The Rape of Jane Doe

I wrote and posted this on my Facebook last Sunday right after the verdict was given by the judge and I was watching the News Reports.  I had no idea that everyone saw and heard what I saw.  No one really commented on my post.  I was just reading Twitter from the past several days.

Jane Doe is a Girl, Woman and a Human Being not the “Drunk Dead Girl”

Every single person who witnessed the events and did NOTHING should be held accountable! Every single person who texted, retweeted, shared and participated in the cover up should be held accountable

Anyone who dismisses a crime against anyone for reasons that the accused is a celebrity or of notable stature in a community should be held accountable. Anyone who dismisses a crime because the accused helps the community/school should be held accountable.

It’s not enough to say you are sorry. Jane Doe will be affected the rest of her life and this will NEVER go away. The days may get easier but the nightmare will NEVER end. She was violated on so many different levels. Laughed at, humiliated, degraded, called a liar, slut, whore, a Drunk that asked for it. She got a life sentence the second these events started to unfold.

All of the teens that participated should be held accountable in some fashion. Hopefully the lesson learned is to treat human beings with dignity and respect and to stand up and say something when you see that something is wrong.

Don’t be afraid to take a stand for what is right.

Don’t’ be afraid to Speak Up!!

This behavior, lack of compassion and lack of respect for other Human Beings MUST STOP!!!!!!!

I agree with the Judge’s decision today but this is only the Tip of the Iceberg!

Everyone needs to Wake Up!


  1. Никола Новковић says:

    May you,please,send me on twitter on mail anything about this case cause I don’t understand,I’m not from US but I’m interested. Please :) Stay vigilant


  2. Debra Clark says:

    Human’s should take care of each other, It could be your ass next time ! Roseanne is right on track as always, you F-ing jerks’s ! The lack of compassion and lack of respect, save,THAT, for your BOSS , IF YOU HAVE A JOB ! AS MY DAD SAYS, PEOPLE SHOULD BE IN THE STREET’S.FIGHTING FOR WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU LITTLE BITCH’S , BASTARD’S . SINCERELY DEB C.

  3. Arlene Drake says:

    I’m Sick and Tired of this good old boy’s club!! Lets protect the sexual offenders at any cost! So what if they Rape, Abuse,and Violate Woman and others…..Who cares about them! They are Nothing compared
    to these Hero’s…the ones that win games and, and could do no wrong! These pathetic, vicious,heartless
    men who everyone looks up to as if the are a God…..are Protected by a society that has lost it’s way
    that cares Nothing about Right orWrong, Fairness or Justice….a society that not only “looks the other way”
    but condones and protect these Murderers of Souls! How many people are living and walking around
    who’s Souls have been Murdered??? We don’t even see them or care to know!!!
    Woman especially, wake up!! Stop the Betrayal of yourselves and your sisters!
    “IF NOT NOW, WHEN”????

  4. karen stubbs says:

    You are right, a group of us on twitter have been following and supporting Jane for months. The level of apathy, cover up and victim blaming in this case has been infuriating. It has galvanized a movement to bring justice for victims, education for communities, strengthened laws and increased funding for survivors. Jane Does and all victims of rape have our respect and love.