Email before Noon TODAY in Hawaii!! NO GMO’s!!!



Aloha Hawaii I am Roseanne Barr and I am here to help wake you up about GMOs and genetic modification in time to help protect Hawaii island on July 2nd! The Hawaii County Council will hear BILL 79 to prohibit GMOs on July 2nd. Please, pay attention, submit written testimony and come testify in person! Tell the Council to say yes to Bill 79 and ban GMOs! Come to the Kona Council Chambers by 9:00 AM in the West Hawaii Civic Center and wear green to show your support for the bill!

Genetically Modified Organisms or GMOs are in our food supply even though they are banned in more than thirty countries due to health and environmental biohazards. The consumption of GMO food has been linked to cancer, reproductive failure, kidney and liver damage in animal studies. With more than 85% of processed food containing engineered GMOs, we are the human lab rats! I like my food to be real, organic, without other species’ DNA and toxins engineered into it, thank you very much.

Genetic modification involves a group of technologies being used to change the genetic makeup of cells and force different species across natural boundaries in laboratories. Open air GMO crops contaminate the DNA of natural agriculture and already other countries have begun rejecting US imports because of GMO contamination. If we want to preserve the real seeds, pure agriculture and endangered species of Hawaii, we need to stop GMOs.

I came here to grow organic macadamia nuts because I love Hawaii and the pristine nature we live aloha for every day and I believe in respecting the land and taking care of it. These GMOs are mostly engineered to sell more chemicals, they are made by CHEMICAL COMPANIES not FARMERS, hello!

Who wants to eat chemically soaked, toxic food engineered in a lab and made by the same companies that make bleach? Is that how ancient Hawaii sustained itself, with chemicals linked to birth defects and gene guns? Did you consent to be experimented on and have Hawaii Island become a toxic playground for the same chemical companies who made Agent Orange, DDT and Dioxin?

If you love Hawaii’s nature, and want to preserve and protect our agriculture, please act now and submit testimony supporting Bill 79 to the Hawaii County Council to prohibit GMO agriculture on the island of Hawaii.

We are shipping in more than 90% of Hawaii’s food supply, and Hawaii island could be growing plenty of food for the islands, we are still far less contaminated than Kauai, Molokai and Oahu. Kauai residents have a class action lawsuit for GMO related chemical poisoning and Molokai is turning into a dustbowl while the GMO companies are donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to our elected officials. We cannot afford to sacrifice prime agricultural land to GMO companies. The safety of our soil, agriculture, air and water on a chemical and genetic level is at stake. This is our DNA we are talking about here people, the DNA of life as we know it, and these companies have been kicked out of dozens of countries for being dangerous to health and environment.

So wake up and testify, July 2nd 9:00AM, in Kona or satellite locations you can go to in Hilo, Pahoa, Ka’u or Waimea so no excuses, don’t make me get nuts now! Please stand up for Hawaii and urge the Hawaii County Council to pass Bill 79. You can email your testimony to counciltestimony@co.hawaii.hi.us before noon on July 1st and go to BILL79.ORG for details!

Together, we can be a GMO Free Hawaii! Mahalo!


  1. Geoff Shaw says:

    Even though you never walked through the door of the gallery I had in Honoka’a town during the 7 months it was open I won’t hold it against you if you can help bring down the war criminals responsible for GMO’s. I am fairly certain that at the inception of this technology they were doing cold war research, probably to secretly assassinate people, but they have done a remarkable job of covering their tracks, which scares me even more. Anyhow, thanks for bringing some extra attention to the cause, now we just have to figure out how to get about 4 or 5 council members to see the light.

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  4. Carol Lynn Enara Healy says:

    Mahalo Roseanne for showing up and speaking out against Monsanto!

  5. Hi Roseanne
    I made a comment in Facebook. Someone read it and said i should tweet it to you. It is too long for a tweet, so here it is:

    “I was reading a Roseanne tweet about a year ago and she said Monsatan in a post. I had no idea what she meant, so i googled it. Of course it is monsanto. The most evil company on earth. I didn’t know what GMOs were. So I googled and read and read and read. The more i read, the angrier I got. I immediately set about getting all the GMOs and food additives out of my diet and home. I now grow as much of our food as i can pack in this yard. I owe Roseanne a HUGE thank you.”

    Roseanne. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This one word, in one tweet…changed my life. I am not being dramatic. I have ripped up my yard for an organic veggie garden, I have cleaned all the crap food out of my house, i boycott everyone who directly or through their parent companys donated to fight Proposition 37 in california that would have required labelling GMOs. I went to our Legislative Building in Victoria for the day of protest against Monsanto. I started a blog to direct people i talk to to the lists that make it easier to eat non GMO and some substitute products. My family is making the shift as well.

    I was so naive. I trusted Govt agencies to make decisions in our best interest. I now know the opposite to be true. I am still angry at Monsanto and would rather do anything than put ONE NICKEL of my money in their pocket. I just keep talking to people, i have a little shop here, so the opportunity comes up now and then. I keep reading, i keep writing to politicians and fighting against bylaws that restrict gardens or urban homesteading.

    Again Roseanne, thank you from the bottom of my heart. What you do and say, can have a major impact on a person. It sure did for me.

  6. LadyJane Green says:

    Standing strong against GMO in Pahoa Town. Monsanto has done a great job brainwashing the people of Hawaii that the” radical hippies” are the true enemy and GMO’s are their “body buddies”. The missionaries who invaded Hawaii have done an excellent job dividing a once strong people. The Military has also played its own part in exploiting the human and natural resources here. The standard “fast food-centric”Western Diet is killing the Hawaiian locals. Diabetes is an epidemic here.White rice, spam, and soda are the new Hawaiian staple foods that are fueling the acceleration of amputation and death rates. The Japanese dominated state and local governments have no qualms whatsoever about selling out the Hawaiian lands and people for corporate payoffs.The biggest sell outs are the Kamehameha Schools and the Bishop Trust that runs then. This trust is heavily invested in Wall Street, when it should be investing locally. These resources are being squandered while poor local Hawaiian families continue to be screwed to the wall. Now the Kamehameha schools are not only diverting assets away from the Hawaiian people via their shady Wall Street dealings; they are destroying Hawaii from within by leasing their lands for the growth of Monsatan death crops. Between the Military and Monsanto, we the people of Hawaii are under siege. Help our voices be heard. Thank you R for stepping up and speaking out!

  7. Dubbel Henke says:

    This is how we did in Sweden, I was part of it, we threatened with boycott, sent mails, commented on their FB side etc. :-)


  8. Can you believe GMO’s is even a issue! Why would the government even allow it in the first place! Anyway watched you reality show today and loved it! I think you rock and if I ever get to that big island I am coing to get some of those free veggies ;).

    Kelly from Evansville, IN

  9. James O. Ogle [Free Parliamentary] says:

    The SBA Ministry has revived the GMO Resolution in a Republican/Green type of alliance and we’re looking for a few more committee members to fill the five-member committee:

  10. Wanda Cosgrove says:

    Roseanne: Saw youur show at the Tropicana and made you a big scrap book but I can’t find a safe address to send it. Please have someone email me with an address where you would receive this book.

  11. Konkrete Jungle Hawaii says:

    Aloha,,, I will be going to both Kona and Waimea tomorrow to support everyone out there… Are you going to make it out tomorrow??? If so I have some information I would like to share with you about bringing down Monsanto. Not some Hocus Pocus, But something very damaging… That can and will lead to the destruction of Monsanto… The Time is Now… And with your Help it can be done. Tomorrow is my B-Day… Hope to see you out there…. Aloha and Mahalo B.A.