Roseanne’s America | Interview with Roseanne Barr with Abby Martin

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  1. Jamie Sechrist says:

    First and foremost I would like to personally thank you for always standing up what you believe is right, in a world of so much chaos and illusion. Most live a prepackaged life now days and don’t see the forest through the trees or if they do they don’t speak up and say anything. I realize this because I am one of those who speaks out about everything I think and feel about the illusionary lie that we have been wrapped up and sold. I believe in the power of self and that by believing and empowering ones self that enables one to step beyond the shackles of this given existence. Though I may be wrong a thousand times I will always continue to seek the truth in this world for it evolves as our understand and perception grows.

    In 2012 I really identified with your running for the Presidential nomination, and read many things that you were standing for. For many of the platforms mentioned I too saw wrong with the world in which we live and felt a desire to change it. My idea (prior to the illusion of voting or the system even working) was to run as a renegade candidate and the main platform would be transparency and truth. But truth does not win in the current regime and in their game. However planting the seeds of truth do… Which lead me in search of alternative methods in thinking. Anyway that’s irrelevant to this comment. Thank you for being a voice then.

    Now, I have recently found information to help me see deeper into the whole issue as well as solve some mysteries about my own past. I too feel targeted…. Many do. You are that voice for that many, the voice to open up the air for the knowledge to reign free… For as many think you are crazy many seek into words you speak. Mind control is real, and is a huge part of the issue of our current world. We need to take back our minds… You’ve done it, I’ve done it, and so have others…

    I know you get messages everyday to watch things or read things… However I feel in my heart that this video is something that you may like to see.

    Bless you may you have the love and protection around you at all times for the truth shall set us free.

    Much love


  2. * I could hardly believe it when I saw your new show, Roseanne’s Nuts, for the first time here in Canada only to find out that it has been on for a while in the states.
    Now I’m gonna catch up and watch all of the episodes on video today!
    * fixing my first comment*
    Thanks again!

  3. Roseanne,
    You were such an inspiration to me as I was going through a horrible marriagein the 80’s and 90’s. You gave me hope and a reason to stand up for myself.
    You also gave me a reason at the end of a tough day to sit down for a half an hour every night to laugh, cry, and watch your show. I could hardly believe it when I saw your show for the first time here in Canada and only to find out that it has been on for a while now. What!?
    Thanks Roseanne, you are an amazing person, but I’m sure that you realize that! {:)
    I love you and your shows so much that I drew you a caricature for your Macadamia NUT Farm! You said that you wanted to be sitting there with one huge nut in each hand. So I drew it for you and tweeted you the picture.
    I love doing that crap and you are such an inspiration that I just had to do it.
    I also love everything that you stand for! Carry on!
    If I lived in America I would have voted for you Roseanne. Maybe you should run for Prime MInister {:)

    Later and thanks again, say hello to Johnny for me and check out me tweet to you from @yoyotweettweet

  4. Hi Miss Barr my name is Robert and I am heading up a world wide protest on all state capitals and county court houses. This is for all our children that are suffering Parental Alienation. It is a form of child abuse and the courts in this country and all over the world seem not to care about or children they only care about making a buck for them and the lawyers. I am asking for your help to get the word out. The march happens June 14th 2013 at 9am til noon. If you can help thank you so very much.

  5. Carla Curlee says:

    Roseanne, I wish I had some original thing to say , something refreshing.. what i CAN say is that I was born and raised a jehovah’s witness (very deep in it) . Finally after over 30 years knowing nothing but “that”… I got OUT. I spent more years just deprogramming and now Im 50 years old and am an idiot when it comes to politics since in that religion you are not only encouraged but instructed to have no part of ‘this world’..meaning govt/politics. So .. on my journey I first migrated to the psychics and the hippies (and am a psychic and a hippy to this day) but as far as politics went I had no clue. As time went on I felt I was democratic and was sure that Obama was the way to go. FINALLY I got turned on to your message(s) and the Green Party.. Im not that well informed to date, but by God I finally get it. I love everything you have to say and wish I was paying attention during the last election. Ive been following you since the early 80’s (pizza hut commercial and stand up) which I swear to God helped me to leave the religion… WITH A WOMAN NONE THE LESS haha (we were together 15 yrs until her untimely and unexpected death five years ago) . My family freaked then totally kicked me out .. talk about a black sheep.. ex JW turned lesbian and my JOB for the past 20 years has been in the Psychic field. I have always thought, “Roseanne would be so proud!!” Keep doing what you do and know there are tons of us out here who are listening, learning and taking action as we can. You fuckin rock lady!

  6. Thank you Roseanne, for giving women the hope and the courage to be free!! I hope that I am still alive when women DO take over the world and make it a peaceful environment where we will flourish!