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  1. I’m a big fan of yours Roseanne.i watch your show everyday.what are you going to do now?i like watching you and Dan get into it when Darlene goses on her paper route.then your sister Jackie comes over and starts in on Dan in the garage.that he doesn’t now you at all.and that Jackie dose now you.when you where having a baby and the family did all the work around the house.and I will follow you no matter what station you are on.i will be there.you could be the voice for the stop bullying.what do you think about the bullying thing?i don’t like it at all.in fact I now that kids die from bullying.and that is so not right.i will keep watching your tv shows.bye the way happy Mother’s Day.i now you are busy so I won’t keep you long.i just want you to have a happy Mother’s Day.and I will wait to hear from you if your not to busy.ok.take your time getting back to me.ok.i will write more later on and let you now what I think about bullying.so I better go now and I will talk to you later.have a good Mother’s Day.