A Successful Woman



  1. I jus absolutely LOVE Roseanne!! Still watching her sitcom everyday on WE!!
    Now to talk my daughters into buying me every season is like pulling their teeth!!! lol

  2. Kelly Alexander says:

    “We aren’t just bodies with soals. We are soles with bodies.”
    Another great quote from ROSEANNE! Loved it, love it! Always

  3. melinda carmichael says:

    Always a fan of Roseanne since standup days. I am a 58 yr old female engineer, if that hasn’t been a difficult career then you’re not thinking straight. Took time off to raise kids (5 yrs) for awhile and the indudtry treated me like I was a brain dead new graduate. Went back to entry levek pay and worked my way up again. Lived thru Reagan bs and got laid off all over the country but hung in there until waylaid by recent discovery of Hep C and cirrhosis. I think pot kept me healthy for such a long time *38 yrs) but now can’t smoke it if I want a transplant. They prefer I get on oxycontin and oxycodone, which will be do much fun to get off of after trandplant. Sheesh. Legalize pot for heavens sake. Also if anyone wants to give to my fundraiser would appreciate it. Its at youcaring website under liver transplant. Don’t want to annoy anyone with the link, but I’m easy to find if you’re interested in helping. Thanks Roseanne for all you’ve done for women!

  4. LadyJane Green says:

    This Great graphic comes from a great Facebook page called Cranky Fat Feminist. she is fricking great. Just sayin….

  5. This video totally proves Hillary embodies this quote.

  6. Love this quote! I think it really applies to Hillary Clinton. Currently, there is a video circulating around that proves Hillary Clinton has built a firm foundation from the bricks thrown at her.

    It has been posted on these two websites:
    1. http://theeverlastinggopstoppers.com/2013/06/hillary-clinton/
    2. http://thebigslice.org/hillary-clinton-being-a-boss-video/

    Here’s a link to just the video:

    You might find it worthy to be posted on Roseanne’s blog because Hillary completely destroys men who try to argue with her. Throughout the video, Hillary defends women’s rights, gay rights, reproductive rights, etc.

    Anyway — love this quote! Have a great day!