Monsanto manipulates working class family farmers to help fuel its anti-family farming agenda. It’s a new low for Monsanto. I speak for many when I say the people of Hawaii will come to the aid of small farmers who stop growing GMO papaya, and join the fight to keep the multi-billion dollar GMO industry from poisoning future generations and their farmlands.

Doublespeak biotech claims about GMO papaya allegedly saving the industry deserve clarification. Debate rages all over the earth as to whether the cure came before or after the disease. All of science (except Monsanto) says the opposite of what Monsanto’s paid scientists say, namely: There was NO ringspot virus in Puna (since 1978) until AFTER Dr. Dennis Gonsalves began open air field testing of GMO papaya ringspot virus (PRSV) resistant papaya in Hawaii in 1991.

Yet, I grow non-GMO organic papayas! How is that possible without GMO? I got no viruses-but if Monsanto seeds blew into my yard, my guess is that my papaya would get sick with a ‘cold’. I’m not here as a “Hollywood Rich Person”. I’m here because I want to grow good food for my grandkids and yours.

The GMO papaya’s a false savior for a problem which didn’t exist until its own unregulated TESTING of a papaya virus- here in the Hawaiian proving grounds for GMO, and ROUND UP, Agent orange and other Monsanto chemical weapons.

The outbreak might not have been caused by deliberate means, but, undoubtably, it did fuel the first commercial GMO approval; Some call it “Rainbow papaya,” I call it the Monsanto Trojan Horse.


  1. James P. Kelly says:

    From direct responsibility for the suicides of thousands of Indian farmers to risking the permanent genetic mutation of Earth’s life-giving crops–all for entrenching its profits and power–would Monsanto consider any infamy however heinous a ‘bridge too far’ if it furthers its financial interests? J. Perry Kelly, former stem cells activist, White House surrogate spokesperson, and author of “The Sibyl Reborn.” Good luck and thank you, Roseanne Barr.

  2. Could you please set up petitions for us all to sign in regard to Monsanto’s megalomaniacal desire to patent food with their deadly seeds; also the FACT that their “weed” killer, roundup, is principal in killing our bees. Also, don’t know if you know it, but the type of flouride that is put into our water to prevent tooth decay DOESN’T, is isn’t the same type that put orally that does prevent decay. The shit they put in water is a toxic industrial pollutant that lobbyists got past Congress in 1948 ( lucky ME, the year I was born), despite the fact that doctors and scienticists have been fighting it ever since. you r a famous
    name that adds weight to what u say, say it for the rest of us, please.

    And by the way, I’ve seen u on tv since the tonight show, and I ways thot you were pretty. And,dare I say, the pics in, I think, Life mag of u and Tom Arnold when the bloom was on the rose, were beautiful. Just saw your Comedy Central roast, and you still got it all babe.

  3. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Monsanto needs to be SHUT DOWN!!

    • James O. Ogle [Free Parliamentary] says:

      Hon MP Christopher Michael Ward [Green Roseannearchist];

      The 9th USA Parliament has missed your cooperation and teamwork, and we look forward to coordinating with you. The national First Freedom Party is conducting world elections, along with the Roseannearchist, Democratic and others in September. The American Parliament is also sustaining the Boston Tea, Environmentalist, Pot and scores of independents and other splinter groups and we’re conducting “world elections” in many of those groups since the current plurality first-past-the-post (FPTP) only lends itself to fighting and conflict.

      But the parliament’s system helps bring unity as long as we work around the ballots cast and kept as proof in a transparent manner as guided by elected rules that are are always subject to improvements and “votes of confidence”.

      Be sure to contact us if/when you’d like to work, vote and think like a team and we can go a long way. TEAM=together everyone achieves more!

      James Ogle, volunteer vote counter
      (831) 383-1409

      • Dexter Redland says:

        yes! in fact, Ms. Barr should run again in 2016! in the meantime, i hope sge accepts my humble nomination to lead the IB thru the SBAPM of the APS as head of the Rossanachrist party. should this happen, my only other hope is that she wears that awesome futuristic metallic looking outfit she wore to her Comedy Central Roast!! we Agrarian Futurists love that outfit!

