I have always been a gender outlaw

I have always been a gender outlaw and worked for the inclusion of glbtq ppl-because basically, I am one of them-it hurt me greatly that I was attacked bc of colleen francis-now that time has passed, my words make more sense to everyone. I have also been in the forefront for children’s rights & for abuse victims for decades as a vocal activist.

  I felt there was intersectionality in the colleen francis thing-which is the only time I have ever said: ‘if u have a dick u can’t come into little girls’ saunas’, which has been mischaracterized in a thousand generation of blogs.
  After the level of attack I received from ppl who obviously care very little for accuracy or truth, I have decided that I will no longer be the whipping girl that brings marginalized ideology to the mainstream. I resign totally from it due to liars, and misogynists. I have already received enough apologies from informed transmen and transwomen, so I need no more. a vicious impotent left has lost me.


  1. Don Mendenhall says:

    THANK YOU for always speaking your mind…and take care of yourself. XO

  2. Wanda Cosgrove says:

    All I want is an address to which I could send you a scrap book I’ve made
    after seeing you at the Tropicana. Thank you

  3. hello. sexuality is a person’s choice they live with. emphasis on sex is narrow, from within and without.

  4. Rosie, your intent has never been to malign, but to inform. The only times I’ve seen malice on your part is when it is directed to those who would offend and/or assault women and children. Your voice is much needed to educate and promote dialog and thought. Please don’t give power to liars, misogynists and perverts who would love nothing better than to silence you. Public forums, by nature, allow collisions of an entire gamut of expression. You must not allow yourself nor your ideology to be marginalized by anyone — left, right or center. Bring it!

  5. Didn’t know how to write to Roseanne – but I wanted to let her know that her column in Bust is why I began buying copies of the magazine off the stand. You can’t get all the columns at

    There’s been some brew-haha on Twitter about Roseanne resigning and I wanted to say I hope there is some take back of the resignation and that Bust insists that you stay. I will write the same to Bust. This is bullshit. Another feminist, Caitlan Moran, the feminist who wrote the Best Seller “How to be a Woman” was sort of banned from Bitch magazine and they refused to run a promoted interview with Moran, Bitch is another feminist mag. It was claimed by drive by shooters that she was racist. Shit-stirring feminists who are like Ms. West who take it as their job to hang other women. Moran is not racist.

    Roseanne said she’d write about this. I want to say I am sick of this drive-by shooting of women by other women in the feminist movement when they reach a certain leadership and readership and get to be beyond entry level age in life. Wisdom is a thang. Moran, in her book, joked at one point about the way young feminists like to sock older feminists in the tits to make their mark. She counted herself as one of the young at the time and said although she disagreed with some older Brit feminists about this or that, it was important to not disagree or insult just to be sensational.

    I once followed Ms. West on Twitter and appreciated her writing on sizeism in America. I had to unfollow when she seemed to take the bait of glee of destruction of Roseanne. It’s personal with her. It’s unworthy of what she could be, because if Roseanne can sit with the demon of Fox and be cool, even if she and West disagreed Roseanne could enjoy a real debate. I don’t think most people know how serious Roseanne can be. The best YouTube interview Roseanne has is with Amy Goodman. She is a peaceful, thoughtful intelligent, progressive person, although if you see her being the comedian on a talk show – about half is sarcasm and dark comedy. Quotes taken out of context is the devil at work.

    There’s a new game of cutting that’s a favorite of bully feminist liberals, when you have a beef with someone’s success, call them out on intersectionality. If you manage to get something off the ground, a media deal, a business, even a committee and real progress is being made and it’s actually funded well, they try to inject the poison of calling it not intersectional enough. Funny, they really only go to town on liberals, particularly women, who would actually give a shit about the insult. It’s a particularly odd inquisition-style take down saying their intent is not pure enough. But like the mean old men before them in the inquisition, it’s about shutting down cross talk and shutting down people who distract attention from them. It’s about killing the soul and giving everyone a form of creative writer’s block so they can level everyone on their non-fertile level.

    You can’t bother writing a book without including every single point of view on earth, but if you do, you get criticized for presumption of something you could not know. Women who are artists, creators, business people, comedians tie themselves into pretzels never getting anything off the ground because the standard of intersectionality is so high it’s a physics concept – to be SO intersectional that nothing ever begins or ends. But it is a way to kill when it is used as a baseball bat to a woman’s ability to just get together with other women and just get on with it – doing something even if it is not godlike perfect. The message from shitster sisters is you should not have ever tried and must go on an apology tour. It is, really, mean jealousy dressed in puritan hipster clothes. Let’s just get on with it. There’s lots to do and, oh, let’s have a laugh on the way. Take a risk women. Dare to write that book, do that thing without fearing the perfection judgment of the puritan hipster priests out for control shaming because THEY are frustrated artists. Don’t let them freeze us up.

    There is a strange syndrome among some young feminists and even editors of feminist sites and that is a sort of self-cutting syndrome. It’s like they have to cut at the movement with little razor blades and when they cut the older feminists, it’s like they are cutting Sophia herself, cutting their own bodies. They are encouraged to so as a fashion. They not only will cut older women feminists – socking them in the tits just to be sensational. They will also cut successful young feminists. It’s fashionable on feminist sites to hate Lena D. who created Girls. It’s fashionable to hate that one feminist who got a book deal – oh, she was privileged and she didn’t mention ME in her book. It’s fashionable to hate any woman who gets media attention and is doing well financially. It’s an old “who do she think she is???”

    I admire Roseanne’s ability to rise up and not to try to make herself smaller. Not tolerating the sneers like a guilted liberal should. Like Margaret Cho says, the high road of ignoring sneers and insults is not her road – her road is to stand and deliver.

    I don’t know all the reasons why Roseanne resigned from Bust, but from the outside, I want to say fuck West and her and others’ negative work in encouraging, nurturing the feminist self-cutting syndrome. They advertise that they are about the moral high road. But they are just acting out of the old patriarchal command of divide and shame women, particularly female wisdom and success. If they can get women to be cutters, of themselves and other women, then they are distracted from power and unity.

  6. Eric Durchholz says:

    I watched this whole thing unfold and then implode on itself and it made me feel lucky to live in Chicago. We’re big on gender neutrality here and I got used to thinking that our nation had progressed. I’ve only been here 2 years and I am scared to go back down South. And this is the murder capital of the United States.

    Where did all this hatred come from? What happened to us as people? People bold-faced say hateful things now. As if the Internet has emboldened them rather than shamed them.

  7. They who are hellbent on mischaracterizing, promoting lies, and spreading hate will sadly never hear. You have ALWAYS been a GLBT activist, and anyone interested in truth already knows that. Thank you for giving a damn, Roseanne. The many of us who get you have no question where you stand.