KCAA Radio Show Sunday 10-13-13 Part 4 Leonard Rowe

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  1. Hi Roseanne,
    The Facebook Governess locked up my control panel again for posting you there! I am closing the Angelfire Network page at http://www.facebook.com/angelfirenetwork It is DELETE MODE right now. It states it will be up and running for 14 more days however I cannot post or see any stats from the administration control panel! I warned the Facebook Governess that I am an Intl. fine artist and I have nine other Worldwide locations. Any screwing around with Angelfire Network will result in a report to these other Worldwide locations. The last two posts I made of yours got more hits than anything ever posted there!
    I will continue to post you at my home page on Facebook (if I stick around there) at http://www.facebook.com/dondavidart
    Thanks Rosanne for all you are doing! I am wiped out over World events and trying to help save the planet, mankind and the animal kingdom!
    Your friend,

  2. Roseanne, did you think Jenny McCarthy’s
    Comment yesterday on “The View” was far and away a disgusting antisemetic slur?? She is trash in my opinion. What is yours?

  3. I just placed your show from today to Angelfire Network! {8000% traffic there!} So, we will see what the Governess does now… he he he
    Love to you Rosanne!

  4. Hi Rosanne!

    RE: your presence at Angelfire Network on Facebook www,facebook.com/angelfirenetwork
    After relentless fighting with the Facebook Governess over what I publish at Angelfire Network, (she does NOT like you) I decided to place you back there anyway!
    I have written to Pope Francis re: his followers spaying and neutering their domestic animals. I have fought with Time Warner Cable until they put CBS, ABC and NBC back up on their broadcasting… I will NOT be hassled by the Facebook Governess for the content I place there. She made it quite clear to me the last time she froze my control panel at Angelfire Network that she does NOT want me to endorse Rosanne there! Well, too bad! I did today and from the stats at my administration control panel, Rosanne really ROCKS!!! Keep up the good work and I will do the same…
    Your friend,