Roseanne Barr and Kathleen Wells Sunday Sept 1 KCAA Radio

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KCAA Radio Presents Co-Hosts


Roseanne Barr and Kathleen Wells

Sunday September 1, 2013


2:00pm Eastern    11:00am Pacific    8:00am Hawaii  


Discussing Syria and the Middle East with Experts


Jeff Blankfort and Gilbert Mercier


Jeff Blankfort


Jeff Blankfort is a Middle East analyst who has written extensively on the Israel-Palestine conflict. He is a former editor of the Middle East Labor Bulletin, a photo journalist and currently hosts a program on international affairs called “Takes on the World” for KZYX, the public radio station of Mendocino County in California.

Blankfort participated in a conference on Israel’s nuclear weapons held at the Spy Museum in Washington DC and sponsored by the Institute for Research: Middle East Policy.

Jeff is a frequent guest on The Kathleen Wells Show and Palestine Today — both which air on KCAA.


Gilbert Mercier

A French journalist, photojournalist and filmmaker based in the US since 1983. He is the co-founder & editor in chief of News Junkie Post.

Gilbert frequently appears on RT (Russian Today Television).


  1. Kelly Green says:

    Yea !!! I can’t wait!! I’m going to throw all my energy to reach Roseanne during this talk show! I’m surely chances are as good hitting the lottery ;-) ..
    If a calls come flooding in from Rhode Island it’s probably me. Considering I’m in such a small state.
    I’m channeling all my energy to speak to Roseanne.
    Although listening to this broadcast will bring me great pleasure from laughter to knowledge. Weather I get thru or not. I always am touched by Roseanne!!
    Can’t wait!
    Your daughter from another mother.. Ha!
    Kelly Green

    • Mary Ann - @erthomwn says:

      Roseanne —

      I just discovered your website. Will you have a podcast for your radio show?
      I was sorry I missed it.

      Thank you.


  2. James O. Ogle [Free Parliamentary] says:

    I’m sure a lot of problems could be more quickly solved by Israelis if their voting system was switched to the Sainte-Lague parliament seat distribution system, Hagenbach-Bischoff method, ranked choice voting RCV) in multi-winner districts. It’s the only system that perfect.

    That’s where 1/121th (or .82%) plus one vote will elect each of the 120 seats, for a guaranteed minimum satisfaction level of 98.4% plus 120 votes.

    The current D’Hondt voting system that Israel uses has a 2% threshold and only 50 the 120 seats can be elected by 2% of the votes (100%/2%=50). So how do the other 70 seats get elected? They must subtract votes from the 50% that elected the 50 seats so the total votes that counts is now 50% minus 70 votes to elect all 120 seats.

  3. Sweet… :) Glad your back.

  4. LadyJane Green says:

    Great to have you back on the airwaves. Radio reaches so many people who might not be twitter or computer savvy. Welcome Kathleen Wells!

  5. I’m looking forward to hearing my first-ever Roseanne radio show!

  6. gary haugen says:

    philosopher g would like to have a Conversation about the Nature of Cultural Organization..
    Mothers+Gays+Conscious Males vs Counter-Dependent Males+Duallies..
    This is a Reaction to your Appearance on RT..

  7. Ruth Childs-Hein says:

    Ms. Barr,
    My Thanks for all the Laughter…and for all that you have endured to Stand and Declare for Freedom and Peace…Good on ye Woman…Love Hope and Support from Peterborough Ontario Canada

  8. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    I can not wait either. Can I call in, or am I BLOCKED from that too Roseanne?

  9. dashus christ says:

    Wow,Very Excited To Know You Will Be Doing This Radio Show Again-It Could Not Be At A Better Time ThanThis Sunday!!!-Looking So Very Forward-A Must Listen!!!