Quintessence…Realizing the Archaic Future



                        Quintessence…Realizing the Archaic Future.

                  A Radical Elemental Feminist Manifesto

           Mary Daly 1998

           Chapter One

                     The Fifth Spiral Galaxy: Expanding Here


Wild Women are Present to each other across Space and Time. For example, when we choose to hold an Intergalactic Congress on the other side of the moon, Hags of the millennia are Here Now.

On a more mundane plane, we do this all the time. Especially when we deeply hear each other’s words, we magnetize / summon our Foresisters as well as our Present and Future Selves. This great Summoning Summons the “sum total” of our energy/Gynergy, * which ultimately amounts to participation in Be-ing. The sum of our powers manifests itself in a Wild Call echoing across the Etheric Realms, as each woman awakens to the words “I Am!”

Wanderlusting Women are always on the move. Our Voyages Of Exorcism and Ecstasy comprise Moments of participation in Be-ing which carry Journeyers beyond imprisonment in fatherland. These Moments are Acts of Courage. Each Moment leads/leaps to another because it has consequences in the world which impel us to move onward.

Of Exorcism and Ecstasy comprise Moments of participation in Be-ing which carry Journeyers beyond imprisonment in fatherland. These Moments are Acts of Courage. Each Moment leads/leaps to another because it has consequences in the world which impel us to move onward.

The paths formed by our Moments/Movements constitute Spiral Galaxies, which, like the galaxies of the universe, are in perpetual whirling motion. At certain points in this Spinning progression the accumulated Gynergy of New Moments enables Voyagers to take extreme Qualitative Leaps and thus begin new Galaxies. Adventurously hurling ourselves into Galaxy after Galaxy, we Realize Other dimensions. **

In the Fifth Spiral Galaxy —the Realm of Expanding Here/Presence — we encounter the Fifth Cause, the Fifth Element, the Fifth Direction, and the Fifth Dimension. In this Galaxy we Dis-cover QUINTESSENCE,  the Metaphoric Manifestation of Cosmic Integrity, Harmony, and Luminous Splendor in the Unfolding Universe. And we are arriving Here just in Time. For we must dispel the demonic destruction that is being inflicted upon women and nature by the frauds and fiends who rule fatherland.

*The word Gynergy, which was invented by Emily Culpepper, is defined as “the female energy, which both comprehends and creates who we are; that impulse in ourselves that has never been possessed by the patriarchy.” See Wickedary, p.77

**Elsewhere I have described my own experience of arrival in the Fourth Spiral Galaxy, where Voyagers experience Moments of Momentous Re-membering, retracing our earlier Moments as with as pen of light. This coincides with entry into Expanding Now. Our arrival in Expanding Now/Present opens the way for the Great Leap into Expanding Here/Presence. See my philosophical autobiography, Outercourse: The Be-Dazzling Voyage, esp. pp 1-21, and pp 335-339.


  1. Roseanne, are you planning on running in 2016, or are you just going to keep important issues before the public?

    Do you have any political contacts in CA? I have tweeted & emailed Gv Brown about keeping the fires from hitting the Sequoias, or to just fight fires more efficiently. But the fires are close and the offices are closed til Tuesday.

    The process used now is insane.

  2. oh brother :/ or should it be oh sister? Aren’t we All One? I hope that 5th dimension is radiation-proof.

  3. LadyJane Green says:

    Quintessence is Mary Daly’s most spiritual and esoteric text. Written in 1998, this work is far ahead of its time, eerily prescient to the horrors of Genetic Modification, and the rampant misuse of technology. This book has a science fiction/ fantasy element that puts us (the reader)in the year 2048. The earth has entered into a Biophilic Era, in direct contrast to the Necrophilic Era that engulfs us now.
    Daly invented the term “Biophilic” to define a love for living, a love of life itself.
    As Daly originally states “Biophilia n. the Original Lust for Life that is at the core of all Elemental E-motion; Pure Lust, which is the Nemisis of patriarchy,the Necrophilic State…Biophilia is not in ordinary dictionaries, although the word necrophilia is. Even back in the late Nineties, Mary Daly foresaw the take over of Necro-technology. The “creation” of mutant species and clones actively attempts to negate the creative powers of Women as the progenitors of our “human” race. The Rapisim of the Planet was to her a central emergency, to be tackled head on.
    Mary Daly would be on the front lines of the GMO battle, trying to slay Monsatan and the other Man made monsters that destroy nature from the inside out. Working from within the academic citadel of Boston College, Daly saw first hand what science and technology were teaming up to do. Her fierce battle cry still resonates.

    ” Now is very possibly our Ultimate Chance. The demonic forces of techno madness are armed not merely to kill off but also to hideously and irreversibly mutate and mutilate all Elemental Life. The obscene experiments of the necrotechnologists are like nothing we have ever seen before. Their plans and activities continue and expand the “tradition” of Nazi eugenics and other atrocities. The manufacture of “new species” of animals and plants is already here. And “new humans” are on the way.”
    How chillingly right she was. Now that Dr.Mary Daly is spiraling ethereally above us, the remaining “wild women” must take up the word weapons she left us and fight the good fight! Save the Earth, and we will save ourselves!