      • James O. Ogle [Free Parliamentary] says:

        We invite the world Libertarian, Libertarian Socialists and Liberty Union Party USA candidates to a discussion and election of the top world Roseannearchist Party political leaders in preparation for the building of the virtual world parliament!

        Check out the World Libertarian Socialist Party web page here and join us for the world Roseannearchist Party elections in September!

        • James O. Ogle [Free Parliamentary] says:

          Don’t forget to elect the Boston Tea Party Executives before August 31st,2013!

          Elect the Top Five BTP Executives Now
          (Plus the “Committee of Four”, Numbers 6 through 9)

          Official Eballot Vote Online Now
          Contact the USA Parliament to obtain paper ballots.

          Simultaneously elects five executives; Chair, Medicine Man,
          Treasurer, Secretary and Ethics & Grievances Officer

          8/1/2013 through 8/31/2013

          Directions to Voters

          Please copy the eballot below, paste the eballot on an email message
          addressed to vvc at allpartysystem dot com. Mark your choices and send.

          Do not use X marks. Mark your choice(s) with numbers only.
          Put the figure 1 beside your first choice, the figure 2 beside
          your second choice, the figure 3 beside your third choice, and so on.
          You may rank as many choices as you please. Do not put the same
          figure beside more than one choice/name.

          Copy, paste and email the marked eballot to the volunteer vote counter before 8/31/2013.

          Rank – Candidate Name – Party/Category

          ____ _______________ _______________(write in)
          ____ _______________ _______________(write in)
          ____ _______________ _______________(write in)
          ____ Jay Keniston [Ozark]
          ____ Ralph Beach [Libertarian]
          ____ Jim Doyle [Republican]
          ____ Tiffany Briscoe [Green Tea-Rainbow]
          ____ Kenneth Kahn [Boston Tea]
          ____ James Ogle [Free Parliamentary]
          ____ Miss Joy Waymire [Decline to State]
          ____ Rhett Smith [First Freedom]
          * * *

  4. James O. Ogle [Free Parliamentary] says:

    Last year we were trying to elect 1000 members of parliament. So, the minimum threshold for being elected in a 1000-member parliament is 1/1001ths (or .0999%) plus one vote.

    Let me chech the calculator…

    Yes, 1 divided by 1001 = .0999

    It’s the closest you can come to a 1001-way tie, and the first 1000 names to get .0999% (or 1/1001ths) plus one vote win in consecutive order with a 99.9% plus 1000 votes guaranteed satisfaction level.

    1000 X .0999 (plus one vote) = 99.9% plus 1000 votes.

    Since we never got to 1000 names last year, 100% of the votes counted to elect only 619 names. Hence every name which got a vote was elected. 100% satisfaction. Had we reached 1001 names, the last ranked name wouldn’t have been elected, and only a maximum of 99.9% plus 1000 votes would count.

    You heard of 99% (OWS), well when we’re 100 names, we’re 99% plus 100 votes. The first 100 names that get .99% (or 101ths) plus one vote are elected, with a 99% plus 100 votes guaranteed satisfaction level.

    OWS simply used our number “99%” total satisfaction level, but there’s a few problems; they didn’t use elections and we’re not AGAINST against the 1%, because everyone gets elected including #100. And number 101 is our first consecutively ranked name as a backup. So is 102, 103, 104 etc.

    That’s a little about the Hagnebach-Bischoff. Basically, we elect everyone until the cap is reached. If you don’t place a cap on how many get elected, you get 100% satisfaction.

    Sometimes you need to understand math.

    • James O. Ogle [Free Parliamentary] says:

      Announcing! Coming on September 1st, 2013:

      The world Roseannearchist Party to elect party rules, 15-member board of directors, chief, medicine man/woman and more. Nominate YOUR name for free! Watch here for details:

      • James O. Ogle [Free Parliamentary] says:

        The World Roseannearchist Party URL:

        • James O. Ogle [Free Parliamentary] says:

          Nominate to the unity team!

          Our rules unite and build and don’t tear down and divide! Every day counts, and every vote counts too, possibly up to 99.9% plus 1000 votes and we’re trying to expand in 2016 to 99.99% plus 10,000 votes!

