Lannie’s Clocktower Cabaret Denver July 31st






Coming to Lannie’s Clocktower Cabaret

July 31, 2013


Since Tatanka Hoksila formed in early 2009, Roseanne Barr, syndicated t.v. show star, comedian, author and activist, has consistently supported and befriended the goals and mission of our organization as well as the Lakota People as a whole.  Roseanne has repeatedly helped us move one step closer toward our ultimate goals of building culturally sensitive homes, providing employment for the Lakota of South Dakota as well as sharing the rich culture and traditions of the Lakota.


In the summer of 2013, we find ourselves again grateful for her compassion, concern and support.  On July 31, 2013, Roseanne will be performing at Lannie’s in Denver — one of Denver’s premiere nightclubs and entertainment venues.  This one night only show will feature Roseanne pulling out the stops as only she can with her outrageous stand up comedy show.  As controversial, original and funny as ever, her razor sharp observations on hypocrisy, class warfare, feminism and the cult of celebrity, as well as her musings on menopause, dieting, pharmaceuticals, her grand kids and other humorous topics of everyday life will be unleashed.

Numerous Lakota artists will also be displaying traditional artwork and items for sale in a silent auction.  The goal of the evening is to continue to raise funds for the eventual construction of our first home on the reservation.

We are deeply touched and grateful for Roseanne’s kindness, as well as those of her daughter, Brandi Brown, the Barr Foundation President, and Lannie Garrett, the owner of Lannie’s.


For more information, to see a listing of auction items, to donate to the evening or to order tickets, please click on the following link:





  1. Barbie Ford says:

    Hi Roseanne, I wanted to let you know how much my family loves your shows of Roseanne. I wish you would do a reunion to let us “Roseanne & Dan Connor” fans see what that family is up to today. You have done wonders with so many people watching your show to know that some of us really are blue collar, (above white trash is what I’d think your fast, smart, wit and humor might say) workers and have to pay the bills, feed the kids along with a budget that you would probably say an average person with a family can’t keep. Just not enough money to do it all. Not to mention to keep some sort of sanity along the way. I was married once before with plenty of money. Didn’t have to worry about to much really. But it was an abusive relationship. When the gun was taken to my head that night, I left (scared he might come after me still) to go to my brother’s home. I’ve remarried (27 yrs this past June.) To a guy that treats me well and he is one of those blue collar workers. We have 3 grown sons, and the best ones at that. One left the nest and married, two at home so we can help get them through college as well. I have a couple of reasons I’m emailing you. One, like I mentioned is to let you know how we love your show. We watch the re-runs. We also love the “Roseanne’s Nut’s” My kids say I’m like you. I laugh, cause they’re right. Secondly, you love to laugh. Some might say it’s to cover pain. Well for what ever reasons I know me tossing laughter in my home worked. Made us all close knit. My sons have taken on my humor and ohh boy, my middle boy (he will be 23 in Aug) has I’ll say notes or letters to respond to someone selling something or seeking something, whatever. Because you like a good laugh and love making others laugh I wish I could send you one of his “notes” he writes. One a day that you read before starting your day with a laugh, and a good one at that. This is not about doing anything for him. It’s about him giving you some laughter back that you have done for so many people. You are a very strong woman. By the way, we like Johnny. My husband calls me babydoll too. I do believe he sure loves you. What’s not to? You let women know they have power too not just men and to use it. We look at the first show when it first started “Roseanne” and look at you now. How in the worlds does a woman go from being in her 30’s early 40″s back then to you now and see you are so beautiful. I’m 55 and I hope I can keep up with how you look. No, this is not a brown noser or how ever you spell, call it, just stating some facts about you’re beauty. Also, the other half of you that is kind of a monster, I have that side as well. :) I wish so much happiness to you and your family. And Johnny? We went through the greiving process with you over your hen. You are so much fun to watch. All of you are. Much Blessings, Happiness and Health as you all continue your journey through what can be a great day or a hell day on this planet we are all on.

    Thank you Roseanne for being you and letting everone know it.

  2. Pat Riggin says:

    Hey Roseanne, I used to work at the Comedy Corner in CO. Springs. I remember you of course, you are freakin’ awesome at standup, and you were one of everyone that woked ther’s favorite comedians. I remember the first night you headlined there and you bought all of us a shot of schnapps after. We were all so proud of you! I am glad to see you have found your voice. You used to be very shy, although you covered it well. You are an awesome example of the things that people can overcome. I love your blog, you still rock on Letterman and wherever you appear. And THANK YOU for being such an outspoken MMJ supporter. Still think you are awesome!

  3. Leonard Wilson says:


    I thought you might like my cartoon site here (thanx):


  4. Rosanne, I just want to apologize to you. I truly thought you were insane for the things you say. You even blocked me (LA_WriterChick) on Twitter. I was wrong. The more I uncover the truth about those in power – their greed, deception, depravity, killing of innocence – the more your words, as kooky as they initially sounded, make sense. I now know I was manipulated.

    No, you’re a truth teller. Until I put my “truth goggles” on I was blind.

    Anyway, if you see this and can unblock me on Twitter I’d like to follow more of what you’re saying. I see now those I was once aligned with are merely puppets being played by the powerful.

    Continue to speak the truth. I will listen. And now I completely get why you call the powerful “pedophiles.” The trusting can not imagine such darkness and depravity.

    “All truth passes through three stages:
    First it is ridiculed;
    Second it is violently opposed;
    Third, it is accepted as self evident.”
    –Arthur Schopenhauer