some of you just now see that I told u the truth

in my campaign for president. it’s a return to fundamentalist woman hating strata for the female taxpayer in america-which means slavery, debtors prisons and privatized police (SS).


  1. Hi Rosie, could you tell us why you decided to go gray?

  2. Roseanne, I just saw the “Nuts” episode where you sang he American national anthem. Though I do not subscribe to all your beliefs, I am a fan because of your authenticity. I just had to say that your performance simply was beautiful. I got choked up. And I’m from CANADA!

    Well done, beautiful lady. I have never heard a more beautiful rendition.

  3. Judy Byington says:

    Hi Roseanne. I am a great fan of your ability to speak out about multiple personalities and DID. With your permission, I would like to use your name in a Press Release on my book, “Twenty-Two Faces: Inside the Extraordinary Life of Jenny Hill and Her Twenty-Two Multiple Personalities.”

    Jenny and I spent 20 years writing “Twenty-Two Faces” to be a voice for ritually abused children. Jenny is the only known survivor-intended-victim of a human sacrificial ceremony and living proof that the ritual abuse of children is, in fact, a reality in our society. Hill’s biography shows how three families of alters formed from abuse and what it was like for her growing up with multiple personalities, creating and switching alters, experiencing time changes and how she dealt with painful mind and body memories that dissociated from every day life, only to surface more than eighteen years after her original tortuous experiences.

    We appeared on the 1-11-2013 Dr. Phil show, though his audience was given inaccurate information about multiplicity and we are trying other avenues to educate the public about DID.

    I would like to send you the press release and copy of the book if you would be so kind as to email: with an address of where to send them.

    Thank you again for your work in speaking out for abused children.

  4. Hi Roseanne! I am a huge fan of yours, always have been. I honestly feel that Roseanne was the most realistic sitcom with the most realistic set (until the lotto stuff lol) and the show reminds me so much of my childhood. I was probably “Darlene’s” age when the show was on the air. Your character on the show reminds me of my Mom,which is why I love watching reruns all the time. She was very much the same way with us, as Roseanne was with her family. And my mom had been through most of the things in her past that your character had been through as well. My Mom is now in her 50’s and she has changed a lot – and when I saw Roseanne’s nuts I couldn’t believe how similar you two are STILL. You both were cool women and mothers, who grew into even cooler individuals. So chill, so natural, just eff what anyone thinks – I love that. I’ve got mad respect for the awesome lifestyle you maintain. I am coming from DC to Maui for a wedding in June. It would be AMAZING to meet you … do you ever do appearances on the islands?

  5. Hi Roseanne I have a question you have probably been asked a thousand times but just for curiosity’s sake do you know whatever happened to some of the props that were in your sitcom? Like the couch, afghan, coffee table, ect.? Also do you have any behind the scenes photo’s?

  6. Dear Rosanne,

    This expression of appreciation is long overdue. This week some of us celebrated International Women’s Day. I only wish more women could understand your contribution to awareness of women’s issues in the U.S. and worldwide.

    Thank you for pioneering women’s everyday challenges living the expected role by bringing it to TV with your sitcom in the 80s and 90s. Thank you for making me so fucking uncomfortable! Thank you for complaining and getting angry and asking for what you wanted and standing up for women’s injustice in the workplace….And thank one thousand times over for not conforming to society’s perception of women’s size and weight and “female beauty.” Thank you for not apologizing for representing most of American women, even when it was so “in our face” that we hated it. I love you for that! I know you fought til the end (of the show) to keep it real, amid immense pressure to minimize what life is like for the average American working woman. No one wanted to see it…even, and especially other women!

    I just turned 50. But I grew up in Dallas, TX , and I remember how normal it was to punish girls and women for not making their bodies conform to the how they were portrayed in the media. In 1975, when I was 12 years old, my Mom died trying. Complications of gastric bypass surgery took her life. As a way of keeping her with me, I picked up her pain around body image and strapped it on. Three years later I witnessed my best friend objectified and raped (and was told by the rapist to keep it quiet or I’d ruin his life). All the while, the belief that my value based on my size and appearance was reinforced. After three hospital stays (with a diagnosis of PTSD), a confrontation with the rapist in therapy (that ended his marriage), and a suicide attempt, I began my healing process. It was interrupted by a need for structure that led me to joining the LDS church. Finally at 39 I said “no more” to allowing myself to be minimized and molded ; and walked away from my (Temple) marriage. I had to really want it. I became jobless, car-less and homeless with an 8 year old child…but I WAS FINALLY FREE.

    In the last decade, I awoke from a deep sleep, stepped into my authentic sexual orientation, came out in 2005, and started creating the life I was meant to live. I’m now a Graduate student at the University of Utah getting my Masters in Social Work and L.C.S.W. I love my life and sometimes hate it. At 50, I still don’t know from month to month how I’m going to pay rent (because social work is not rewarded with funding the way other career choices are). But I would not trade a healthy childhood or more “things” in my life for the ache and longing I have to make this journey to empowerment a little easier for girls and women (here and abroad) to voice, express and celebrate themselves without fear of judgment, rejection or harm. Thank you for your inspiration. Thank you for not giving up. Neither will I!!

  7. John Woloszyn says:

    Don’t know a proper way to ask, BUTknow my wife’s Nancy Bucket List would be complete at 54 yrs old by just meeting you, Roseanne, although we think Johnny is a pretty cool character! My family will be in your neighborhood this summer, 2013. She can never get enough of Roseanne … we especially enjoyed and howled over Roseanne’s Nuts together, especially the episode with Phyllis..HAHHHHH, HAHHHH, HAHHHHHH, HAHHH. May she rest in peace. I don’t know how it can happen, but if it could, it would be like finding the Holy Grail for her! PS: My family is all of voting age now, so four more votes for 2016!

  8. Jenifer Lemley Boyle says:

    I have been looking for a way to email you. I’m not sure if you will ever read this, but I have to tell you thank you for making me smile and laugh through the worst time in my life. 2011 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I lost my job after 13 years with the same company. I went through chemo had. Very hard time the past few years. But the one thing that made me laugh and smile was watching reruns of your show..roseanne. Thank you for just being you!! Jenifer Lemley boyle

  9. Good Morning Roseann, from Rawlins Wyoming. You are one of the most interesting people that has crossed my life path. I still watch the reruns because I was a mom back then and you gave great advice through the show. These days I am a library Director for the Carbon County Library System and I was wondering if you would like to adopt a library? Rual Libraries are so important to a community because we offer free services to everyone no matter what. Our library was established 1925 we are a part of the American Western culture. But as with all rual libraries we could use a little help now and then. Don’t know if you are a library person, but if you are and you’d like to connect to one, let me know, I’d love to hear from you. Respectfully, Marilyn Pederson, Director Carbon County Library Systems.