          • James O. Ogle [Free Parliamentary] says:

            Two names have been nominated to the Roseannarchist Party’s executive and so we will be continuing the party’s elections for perpetuity until we get too many people and we need to slow the process down.

            In the past 24 hours we’ve already attracted several candidates agreeing to participate on world leader debates, including three US Presidential candidates for 2016. Things are going well and we’re setting dates for the debates for world leader now.

            • James O. Ogle [Free Parliamentary] says:

              Here is an example of what our team is about in case there are any doubts. This really lifts my day!


              • James O. Ogle [Free Parliamentary] says:

                In case you can’t find the line, it’s where he’s quoted as saying; “At some point, we ended up becoming Greens, Republicans and Democrats,” he said. “We need somebody to go to Augusta with an idea of bringing unity.”

                Folks, this is not a coincidence or random example of unity. Daniel is on our team and this is the teamwork we’ve been building for 18 years based on stacks of paper ballots kept as proof.

                It takes an understanding of some math and I am one person who can explain this well so feel free to inquire.

                We’re welcoming of ALL people, all parties, all independents, all voters and non voters. We’re able to take down road blocks and achieve 100% satisfaction guaranteed. It’s not about busting everyone’s balls – quite the opposite. It’s about nurturing all people’s participation as they participate on the team.

                • James O. Ogle [Free Parliamentary] says:

                  James Ogle [Free Parliamentary] elected Medicine Man of world Roseannearchist Party on 8/23/2013

                  More elected leaders, resolutions, rules and platform planks coming here soon!


                • James O. Ogle [Free Parliamentary] says:

                  Dexter Redland [Republican] elected Medicine Man of world Roseannearchist Party on 8/23/2013

                  This results in a tie for Medicine Man of the Roseannearchist Party until the tie is broken.

                  More elected leaders, resolutions, rules and platform planks coming here soon!


  5. Gene Chapman says:

    I saw you on “The Dr’s.” I may have to endorse you for President, Miss. Bar.

    Gene Chapman,
    Tolstoyan-Gandhian Libertarian Candidate for Texas Governor
    (Endorsed by Dr. Noam Chomsky, Intellectual of the Age)

  6. Konkrete Jungle Hawaii says:

    Aloha, Governor Neil Abercrombie will be on the island Kona-Side Aug 15th 5pm at Kealakehe High School to Divulge His ‘Exciting Future Plans’ for the Big Island. That involves Pushing GMO / Monsanto Canola other GMO crops. This meeting is import and good people need to make a stand! The island can really use your support for this one, Aloha

  7. Ku'ualohapau'ole says:

    Oh interesting side note, I recently saw a video on youtube that was talking about GMO meat products or ‘synthetic meat’. Once again, the government is trying to sell BS to it’s citizens via scare tactics by saying that soon because of our growing global populations, we won’t have enough meat to sustain us. Their solution???? Synthetic meat grown in a lab! Seriously? I can’t believe how many people are behind this… it’s scary what people will believe if they have a clean shaved ‘educated’ PdD talking about it. Apparently, real meat will be so expensive that only the rich will be able to afford it, leaving the poorer masses to consume the cheaper fake meat. Basically only the “1%ers” (the rich) will be able to eat real meat. So basically the rich will be healthy while the poor will be eating GMO meat to get by. *sigh*… ah the future our children have to look forward to.

