Occupy Monsanto Courtesy of @karahunt35


Occupy Monsanto


  1. Monsanto is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak. Roseanne, the purpose for Monsanto chemicals is to create a vehicle whereby nano-technology is introduced into food/seeds and other materials. As mad scientist Ray Kurzweil, the leading brain behind nano-technology, knows all too well. There are many more whistleblowers who have come forward validating programming through many implementations, and Monsanto chemicals is only one of them – a conduit to allow nano-technology programming and other programming more viable within the human body and psyche.

    Below is the McKinney report:

    Below is a radio interview with Julianne McKinney, however on youtube it is garbled and difficult to hear but still worth the listen:

    Robert Naeslunds’s interview in English:

    below is English subtitles…a different interview but very compelling data:

    below is a link to an audio verifying:

  2. Cathy LaCounte says:

    Roseanne, I couldn’t find any better place to post a message to you or to contact you, so I’m gonna just barge right in here, as would be your style and mine too. I, like you, am in this world to speak my truth.

    I am here to make you aware of my book. I’m sure you’ll appreciate it. And after you find out I’m right on this, I really could care less if you ever mention or otherwise promote my book, but I’ve got a feeling that you will put out the word about the general enlightening and empowering messages in that book. And that is why I wrote it in the first place – not to be an author, not to make money selling books, but to empower my fellow human and to encourage them to unplug from their self imposed slavery. Please give it a read. Even just the thought of your still progressive mind helping me to put out its message even telepathically, just warms my heart. Thank you for what you do and be in this world.

    Cathy LaCounte

  3. Thank you for Standing Up Roseanne. Let’s defeat MonSatan !!!