Dr. Roger Ray to Guest on Sunday October 20, 2013

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Dr. Roger Ray holds masters and doctoral degrees in divinity from Vanderbilt University as well as a bachelors in philosophy from Murray State University. He was a 2004 Merriell Fellow at Harvard Divinity School. Dr. Ray writes a religion and ethics column for the Springfield News-Leader which appears on Wednesdays under the title, “From the Left.” He is also the author of Christian Wisdom for Today as well as various journal and magazine columns. Dr. Rays’ sermons have been published in several professional journals and popular collections. He had 28 years of experience in pastoral ministry before becoming the founding pastor of Community Christian Church in August of 2008


  1. vickie buster says:

    Just wanted to let you know first time seeing your video and I agree with you 100percent… made me cry to see trayvon. I’m a 55 year old white woman by the way! I always feel once all the old white people are dead and gone maybe then the world will be a more peaceful place. We can only hope.