substantial support” to terrorists or other “associated groups”.

The following is evidence of President Obama’s violation of the Constitution, Congressional Statutes, and by definition any order he gives regarding Syria under the UCMJ.







Over the past 2 years many other exhibits of this illegal policy have presented themselves in main stream media sources. So far the President has used the CIA to perform his crimes, and avoid the UCMJ. Now the time has come for the Joint Chiefs to exercise their Constitutional Duty under article 92 of the UCMJ. Lawful Orders must be obeyed, but unlawful order such as support of terrorist groups, and violation of The Westphalian Principle shall be met with the resignation of the entire Joint Chiefs of Staff.

If the President wishes to carry out illegal wars on behalf of a foreign power, he can do so under a new Joint Chiefs of Staff. The only solution to maintaining the rule of law, morality, integrity, and the Constitution is to show leadership. I implore all of you to resign your post effective immediately, because the next order Obama gives will start ww3.

Gods Speed

Roseanne Barr

Peace and Freedom Party