KCAA Sunday October 13, 2013 Guests McKinney and Rowe



KCAA Radio Presents Co-Hosts 

Roseanne Barr and Kathleen Wells Sunday October 13, 2013

 2:00pm Eastern   11:00am Pacific  8:00am Hawaii

with Guests

Cynthia McKinney and Leonard Rowe

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  1. http://www.facebook.com/dondavidart
    Don David Young
    about a minute ago
    FYI…even though Angelfire Network is in the Facebook process of deletion… I WILL continue to support Rosanne on this home page which has been opened up to the public Worldwide for as long as I decide to stay at Facebook…those of you who do not like her … then don’t look! Nobody is forcing you…
    Adminstration of Angelfire Network

    • Hi Rosanne,
      The Facebook Governess did unlock my control panel at Angelfire Network as soon as I posted What REALLY happened to Angelfire Network to my other Worldwide location http://www.artmajeur.com/dondavidart... Look for the art “The Facebook Governess” and read the description! …lol
      love you!

  2. Roseanne Pearson says:

    Hello Roseanne,

    This blog might not be the best avenue by which to introduce myself, but I just wanted to tell you that we have something in common. :)

    I have gone by Rosie for a long time, but now I’ve begun to re-explore my full name. I am a graduate student in Seattle pursuing my Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology. Psychology people really dig into you, even if in all of the best ways. ;)

    Do you have any kind words, legacies, or inquiries to pass my way as your fellow namesake?

    Have a blessed day,