1. Please God, do a reddit AMA! Us redditor’s love it, and i’d love to see someone I actually like do one. Apparently it’s good for you too.

  2. Makeal Flammini/ Wild Wild MIdwest Variety Show says:

    Dear Roseanne,

    My name is Makeal Flammini, I am an artist, wannabe writer, and co-host of the arts and culture radio program Wild Wild Midwest Variety Show based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on 91.7 WMSE.

    You are truly one of my greatest influences as a female artist. As a young woman I grew up with your voice and ideas in the peripheral of my experience and I continue to believe that you changed the playing field for women in this country.

    I am writing to you today because I would like to invite you to be on our radio program, which I co-host with another woman. Our show is not live it is pre-recorded, and the interview could be at your convenience via telephone and last as long as you felt like talking with us! I would love the opportunity to talk with you about your life on the macadamia nut farm, touring again, Roseanne-archy (which I LOVE and draw to all the time.) presidential runs and your thoughts on where you’ve been and where you are going.

    If this all seems vague, as it no doubt does I would love the opportunity to tell you more about the program. We interview artists and musicians and basically anyone we see fit. (Last week we had a psychic give us both live readings on air.)

    My apologies if this is an inappropriate forum for this conversation but you try contacting celebrities when you’re not one!

    If you are too busy or simply not interested, please simply accept my sincerest respect and gratitude.

    Makeal C. Flammini

  3. Jhan Jamal James says:

    Greetings & Peace! I am a 32 year old expat American. While in America I lived well but could not stomach somethings. Causing spiritual, and moral inner conflicts regarding the countries course, history, and social and political identity. I worked diligently on relocating myself to Berlin, Germany. I saved up quite a bit and I lived rather nicely in America, working for 1 company the last 7 years. I am a life time vegan, hence nutritional guru and a individual who has a highly developed body training since 16 (5’7 166 pounds 8 percent body fat. Those who observe me know that I am serious about my overall lifestyle and perspective. I have obtained my working papers, apartment, and I am scheduled to begin my immigration courses on June 14, 1013. There are many more details that I need to share. I have always willingly shared my knowledge, generosity and good will with others. Donated to Democracy Now, Free Speech TV and Doctors without Borders annually, as well as given most of my valuables to a Homeless shelter and a family whose apartment caught fire in Atlanta prior to my departure. I can substantiate everything all of my statements. I know she’s a busy beautiful human being, but for the love of God could someone have Roseanne Barr get in touch with me. I am alone in Berlin Germany. My email is listed and I will take a chance and leave my skype contact information. malimal824.

  4. kathy hildebrandt says:

    someones coming over to give me an est on a door wall. but they cant talk to me with out a man there. I understand…. how could i possibly make a decision when i have boobs and old eggs. i need a man to help me make the right decision. sliding glass and screen doors omg. I CANT WAIT TO THEY COME BY!!!!

  5. charlett korling says:

    Since your an animal fan, and a nut farmer. Was wondering if you could pass this along, to make this happen. As I wrote this email to a main macadamia supplier. Thanks.
    Charlett Korling Marriage and Family Therapist Intern for the State of California

    I had purchased Kona covered Macadamia nuts from a Amazon vendor. I had just rescued a terrier puppy from the pound. Unknown to us that he could jump high, he jumped up onto the dresser and ate a whole 4oz jar of nuts.

    The next day my 6 year old screamed as the puppy fell out of her bed and per her reports “splatted his face against the ground.” My husband called me at work to tell me that he was having seizures.

    I immediately went on line and typed in dogs and macadamia nuts. I then called my friends who have their doctorate degrees, (who also have dogs). I told them what happened, and they didn’t even know that the nuts could do that.I am 39 years old and have had dogs all my life. I had not known that these nuts were a nuerolepic poison to dogs.

    I raced home to find my puppy unable to move, my two daughters aged 2 and 6 were frightened. I immediately sought vet attention, and he was in the hospital for the entire day due to the vet’s concern of the puppy going into cardiac arrest.

    After having to miss a job interview, and $350 worth of vet bills. Our puppy has made a full recovery. The $350 has been difficult to pay due to my husbands recent 2 years of unemployment, current increase in taxes, and my current unpaid internship status as a Marriage and Family Therapist. This situation has put a financial hardship on our family.

    The reason why I am writing you, is so that this does not happen to another family.

    I am pleading with your company to put a symbol on your labels with a dog with a slash through it, or some type of warning. I have enclosed a picture of an example, our puppy after coming home from the vet, and our family.

    Thank you for your time and consideration for looking into this matter.

    Charlett Korling
    Marriage and Family Therapist Intern for the state of California

  6. Corey Adams says:

    Hello Mrs.Barr,

    I am helping out on a documentary about Wade Rathke and ACORN and I did not know how else to contact you. Please email me if you are interested. Here is a out Kickstarter page to give you a better idea of what the project is all about