Open Letter to Vladimir Putin

Roseanne Barr

Peace and Freedom Party

Peace Activist, Author, Actress


September 22, 2013

Mr. Vladimir Putin

President; Russian Federation


Dear Mr. Putin:

We in America welcome your OPED in the New York Times with a spirit of hope and optimism. It is true that the United Stats and Russia worked closely together to defeat fascism in Germany and Italy. It is also true that we have come to a time in World History where governments MUST work together for development and mutual cooperation. I write this letter with a certain high level of urgency, as there are factors that are preventing America from returning to its roots as a Republic.

I solicit your help and assistance so that you can help the American People remove the shackles of the Empire from our necks. (Roman, Byzantine, Venetian, and now the Post WW2 British Empire). We need the Russian governments to consider the following policies to help us in this journey:

1. Place an Interpol Arrest Warrant for Prince Bandar Bin Sultan for perpetrating the terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001 against the United States.

2.  Place an Interpol Arrest Warrant for Prince Bandar Bin Sultan for perpetrating and controlling the Chechnya Terrorist against the Russian Federation.

3.  Please have the Russian Parliament lobby their counterparts in the United States to pass legislation to build a high speed rail line across the Bering Strait.

  1. At the United Nations Summit this upcoming week urge the world to pass Glass Steagall Banking separation for stable banking throughout the planet.

The United Nations Summit this week brings the opportunity for a new paradigm in world development. Projects like the New Silk Road in Asia, and development in Siberia bring opportunities to bring the world out of poverty. I hope this letter is responded to in a positive manner that will yield fruit.


Best Regards,


Roseanne Barr

Peace and Freedom Party






  1. hello. I can understand the reluctance of Asia and Russia to bridge a land path to North America, and even from the North Americans: an exodus would ensue. presently, our economy could not support the influx of immigrants. the time it would take to bring such a project to fruition, would be a gamble on very positive projections for our economy, which no one is predicting. the bridge would bring the world closer to peaceful coexistence, but I really want to know why this is one of your immediate priorities?

  2. Amen!

  3. I see what you’ve spoken of and feel passionate about what I’d like to know Roseanne is take on the Benghazi crime?

  4. Candide Schmyles says:

    There are few sparks of reason and hope to be found – Which is why I applaud and support your words and your determination.