  8. Ku'ualohapau'ole says:

    I was born in ’77 on the island of ‘O’ahu and at that time, Hawai’i had long since been a tourist destination, but not to the extreme extent that it is now. When I was young, I remember lush tropical forests, pristine clear oceans that I could see the bottom of, streams that we could (and did) drink straight out of. In those days (not so long ago eh), people weren’t as obsessed with money and cared more about the aina (land). Back then, Hawai’i still relied on agricultural sales to get by, sugar, pineapple, papaya and mango were our livelihood and although we couldn’t afford mansions, we got by (better than we do now). During the recession in the 80’s, it was determined (by the higher ups), that Hawai’i could no longer survive on our crops alone… they decided that what was best for us, was to rely solely on our tourist industry and let our crops go. Why did they think that doing this was a good idea when our agriculture was doing fine? Corporations paid off (oops did I say paid off? I meant donated to their PERSONAL causes) the Hawai’i state ‘higher ups’ into letting them experiment with GMOs in our islands. Why were they so interested in experimenting in Hawai’i? Well quite frankly and quite unfortunately for Hawai’i, we had two very big factors they were interested in… 1) Hawai’i is THE most remote land mass in the entire world and they figured that if something ‘went wrong’ the chances of it getting to main continents were slim… Hawai’i and the health of it’s people were a collateral damage that they were okay with. 2.) Hawai’i’s volcanic soil is very nutrient and plants flourish here… *clears throat* or they DID, before certain corporations poisoned the soil. I’ve missed a VERY important part of the story… you see, like I said, Hawai’i made an okay living selling our agriculture back in the day. We were much more self sustainable because we grew our own crops AND we were THE MAIN SUPPLIERS of pineapple, and papaya to Japan, they loved our papaya… like obsessed love (we also supplied sugar, mangoes and coffee but we weren’t their main suppliers for them). Our little islands in the middle of the sea single almost single handedly supplied to all of Japan with papaya. Well, you may be wondering what Im rambling on about right?!?! Well here’s the thing, Japan is very ANTI-GMO. Once the GMO companies moved into Hawai’i and their crap crops started cross contaminating our crops, and being so anti-GMO, Japan no longer wanted anything to do with us. Our huge and lucrative agricultural society was no longer able to sustain the islands people. So you see, the GMO companies AND our politicians knew from the start that if GMO moved into Hawai’i, we wouldn’t be able to sell to Japan any longer… THAT is why our politicians pushed so hard to get us to become a solely tourist industry driven state… the GMO companies OWN us now… we’re screwed. People act as though this is something new, it’s not! They have been in Hawai’i for decades now…. riding under the radar… quietly poisoning our youth. Enough is enough! Our politicians want to give the homeless a one way ticket outta here? Give these GMO guys the one way tickets! They are killing our aina, our children and our future… one day soon, nothing will grow in Hawai’i because our soil will be so poisoned from all of their crap. “SAY NO TO GMO”!!!!!

  9. Avaaz have two petitions on Geoengineering now! A world wide ban on illegal chemtrail spraying.
    And Sign for a chemtrail free New Zealand. Google search to sign. Please pass on this information.

  10. /tangent ..

    congratulations, Roseanne, on being Pope.

    It’s worth noting that, in one of my religions (Discordiansim*), each individual is Pope**, whether or not they’re aware of it.

    * Principia Discordia



    • James O. Ogle [Free Parliamentary] says:

      Mijj, he 9th USA Parliament sustains Discordian Party members through our voting system and so if you or anyone would like to coordinate based on ranked choice voting please be sure to check out the leader of the Discordian Party MP P. Steele [Discordian]:

      Also, the 9th USA Parliament has a resolution to elect a five-member GMO study group, the resolution which had been temporarily withdrawn through August 27th while several members are on working on a Green Party candidate’s campaign for a special election in Maine’s 19th senate district.

      If anyone would like to participate, please vote for your name as a write-in by visiting the SBA Ministry web page and completing the “eballot”. We currently have a 100% election rate, since there is no cap on the numbers of Directors, so your name is guaranteed to be elected through November 13th when the cap rule takes effects:

      We’re currently promoting elections on many sub-districts and executive committees. Please check out the 9th USA Parliament and participate for free or contribute monetarily to the allies:

      We also have opened our “Store” and feature our first products for sale; the APS logo stamps:

  11. GMO is part of a drive to transform all of nature into some form of intellectual property of Corporate-Government. Coupled with the promotion of the fabricated alternatives, there will be the push to make the natural originals illegal or inaccessible. This kind of thing is happening with herbal remedies, vitamin and mineral supplements, etc.

