Roseanne and Katie Couric Tour Vegas Friday May 3



Katie’s Vegas Adventure: Tim McGraw, Roseanne & “Pawn Stars”


  1. This show was good, and funny.

  2. Update on the Boston Marathon: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axQtAFtmtVA
    The people finally can see the real story behind this pre-planned
    attack and now that there is footage the 2 boys who were fingered to be the “fall guys” are
    going to be old hat. People ! Wake up. We are under attack from our own government & we now have footage that can begin to reveal what is going on & has been going on for some time.
    Another item:
    The “Occupy Bilderberg” group will be needing people who can fly to England this summer. I hope Rosanne goes. Craig Ferguson & Rosie O’Donnell are 2 more that I hope will go. The everyday people need representation against the Illuminati. This is the summer 2013 meeting for them. Here’s the latest on the location.
    One site: There is strong evidence that Bilderberg will return to Chantilly, Virginia for its annual closed meeting June 22-24, 2013 at the posh Westfields Marriott near the Dulles Airport. Westfields is booked up for that weekend and individuals are unable to make a one-room reservation, even five months in advance.
    2nd site: Bilderberg 2013 date and location confirmed: from June 6th to June 9th at The Grove Hotel, Watford (Hertfordshire, UK)
    There are “Occupy Bilderberg” sites to get current updates. Most of us cannot afford to go. $10/hour does not leave much left. Please, those who can go~ attend ! Let the Illuminati know that we know who they are & what they are up to: no Good.

  3. Dinah Schofer says:

    Roseanne said she is rating buffets in Vegas in her interview with Katie this morning, I would love to see her list. We are going to Vegas in of the month.

  4. I can not wait to watch it-

  5. Katie what an awsome trip!! Rock it!! Besure to see canyon of fire and Area 51. You will love both
    Be safe.

  6. Jordan Walter says:

    Roseanne is my personal hero as well, I wish someday I could meet her.

  7. Carla Curlee says:

    Ive been following Roseanne since the mid eighties and relate and connect i swear to GOD more than i can even explain. shocking life similarities, sense of humor, ways of thinking. I knew nothing of politics growing up and so never got into it until low and behold My ‘queen’ haha… ran for president.. cant wait til next election time rolls around. Now to see her with Katie, another person i cant help but like through watching her on the old tv.. just makes me smile.
    Ive recently been diagnosed with cancer w hich sucks since its a fucking non curable sort .. whatever .. i intend to kick this shit even without chemo but my reason for including this is because ive become rather isolated and what do i do with my time? I watch old episodes , every interview i can find, and feel like through Roseanne Barr (my personal hero and Im sure she would roll her eyes at that but hey it is what it is) and so I just needed to say thank you .. thank you for giving me a focus, for giving me a laugh while learning just exactly what the hell is going on .. shit i had no idea of .. i actually thought Obama was a good choice but Roseanne makes everything quite clear. I cant wait to learn more and hope , no INTEND to get healthy and strong so i can advocate for her by god. Love it.

    • Hang in there Carla, you have a great attitude! You should really try and see Roseanne at the Laugh Factory in Vegas, What a great show! Colleen

  8. Wanda Cosgrove says:

    Would Roseanne get a gift if I sent it to the Tropicana Hotel?