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Work with GMO-Free Hawaii Island!


THE GMO Ban Update:  Officially postponed to July 2 @ 9am-

testimony to be taken at all satellite locations and KONA council office


We will need to turn out big numbers.

The pro GMO people were organized and funded…..

They had buttons made and union backing, they packed the building to overflowing…….

Monsanto has not yet taken over this island, but they are eyeing all the nice farmland up near Waimea.


Start working now if want to ban GMO we will need at least 200-400 people to show up.

Before July 2nd, council members need to hear from you because it is now a numbers game. 

They compare stacks of For and Against testimony to help them vote.


You can attend at any of the 5 satellite sites in Hilo, Kona, Waimea, Pahoa 

(by the emergency clinic near Malama), or Ka’u. Please wear GREEN in solidarity.  

If you don’t know the address, do a web search.


If you have not testified yet, this is the time to do so.  

You can also email and call in testimony.   See Below.


Event on facebook:  sign up and show up!



The biotech folks are organizing also….

A Secret meeting was noticed in the County Building with the biotech lobbyist from Oahu, 

Rep Mark Nakashima, papaya industry folks, the Cattlemen’s Association, UH professor, etc. after the 

May 29 County Council meeting on a GMO prohibition bill. 



The County Council members are really going to be under the heat from these lobbyists… 

they have A LOT of money, and are not afraid to play dirty…we need to stand up together really strongly.


UPDATE: It has been estimated the count of testimonies for the May 14th hearing was: 

169 FOR, 39 AGAINST. However, some of the 39 are large organisations. 

A minimum of 5 votes is needed, but even if it fails in committee, it will still go to the full Council 

allowing another opportunity to testify.


Info on the GMO Ban….

Councilperson Margaret Wille has written a GMO bill that needs your support. 

The bill would restrict GMO crops, trees, seafood, algae and toxic and invasive GMOs on the Big Island.


HEARING: Wednesday 9:00 am, July 2, 2013

Council meets in Kona, but people are encouraged to use ALL the satellite sites in 

Hilo, Pahoa, Ka’u or Waimea.


 Please COME and bring many people with you. 

Wear GREEN and pin your Council District numberon your shirt, large enough for Council members 

to be able to read.


To read Bill 79 go here: http://records.co.hawaii.hi.us/WebLink8/0/doc/789300/Page1.aspx


Email or fax every council member with your name and town/city and the best, most professional 

evidence and commentary you have in support of a GMO ban. If you email, attach your comments as a Word or PDF to make it easier to print. You can also attach supporting documents and studies.   Make your comments short.

You will look more important if you represent a group or company, rather than just writing as an individual.


Sample to draw from:

To: Public Safety & Mass Transit Committee.

RE: Ban GMO Please!  bill 79


” The entire world is threatened by genetic engineering.  

If biotech was the answer to our food supply needs, it would be 100 safe with no risks. 

There are too many dangers to be ignored.


The industrialization of these systems have created many problems for humanity and for 

all living creatures of the world.


Talk to someone on Moloka’i or Kaua’i about the desecration of their precious land.

These “experimental seeds” do NOT regenerate causing farmers to have to buy seed every year!

270,000 FARMERS IN INDIA HAVE COMMITTED SUICIDE due to Monsanto’s infiltration.


PERU recently became a GMO FREE Country – we will be the First GMO FREE HAWAI’I COUNTY!


The solutions lie in our ability to think about the connections between the earth’s capacity to endure 

our activities and our way of understanding and respecting that connection.


 I do not believe that genetic engineering was developed for any other reason than the chemical 

companies to sell their poisons and products.


The crops are being sprayed with chemicals that are harmful and deadly, the technology itself is not 

reliable (what if something in nature triggered them to “self destruct”?) and many scientists around 

the world agree that the dangers are too numerous for this to be in our system of raising food.


The idea is enticing, making work easier for farmers, putting traits from one animal or food to another 

to increase the plants nutrition. But this is not the case.


The only yields we can have from these crops are the ones the biotech 

industry gets from its sales of its herbicides. The huge monocrops destroy biodiversity.  This is not an option, we don’t have another planet to live on to experiment on.


Your name















District 1 Valerie Poindexter vpoindexter@co.hawaii.hi.us


Fax: (808) 961-8912 

Portion of South Hilo, North Hilo, HÇmÇkua, Portion of Waimea


District 2 J Yoshimoto Fax: jyoshimoto@co.hawaii.hi.us 


Fax: (808) 961-8912


Portion of South Hilo District 3 “Fresh” Onishi: donishi@co.hawaii.hi.us


Fax: (808) 961-8912 Portion of South Hilo, Portion of Kea’au


District 4 Greggor Ilagan: gilalan@co.hawaii.hi.us


Fax: (808) 965- 2707 East Puna District 5 Zendo Kern: zkern@co.hawaii.hi.us 

Fax: (808) 961-8912 West Puna


District 7 Dru Mamo Kanula: 



Fax: (808) 329- 4786 North Kona, South Kona, Ka’u, and Greater Volcano Area


District 8 Karen Eoff: keoff@co.hawaii.hi.us


Fax: (808) 329-4786 


Portion of South Kona, Portion of North Kona


To view the bill:





Learn more:


Big Pharm Fallout

Along with unlabeled GMOs, we’re ingesting toxic pesticides.




Report on the global March Against Monsanto all over the world:





  1. James O. Ogle [Free Parliamentary] says:

    The 9th USA Parliament’s Small Business Administration Ministry is also looking for volunteers on a national level:

  2. Juanita Ritz says:

    This web info. was very well done. Thank you for the valuable information.

  3. I am glad hawaii is stepping up to the plate, but we need something like this in all the 50 states. Everyone has the right to know if GMO is IN our foods or NOT IN our foods. Roseanne gave me the idea to use heirloom seeds for a garden i will have this summer, and i am going to use them. NO GMO! GMO NEEDS TO GO!!

  4. LadyJane Green says:

    Thank you for posting all this data, esp. names, numbers, and emails of local pols.

  5. LadyJane Green says:

    We have been talking about GMO to people at the farmers market. Many have no idea what is happening with Monsanto/GMO here on the island and on the Mainland. Monsanto has a firm grip in Hawaii on the Kamehameha Schools MoneyTeat and it’s not loosening up! Manipulative Ads showing pro-Monsanto farmer/actors are reassuring unwary consumers of the “safe superiority” of their poisoned seeds.
    Many people believe their slick TV hype. Meanwhile the X perimental KemKorn is being grown on all over the Hawaiian islands. I have read reports detailing workers in spaceman-like suits, spraying layer after layer of experimental pesticides on this “Korn”. The areas where this toxic crap is grown are guarded by security, and are in remote locations. The Hawaiian Islands have a year round grow season.(Amen!)These jackals are taking advantage of this unique place and it has got to stop ! They are tainting the Hawaiian ecosystem. Already we are seeing far fewer bees. As the saying goes,Knowledge is Power. Sometimes it’s the only power we have. It’s up to us to spread the message locally, face to face style, with yer neighbors. GMO is DEATH, for Hawaii and the rest of the World. LJG

  6. larry Giglio says:

    hello. future food resources must be sustainable. GMOs are an exciting adventure, but they need to benefit the planet. the corporations must be halted from their abuse of a technology… which has not yet been perfected to enhance the living environment. We must improve nutrition production feasibly to colonize space, while preserving Earth’s resources, …which have brought us here/will take us there. GMOs may be a part of the solution in our future, but in their present form- Roseanne is entirely correct. please join in the fight to make Hawaii GMO FREE

  7. Apathy kills! If you can be there, BE THERE. The revolution continues!