    The ultimate aim is to make our entire existence Corporate property, and thus, under Corporate control.

    ps: nice to see a yank using the phrase “working class”. I was confused (as a brit) with the hosts of Americans being concerned about the “middle class”, but never a mention of the “working class”. I assumed that the American “middle class” was the equivalent to the Brit “working class”. But, now i know i’m wrong. When those Americans show concern about the “middle class” but never mention the “working class”, what they mean is: the “middle class” is important, and the “working class” can go screw itself.

  12. James O. Ogle [Free Parliamentary] says:

    To: All Party System Co.
    From: James Ogle USA Bureau Treasurer
    Subject: Call for Nominations to International Bureau (IB)

    Note: Please feel free to send the message
    “subscribe” or “unsubscribe” if you’d like
    to engage or disengage from this email
    communication link.

    OK to “reply-all”
    (831) 383-1409

    1. Call for Nominations to International Bureau (IB)
    2. Beautiful USA Bureau Virtual Board Room Web Page!
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    6. International Bureau (IB) President Experimental 3D Conference
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    HEAR YE!!! HEar ye!!!

    This is a call for nominations for the All Party System
    Co.’s “International Bureau” (IB).

    The nominations to the “Workers BoDs” (board of directors)
    will continue for one week followed by one week of elections.

    See the IB web page here:

    To nominate a name simply email the volunteer vote
    counters (VVC), twelve of whom are subscribed to the email
    exploder “”, and the new name will
    be added to the IB’s eballot for the election.

    The nominations, eballot and schedule is linked to the
    IB’s web page above under “Worker BoDs” to the words
    “Nomination and Election Updates”:

    Following the election of ten names, those ten elected
    names along with the ten “Donor BoDs” will be asked to
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    All twenty-five elected BoDs of the IB will also draw
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    2. Beautiful USA Bureau Virtual Board Room Web Page!

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    The IB however, all nominees, all elected members, and
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    We’ll be offering special deals on credits towards the
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    One such offer may be in the form of free shares in
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    All those voting in any company election (and the
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    Please don’t ever hesitate to contact us with your ideas,
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    Thanks for being on our team!

    From the All Party System Co.
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    6. International Bureau (IB) President Experimental 3D Conference

    APS International Bureau President Jen Kiran has posted a recent interview as an experiment in 3D podcasting:
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    • James O. Ogle [Free Parliamentary] says:

      Twenty nominees have accepted the nomination of their own name to the All Party System Co.’s International Bureau (IB). Nominations close Saturday August 10th, at midnight PST. See the twenty name on the following link, three of whom are from Rwanda, Afghanistan and UK:

      The All Party System Co., co-founded by Roseanne Barr on October 22nd 2012, is a vote counting and news organization, who counts and reports on eballots and paper ballots being counted under the Sainte-Lague parliament seat distribution system, Hagnebach-Bischoff method, ranked choice voting (RCV) in multi-winner districts of two or more only.

  13. Larry Giglio says:

    hello. that picture on the cover of “Roseannearchy” has to be the healthiest looking picture of Roseanne i have ever seen. baet down the GMO. and you are a Hollywood Rich Person, so enjoy it.

  14. We are being sprayed like bugs from above via chemtrails, and eating food with bug spray, now this. Is someone trying to exterminate us?

  15. LadyJane Green says:

    University of Hawaii has convinced many farmers here that they need to use their “frankenseeds ” if you want to grow decent lettuce, papayas, etc. U of hawaii, Monatan and the US military have been in bed together here, in Hawaii, for decades. Together they have unleashed GMO poison crops all over the islands. Kamehameha Schools are also complicit. Their leasing of agricultural lands to Monsanto for growing their “frankenkorn” needs to end now. The drifting of Agri-poison into residential areas is making the imported residents and the Hawaiian people equally ill. Roseanne has brought much needed attention to these issues here in Hawaii and on the Mainland.Thank You! We he people must fight this demonic power. No one corporation should own / control all of the seed stock. Our government has colluded with the enemy, and we are all paying the price. GMO contamination is hidden within our food supply. If GMO is so safe, than why are “they” afraid to label it? We must fight for our lives,and our right to be healthy.You can’t be healthy unless you can purchase healthy food. Stop GMO Now! Barr 2016