“Stupidville” – by Traci Lords

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Stupidville Lyrics

I’ve been running with the crazies my whole life
I’ve been pushing up the daisies; I’m still alright
I’ve been bullied into silence, inside out
I’ve been promising a diamond to myself…
I’m getting thicker in the skin but my tolerance is weak
I’ll pull the trigger and begin so the others can speak
I’ve got this sign; I’ve got this tag hanging on me
Wildflowers may be sown but they have enemies…
It’s a fire drill
Out in Stupidville
To stay against your will
Out in Stupidville, Stupidville, Stupidville, Stupidville…
The window to my soul is clean; It’s not dirty
Why should pretty girls be hated for what’s unholy?
Is she anonymous enough?  Does she escape the cliche?
If she’s defined from where she’s born, will she be on display?
I can’t think; I can’t breathe
It’s a fire drill
Cause’ they’re rotten from the tree
Out in Stupidville
There’s a price you have to pay
To stay against your will
But the cruelty is free
Out in Stupidville, Stupidville, Stupidville, Stupidville…


  1. Liz Thompson says:

    I really wish I could have the last few minutes of my life back.

  2. ‘Seeds of Death’ a must see documentary by Gray Null.

    Someone should critique everyone of phil mcgraws shows, since he never fails to misuse his power /mental health system against the females on his show, down to not having them be legally represented , and much more. Has stated that if you are going to give the power to males, they will make the rules. (to suit themselves)

    From the beginning of medical schools, med students have learned how to do vaginal , prostrate and other personal exams on non consensual, non/un informed , unconsious from surgery patients, where they line up students to dig around in peoples privates without consent, disclosure , before or after.
    Sometimes as many as 6-8 in one person. This was just changed in SOME schools last year, no one has ever been held accountable or paid damages for rape, and it continues in some schools to this day. Up to 85-99% of doctors now practicing learned how to do exams this way, and said nothing. That is rape. Millions of people raped .

    The female presenting the dumb downed statistics and documentary ‘The Invisable War’ claimed on the Katie Couric show that they think something will finally be done now, since the movie has been presented as a documentary and not perceived as an attack… like angry feminists have in the past. So, they apparently blame the feminists for the ongoing rape in the military. The following few weeks , have an Air Force officer over turning the convicted by jury Wilkerson , just because he can. He says you can’t prove rap, apparently the Air Force motto behind the sceens , it seems.Millions more women raped over the years and lives destroyed.

    The mental health system then moves in to finish them off .

    My next mission is to see/show/ prove how the mental health system misuses their power agaisnt women /girls all the time, and how female doctors and therapists play along .

    Now see an enlightening movie called ‘The Secret of Mind Over Matter’ at, well worth it (NOT ‘, The Secret’)

    Love that Roseanne, mostly anyway!

  3. Dear Roseanne, I was hopinng to listen to your pod cast at the KCAA radio station today but I called the radio station and was told that they dont know when you will be back for another show. How can I find out about your next podcast? adriana

  4. Dear Roseanne. My name is Adriana. I am a physician originally from Brazil Rio de Janeiro. I love you and your show. I still watch “Roseanne” every weekend I can. I loved to see the “jacket” made by Brazilian women that you were wearing in one of your “Roseanne Nuts” show. I turned “50” this March. Would love to see one of your shows. Are you comingo to Baltimore or Washington any time soon? Like your borther I also work with HIV/AIDS. Have worked as a researcher and physcian with HIV/AIDS since I was a medical student. We are now trying to increase the visibility of HIV/AIDS in Hispnaic/Latinos in Baltimore. It would be a dream to meet you one day.

  5. Caren Stein says:

    Well done Traci!