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The  Wickedary:

Its History/Metamystery



The work of the Wickedary is a process of freeing words from the cages and prisons of patriarchal patterns. Under the rule of snools, words are beaten down, banalized, reduced to serving the sentences of father time. They are made into ladies –in-waiting , wasted and worn in the service of thought stopping grammar.

Websters unwind the bindings of mummified/numbified words. This process involves Hearing/Speaking through Other Time/Space. It implies unwinding the clocks of fathered time, which is tidy time. The Timing of the Wickedary deliberately counters the death march of patriarchal deadtime.

Webster Weave the Wickedary in the Thirteenth Hour. This Time is Moon-measured, Moon-wise, beyond the reach of man-measured doomsday clocks, * the tedious timers and ticking time bombs of clock-ocracy. It is the Time of Crone-logical innovation/creation.

The Wickedary is a declaration that words and women have served the fathers’ sentences long enough. Websters ride the rhythms of Tidal Time, freeing words. Like birds uncaged, these Soundings rush and soar, seeking sister-vibrations. Wickedary words, when Heard, sound the signal that Tidal Time has begun.


The Archaic History of the Wickedary


In a Weird sense, these Wicked Weavings originated some immeasurable Time ago.1 Indeed the Wickedary’s own origins are Archaic. They are whenever/wherever women first began/begin Be-Speaking. The Wickedary’s background is the Background.

Many of the Wickedary’s threads were Originally caught in ordinary patriarchal dictionaries such as the Oxford English Dictionary,  American Heritage Dictionary, and, of course, Webster’s.  This has been possible and continues to be possible because such lexicons themselves contain countless hidden webs. Websters/Wickedarians are familiar with the experience of “chasing through the dictionary” that is, of catching the thread of a word and following it (for example, by checking out synonyms , looking up words contained in the definition, following clues in the eytomolgy, or simply lighting upon another word  on the page, for instance, a Guide Word).  This following and chasing of words is a process of tracing a hidden Web and  then Web of Webs, threading/treading the way/ways through the Labyrinth of words buried in dictionaries.

Websters are aided in the Dis-covering of Webs in dictionaries by the fact that these lexicons still contain “archaic” and “obsolete” words and definitions. Our Web-finding is aided also by the fact that there are deep resonances even in currently used words, which carry in their wake ancestral Memories of hidden Elemental meanings.  Such words—in contrast to mere elementary terms, — can be Deeply Heard by those whose Labyrinthine Sense has been awakened. That is, they can be Heard/ Understood by the Internal Ear of a Wicked Webster— one who actively chooses her own Wildness. They can be seen by a Spinster who choose to Realize her Self and her own kind, that is, to See with Real Eyes .2

Wickedarians believe that one reason we can Dis-cover Webs of Wild Words in the ordinary dictionaries of patriarchy is that these were Archaically woven by Wild Women—by our own kind. Even when denied access to the written word and to the academented fraternities of Bearded Brother No-it-alls, women have always talked, Women have Be-Spoken logically, powerfully, magically, Elementally. The Race of Wild Women has always been a Race of Speakers, Spinners, Weavers, Weird Women have been Great Original Communicators, and with respect to these communications, the role of dictionary editors has essentially been merely to compile. The word compile is in itself an A-mazing clue. Derived from the Latin compilare meaning, “to plunder,” it means” to collect in a volume” and “to compose out of materials from other documents”(Webster’s Collegiate). The dryasdust pedants of patriarchy have plundered and pillaged women’s Word Weavings. They have collected and twisted the Wise Words of Crones in their tedious tomes. They have composed/decomposed documents from materials which are the Documents of Others Lives.3

The Wickedary’s History, then, is interwoven with the History of the Race of Wild Women, and its Webs are comprised of Re-weavings as well as New Weavings of History. Repairing and Dis-covering our own Archaic Webs, Webster’s create Archaic Futures. We Spin into Original Time and, from that perspective, wink at the pomposity of the “sacred” paternal pronouncements that “in the beginning was the word,” Quite simply,” the word” of wasters/erasers of women’s History is a colossal lie.

Webster’s Re-Weaving our own Heritage howl at the” history” of wan twits and windbags. As Gossips we Gossip out (divine and communicate) the secrets of our own History, which have been smoldering among the Embers of the Fires in which Fore-Crones/Fore-Websters were burned alive as Witches. These secrets —hidden by “history”— empower us to Gossip wisdom from the stars.

Wickedarians Dis-covering Webs hidden in dictionaries and Other Sources participate in the creation of Terrible Tapestries and Live in Crone-Time. We Weave in the Presence of Other Gossips, that is, Boon Companions. Crone-logically and Super naturally we Gossip out the true nature of the history of man, encountering and exposing The Mystery of Man.




  1. Love Mary Daly’s language. Tools for snools made me laugh out loud today – from Pure Lust. Trying to go back to being a more elemental, unfixed, and lusty woman ! Jx

  2. I love the idea of making up words too – it’s so liberating, In the 70s we had Wemoon language – which was actually regarded in it’s day as evidence of mental illness! Mary Daly does it with such pinache though and Roseanne does it beautifully in her writings too with her ‘hillbilly talibangelists’ and ‘repiglicans’ (I also like Miranda Hyde’s ‘arseoisie’)! But only Mary Daly could give us the Wickedary as a process of freeing words from the cages and prisons of patriarchal patterns. The snools, patriarchal deadtime and the Time of Crone-logical innovation/creation, come from her digging out of
    “obsolete” words and definitions to be ‘Deeply Heard’ by those whose Labyrinthine Sense to the Wild Archaically woven Words from the Wild Women howl at the” history” of wan twits and windbags and go on to empower us women one and all :)
    Goddess bless us all we are on our way to Gossip wisdom from the stars! RBxxx

    Bless us all we are on our way to Gossip wisdon from the atrs

  3. LadyJane Green says:

    Just a little background vocabulary …. SNOOL-Noun. Scot . A cringing person, also snool v. ” to reduce to submission, cow, BULLY…CRINGE, COWER.-Websters, Also Snool, a tame object, or mean-spirited person. Oxford English Dictionary.
    Wickedary-Normal inhabitant of sado society, characterized by sadisim and masochism combined; combined. stereotypic hero and/or saint of the sado-state.
    Examples, Adam, Saint Paul, The Marquis de Sade

    Canny Comment:
    “Remember all Men would be tyrants if they could”
    Abigail Adams 1776

  4. LadyJane Green says:

    Now that I am revisiting the writings of Mary Daly I am laughing, and reading out loud to the “gal called meat because the cantankerous crone is more dead on and to the point than ever. Kind of like a James Joyce novel, you need a readers guide or a living-reading circle to ground the wilder aspects of Daly’s visionary voices. 1987 was an exciting time to identify as a Radical Lesbian. Talk about a hidden society! Not Very different from today, where Lesbian sexuality is again Under Attack.
    Nowadaze It’s hard to envision a world without the Social Media nattering In our collective sub conscious. Daly’s deliberate mis-use of Capitalization, punctuation, and wild word creating are reflected today on Twitter, in Popular Music,like Rap, in poetry word slams, etc. Daly needed her own words for her own message. So did Snoop Dogg. They both enjoy the sharp cadence and beat of wordplay so fresh it’s like ice-water to your face. Or so Daly was to me, when I first read her. Mary Daly and Snoop Dogg. There is a common ground.