80 Assholes in Con-gress


Please not that 11 of them are from Texas!!!

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  Co-sponsor Michelle Bachmann  MN-6  Signer
  Co-sponsor Andy Barr  KY-6  Signer
  Co-sponsor Joe Barton  TX-6  Signer
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  Howard Coble  NC-6  Signer
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  Paul Cook  CA-8  Signer
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  Rodney Davis  IL-13  Signer
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  John Duncan  TN-2  Signer
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  Co-sponsor  Steve Pearce  NM-2  Signer
  Co-sponsor  Scott Perry  PA-4  Signer
   Joe Pitts  PA-16  Signer
  Co-sponsor  Ted Poe  TX-2  Signer
  Co-sponsor  Mike Pompeo  KS-4  Signer
  Co-sponsor  Bill Posey  FL-8  Signer
  Co-sponsor  Phil Roe  TN-1  Signer
  Co-sponsor  Todd Rokita  IN-4  Signer
  Co-sponsor  Keith Rothfus  PA-12  Signer
  Co-sponsor  Matt Salmon  AZ-5  Signer
  Co-sponsor  Steve Scalise  LA-1  Signer
   Aaron Schock  IL-18  Signer
  Co-sponsor  David Schweikert  AZ-6  Signer
   Jim Sensenbrenner  WI-5  Signer
  Co-sponsor  Jason Smith  MO-8  Signer
  Co-sponsor  Steve Stockman  TX-36  Signer
  Co-sponsor  Marlin Stutzman  IN-3  Signer
  Co-sponsor  Tim Walberg  MI-7  Signer
  Co-sponsor  Jackie Walorski  IN-2  Signer
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  1. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    I am sure there r more we do not know about, maybe. I am putting this list on my twitter page and blog.

  2. Name an Asshole any Asshole? Ok..

    Barbara Boxer , Dianne Feinstein, Hillary Clinton. I start with the women and here’s why. The men in congress are dirt bag pedos but the women who protect them are the bigger problem and pure scumb.

    All of these “life giving women”, “progressive lefties” …

    voted pro war…Pro Death

    …..everytime there was a chance to vote.

    Not very discerning when it comes to a LIFE and DEATH decision.

    And what “war-drobe” does one wear to vote on the death of 1000’s of women and innocent children?

    I picture these bitches in white tights with dirty knees and crusty lips.


  3. How do we stop all this Madness ???? I am SO tired of being lied to and cheated by ALL these political Assholes.

  4. Mark Manz @mickeyfan01 says:

    So Rep. James Sensenbrenner, R-Wis (Asshole) spends talks about lobbyists taking over Washington!
    Well lets see:

    While lobbyists are not supposed to pay for a lawmaker’s travel, for example, Mr. Sensenbrenner’s $14,708 trip to Liechtenstein and Germany in 2009 was organized by a nonprofit group whose president is a lobbyist. It was underwritten by European companies that, in many cases, lobby in the United States…

    When Mr. Sensenbrenner and Representative Tom Price, Republican of Georgia, traveled to Liechtenstein in February to learn about its banking system, they attended business meetings. But they and their wives also visited the Malbun ski resort, stayed at a first-class hotel and toured the wine cellar at the prince of Liechtenstein’s historic vineyard, according to their itinerary.

    The cost of the trip — $14,708 for Mr. Sensenbrenner and his wife alone — was picked up by a nonprofit group called the International Management and Development Institute. Just since 2005, International Management has paid for 34 trips to Europe for lawmakers and staff members, totaling more than $400,000, including five for Mr. Sensenbrenner to Germany, Liechtenstein, Norway and France.

    Source: http://sensenbrennerwatch.blogspot.com