Roseanne’s DC Speech Part 2

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  1. Kick ass Roseanne!!!

  2. Frankie Stapleton says:

    Howzit Roseanne….agree wholeheartedly with everything in your White House speech!

    Where on the planet will you be the first week of June? Hopefully, your NutFarm. Would love to have you join us at a Big Island Women’s Caucus at 6 p.m. Thursday, June 6 at the Volcano House’s new restaurant in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. It’s our initial meeting and what better hostess than Pele! Aloha from Frankie Stapleton

  3. Wanda Cosgrove says:

    I made you a beautiful scrap book after seeing you in January – we were in Vegas May 7 so I took the heavy book with me to drop it off at the Tropicana – they told me you left a day before. I guess I’m not ever going to meet you but I want to send this book to you so would like a safe address where you will receive it. Someone please answer. Wanda Cosgrove

  4. What a great speech. You know what? in 2003 I sent an email to school board systems and to the political parties of many countries in the world, with a proposal to teach a class in school curriculums from pre-k to 12th grade. These classes would focus on teaching children how to interact socially, using coping skills and recognizing cause and effect geered toward each age group using a wide variety of means to teach children. If this were implicated the corporate abusers might be de-railed before they begin their personality foundation as children on the playground. I requested that these classes also teach adults as well by using the schools in the evening to teach parents what they have not been taught. These variety of classes could be taught by college interns who do it on a free basis for experience and/or service charity. The class concepts could be devised as a part of university/college intern programs by students. My issue is that often children aren’t taught healthier coping skills or cause and effect because parents are busy working like dogs to pay the bills and parents don’t have certified education wherewith to teach children these much needed skills. As a result we have white-collar business people ripping everybody off without any sense of cause and effect or alternative options or the creative caring mind to figure them out. As a result we have blue-collar workers and everything in between, who also don’t have the ability to implement or teach their children due to a lot of reasons. Not only was my proposal to put a class of this caliber right along side math and reading rejected but when I sent it to the USA democrat and republic party addresses my email was locked and I could no longer get int it. (coincidence? I don’t think so, I think they were sending a message to me to butt out.) Instead there are school systems now putting out curriculum that doesn’t try to get children to learn healthy coping skills or fair behavior based on cause and effect but they are trying to get children to learn how to get their way through invoking emotion by phrasing emotional words.

    These monsters running the world – and ruining the world – don’t want anyone to be educated as to their unhealthy choices in the world. Instead they want the people to be taxed to death and so tired that they have no time to research what is really happening in this world and who is doing it.

    I appreciate your voice to try to wake people up to other alternatives.

  5. larry Giglio says:

    hello. it was very difficult to decipher your words when your speaker was not aimed directly at the microphone. i would rather hear your familiar sarcastic voice than read a transcript, so please correct the audio next time. there better be a next time. elderly white trash is running everything now, and will be handing everything over to their next of kin- but the next generation of thinking human beings need to hear these words. it is not too late for America. change comes slow. continue admonishing the privileged few, and the majority may awaken a solution.