Demand the Release of Herman Wallace



Today, in response to the tragic news that Herman Wallace is terminally ill with cancer, Amnesty International has launched a campaign calling for Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal to immediately release Herman on humanitarian grounds.

Following his initial diagnosis on June 14, Herman continues to be held in isolation at Hunt Correctional Center’s prison infirmary. Reflecting on his confinement while battling cancer, Herman says: “My own body has now become a tool of torture against me.”

“After decades of cruel conditions and a conviction that continues to be challenged by the courts, he should be released immediately to his family so that he can be cared for humanely during his last months,” says Tessa Murphy, USA campaigner, about Herman Wallace.

Amnesty International has long criticized the legal process and lack of evidence that has resulted in both Herman and Albert Woodfox’s original murder convictions. In confronting Herman and Albert’s continued cruel confinement in solitary for over 40 years, Amnesty has declared it to be in violation of international human rights law, as well as the US Constitution itself.

In today’s statement, Amnesty declares that in the decades of Herman and Albert’s confinement, the “prison authorities have broken their own policies to justify their continued incarceration in harsh and inhumane conditions.” Amnesty also states that they are, “extremely concerned about the worsening conditions of confinement” for Albert in David Wade Correctional Center.

Creating public pressure for Herman is now more important than ever. We need Governor Jindal to get hundreds of thousands of emails demanding Herman’s immediate release, so please take action now and help us spread the word by posting on Facebook and forwarding it to your friends.


  1. PlainJane@PlainJaneGame says: Thanks Roseanne! Thanks Becky!

  2. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    I do not know much about this case, but I feel bad for Herman.

  3. James O. Ogle [Free Parliamentary] says:

    TEAM=together everyone accomplishes more.

  4. James O. Ogle [Free Parliamentary] says:

    When the American people are united as a team then we can accomplish things for the good of the all. The mathematics of an inclusive voting system can unite people based on stacks of paper ballots kept as proof.

    Rhetoric can’t unite because disagreements can be found in punctuations and words. That’s why we need to build a full representation parliament where the preparers of the ballots are elected and accountable and where all the many alternatives of names and decisions are included among the many alternatives.

    Voting is a peaceful alternative to force and violence.

    People united under stacks or marked ballot kept as proof, many multiples of alternatives (the more the better) are elected as a uniting sets of plank on a platform and all are welcomed.

    We may be small but the unity psychology is the juice that not even Google can find. We’re like a diamond in the rough. Won’t you join us? TEAM=together we accomplish more.


  5. Be humane and let him out, he’s suffered enough!!!!!!

  6. Kathy Barton says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I watched Herman’s House last night and it was heartbreaking and appalling. I have added my name to the take action link. Bless you Roseanne. Sincerely, Kathy from Utah

  7. Kelly Green says:

    The diagnosis of cancer alone confines one to such a personal struggle. I’m not sure who will pay the price more. Herman himself,his family, the State of Louisiana?
    Who will it serve to feel or watch anymore suffering? Will picking up his vomit rather than his normal body fluids bring justice for anyone?
    I hope those who understand the constraint of cancer may follow and email Governor Jindal.
    I for one am. Thank this site!!

  8. David Connor says:

    Governor Jindal has the authority and obligation to be sure that justice is extended to all in Louisiana. The strong possibility that justice has been denied Herman Wallace both in his conviction and his treatment in prison compounded by his cancer creates a compelling argument that this is exactly the kind of case that causes us to need the wisdom and mercy of a governor’s pardon or at least release. Rev. David Connor VT

  9. Shannon Cox says:

    Dear Governor,

    Please see it in your heart and mind to release Mr. Herman Wallace, a dying man, into the care of his family.

    Thank you.

    Shannon C.
    The Woodlands, Texas