Sunday 9-29-13 KCAA Radio Guests Alan Hart and Harry Fear

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Roseanne Barr and Kathleen Wells

KCAA Radio Sunday Sept 29, 2013

Guests Alan Hart and Harry Fear


  1. Charles Edward Frith (@charlesfrith) says:

    I admire your courage Roseanne and I agree with your hypothesis that most Israelis are being manipulated but unless you embrace the racism and hate that Zionism breeds you’re defending one team at the expense of peace.

    Again. I admire you and this interview tells me the bits I think you need to explore in your ongoing research. The people who really run things don’t care about religions and will toss one race into the fire when needed. But they will use them first and that train is in motion.

  2. Hey Rosanne,
    I wrote to you yesterday to let you know that facebook had locked me out of the page I administrate, Angelfire Network, for posting you and Becky’s stuff there! They let me know, The Facebook Governess, in a round about way that they would give me back Angelfire Network if I never post you there again! Darn it!!! I probably will under comments elsewhere he he! But just so you know I am here for ya if you need anything!
    Much love to you!
    Don David Young
    AKA dondavid-