Interview with a Jew and an Arab

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  1. hello. Israel is militarily forcing itself into a region it claims from religious history. the Israelis are not welcome, because of their ethnic purity. they will always be foreign cultists in the region. the sadness is that there can not be more porous borders, and peaceful sharing of Jerusalem. the murders are all horrific, from both sides. all the peoples in the region should be able to share in economic opportunities, from wherever they are presented; and the haves, should stop discriminating against the have-nots. cultures would discover greater commonality, when presented equal career opportunities; and levels of living standards, with respectable parity: break down social barriers. Israeli exclusion is partly to blame. we all see no reason for murder. it is easy to think our CIA has been subversively continuing the conflicts. why our military complex does not evolve,… is baffling.

  2. Shannon McOsker says:

    I am hoping to bring awareness to the current issue thousands of women are having with a product manufactured by BAYER and protected by the FDA under a class III device classification. It is called Essure and is not only being falsely advertised by mainstream doctors trying to make money off of low income women (primarily), but it is maiming our bodies by slowly poisoning it and making it turn on itself. I had Essure for 8 years and suffered the entire time never being able to pinpoint what the problem was because doctors always dismissed my symptoms. I had my tubes removed two weeks ago and found out the Essure coils had punctured my right fallopian tube. These are not safe. Erin Brockovich has set up a website for us with our stories as well as information and a petition. It would mean the world to us and our cause to have such a powerful strong willed woman like you to help advocate for us. Bayer is getting away with million and using our bodies as guinea pigs…did I mention they are also one of the top contributors to No on 522…our GMO labeling bill. They of course oppose it as well as MONSANTO. Oh and both have had funding by the Bill Gates Foundations. Below are links to the Erin Brockovich page as well as a couple others with a wealth of information.
    Our facebook page is closed but admins are always welcoming new members. As of right now we have 2,190. It was only at 2,100 two nights ago prior to NBC NY News 4 broadcasting this interview…

    Thank you for your time!