KCAA Interview with Cathy Brennan Part 5 10-27-13

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  1. GREAT SHOW Rosanne! My counter went off the charts when I posted this to Angelfire Network on Facebook…Sunday!!!
    I have met my Facebook Governance police woman there and she is leaving my pages alone now for posting Rosanne, anti Monsanto & anti Chemtrail activities!
    Thanks!!! you are awesome… as usual.

  2. Great video!

    Also just watched a video with you addressing MK Ultra and that led me to look for your websites.
    Thanks for talking about MK Ultra!
    Great discussion here >

    It would be great to see you organize an event that promotes a Matriarch.
    Check out my Matriarchs >

    Thrillions of Heavens

    Codeca News & Photography

    Need help organizing? Contact me!!!!!!
    xoxoxoxoxo! Caryn

  3. “Coalitions”, “inclusive”,”collaborate”
    “Togetherness”, “equality”.
    That’s how we help each other in today’s world.