Legendary Concert Promoter Leonard Rowe on Today’s Show

Legendary Concert Promoter

Leonard Rowe

Author of the New Bombshell Book

“What Really Happened to Michael Jackson, the King of Pop”


Legendary concert promoter Leonard Rowe’s career had an inspiring beginning.  He amusingly tells the story of how he became fascinated with concert promotion after standing in a line two blocks long to see the Spinners.  Tickets for the concert were $7 apiece.  Thinking to himself, but talking aloud, he wondered who was getting all of the money.  Someone from the crowd yelled out, “the concert promoter.”  On that day, Rowe decided he would become a concert promoter and he never looked back.

Today, Rowe is an entertainment veteran who started his career in 1975.   Over the years he has promoted some of the largest most successful national tours in music history including big name artists, Kool and The Gang, Barry White, Parliament Funkadelics, OJays, Michael Jackson and the Jacksons, Prince, Marvin Gaye, The Temptations, Patti LaBelle, Earth, Wind and Fire, Gladys Knight and the Pips, and many, many more.  Rowe has sold out arenas across America.

Near and dear to his heart is the history he made with Michael Jackson and the Jacksons.  He was the only African American concert promoter to ever tour the Jacksons, having produced and promoted the highly successful tour that launched Michael’s solo career, “Off The Wall” in 1979-80.  He continued his relationship with the family for more than 30 years.

But the road has not always been easy.  From the very beginning of his career, Rowe – as he likes to be called – encountered institutionalized racism in the music industry.  He learned early that an African American concert promoter was not allowed to work with caucasian artists.  He said that when he would ask for them, the talent agencies would laugh.

Not willing to settle for this obvious discrimination, eventually Rowe took action and sued all of the agencies and top promoters.  Although he describes the suit as somewhat successful, he knows that justice has not been done; racism in the music industry continues today.  He believes that his stance against racism and inequality in the concert promotion industry is the reason why he has been ridiculed and his character continuously assassinated.

But Rowe is determined and he doesn’t give up easy.  In 1996, he co-founded the Black Concert Promoters Association and served as its president for 10 years.  Today, he mentors other minority promoters advising them on how to compete nationally and internationally in the cut-throat world of entertainment.

A close friend of Michael Jackson, Rowe has become a crusader for justice for Michael – who he believes fell victim to the evils of the entertainment industry.  He has written a tell-all book, “What Really Happened to Michael Jackson The King of Pop” The book is a must-read bombshell with shocking evidence about the greed, corruption and underhanded dealings surrounding the needless and untimely death of the Popstar.

“Michael was a dear friend of mine,” said Rowe.  “Now finally on the anniversary of his death, the truth about what really happened to Michael Jackson will be told.”

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